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14 Dec 2014

Future of the internet - Justice - it's only logical mother

Mother 4 Justice writes:

Just wrote to a chap about the future of the internet, got a message off the Motley Fool, clearly justice is on the horizon - privacy is all the rage - just hold tight and glue your hair follicles back in - one will survive



- future has to be encryption and privacy for everyone. The air has to
be personalised for privacy and security - is the future.  Man in the
middle and 'Fiddler' type software have proven we all need end-end
solutions and fast.  Back to a private 'phone line, but with pictures
and fun. Diversity and identity will be big and Star Trek should be
big again.

All the best, Liz Robillard

6 Nov 2014

Future of Pharma + mental health = PARASITES - BLAME THE SODDING CAT!

Future pharma stocks need consideration due to stock market crash warnings.Is your cat responsible?

 I've seen an awful lot written about parasites in ADHD/mental illness and in cancers/immune function disorders. My current investigations with herbalism are also proving RATHER interesting. I'm making my own tonics that have some beneficial effects (more soon) but meanwhile, consider the SPECTRUM and vastness of parasites and how they can effect thinking, not just the blood. Parasitical neuron sized buggers that no amount of Domestos can wipe out? We need some herbal parasite laser action and now. Read more about my favourite Nobel prize winner and how it's not just black mold that causes schizophrenia - your cat could be doing it.

13 Oct 2014

Why Conservative rapists are doomed

There are many Computer Scientists working with international police in amazing software that is beyond lie-detecting. This software currently has an 88% success rate. The analysts include the greatest people who ever lived. The software is being honed. It will be available to all. And there can be no modification or access to modify. Alert code is set into the programs at first sign of tampering. The future is looking good.