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7 Nov 2014

Jesus freaks in Brooklyn still stalking -

Cookies found infesting my Gmail from Brooklyn - again - the Thomas A thing  again -they do not read those fools cannot get past their mental problems - they are psycho to hell and will go to hell when the feds have done with them 
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23 Oct 2014

Social Workers need to revisit their old jobs, RIGHT NOW

 ...and question why they were not educated or trained in chromosomal  disorders (like Angelman Syndrome) or white matter (see film Rain Man) and how it affects learning disabled children (eh Brian Deer, mother hunting loon!)

What's this then BD,scotch bloody mist? Can't read?  Causes of LEARNING DISABILITIES, what causes the brain damage aside from lunatic stalking raping daddy?  Answer me Brain Deer, gone quiet?

POINT BEING - what causes these? 

'Some chromosomal abnormalities occur when a segment of a chromosome is deleted or duplicated. These types of abnormalities can cause birth defects in one or more organ systems. Some examples are as follows:
  • Cri-du-chat syndrome: Babies with this condition have a cry that sounds like a cat. They also may have mental retardation and congenital heart defects. There is no cure for this syndrome. The mental retardation is addressed through special education and counselling. Heart defects are treated as necessary.
  • Angelman syndrome: Infants with Angelman syndrome have mental retardation, cannot speak, and have problems with their motor development. There is no standard course of treatment for Angelman syndrome. Educational interventions, physical and occupational therapies, and speech therapy are generally helpful.
  • Prader-Willi syndrome: This condition causes obesity, mental retardation, lower than normal amounts of testosterone in boys, testes that do not descend properly into the scrotum, and muscles that are too relaxed in tone. There is no cure for this syndrome, but the physical symptoms can be managed. Obesity can be controlled with a strict diet and daily exercise. Exercise also helps to improve muscle tone. Special education and speech therapy may also be helpful.
  • Fragile X syndrome: This is the second most common chromosomal cause of severe mental retardation, after Down syndrome. Other characteristic features include an elongated face, prominent jaw, large ears, and, in boys, enlargement of the testicles. There may also be behavioural and cognitive problems. There is no cure for Fragile X syndrome. Treatment is supportive, and may include education plans, measures to reduce anxiety, and medications to manage associated psychiatric disorders.

Andrew James, MBChB, MBI, FRACP, FRCPC' read more

29 Sep 2014

Is ALL Psychiatry one big cover-up for child abusers? Is it actually more than just a diagnostic tool?

Psychiatry isn't a science. It can be used as tool to diagnose in order to medicate but it does not ever, explain the sum of a person. Everyone is unique. And if you don't have any delusions, as I didn't, or ego problems, as I didn't, or hallucinations, as I didn't, you are not psychotic (I'm not) so what does that leave? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (+). Yep, Trauma is real. Abuse is real. Being lied about is real. Rape is real. Being scared is real. Sadism is real. Stalking is real, miscarriage of justice is real, RAPE AND CHILD MURDER IS REAL. Meantime, sift your way through bullshit about the differences between this and that lie about PTSD and psychosis.