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20 Dec 2014

Missing son - RBKC, Jamie Jones - Autism - London - where are you sweetheart?

My poor son Jamie is out there with his 'carer' daddy who always used to say 'I own him' and 'of course we own him' and 'I own you' - no. I didn't even want to marry the guy, not at all. It was anything to stop him hurting me was all. He proves what a neanderthal psychopath ape he is by withholding my son as he always said he would - no reason given other than 'I own im' just a big ape, short legs, ugly face and a nightmare to know, this is who my son has to be forced to live with? I'm sure my son has better things to say about his dad but I'd wager - not many. Poor son is forced to be with such a violent and uncaring male when he is a soft and gentle soul in need of love and his own space. I expect he is used to being spat at and screamed at and forced to do all manner of things he doesn't want to do. For this you can thanks Anne Lehane of the legal department of RBKC who saw to it that I would always suffer, despite my proving she put false evidence in front of judges. What a horrible thing they did to us and how vile and horrible of them to cover it all up - absolute abuse and the truth swept away by horrible people who took the money and ran and left innocent good people to suffer a lifetime of hell thanks to their lies and greed. RBKC is a beautiful place but it has a sinister side and hopefully now - with news of new investigations - the truth will come out and the good police will feel less 'hands tied' and more able to investigate unhindered. I know how deep the lies go but the good cops are doing their best to be fair and investigate historical abuses now - lets hope they feel no fear as they go for it. All of it. Can't wait but the cogs turn so slowly, one has to be patient. I just hope my poor darling Jamie is OK and not too ill. Sending love to you my darling son, hope things are not too awful but I know things cannot be too great considering your dad thinks he can see Satan telling him what to do (twat was on drugs) Can't be good. Still, try to do your best sweetheart, mummy has been unable to help and I am so sorry, nothing I can do when evil like that has control of things. Good just hasn't been strong enough. God keep you safe and well darling, mummy loves you.

27 Oct 2014

New British Produce - Fresh from the HEART of London

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Happily Introducing: Inanna London - British Products  'because you ARE Special '

Inanna London  © click for more

26 Oct 2014

Chandeliers for sale and why I admire, respect and love my disability - do you, or do you WANT to change?

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Successful and happy people live their lives in gratitude and servitude and learn to celebrate all life's little foibles and quirks. Libertarian Socialism as wot UKIP stands for (and Identity, big issue with me) so is certainly then, the perfect choice for the more discerning disabled, centrist.

One of the negative things to seriously consider though, aside from pain and terror (such as that inflicted by IDS) with disability, is suffering the maddening daily abuse of being undervalued and patronised.

 I know that Stephen Hawking would have something to say about this as would my own lovely son, Jamie - were he allowed to communicate about his bullied torture and other unbearable mistreatment and terror inflicted by RBKC legal department (please provide the info requested RBKC)  The corruption in RBKC runs deep, it's not just legal, there is trafficking and hate crime, misfeasance, conspiracy and more. All landing squarely at the feet of Conservative HQ, don't blame the oligarchs Norman, they have great taste in chandeliers, ask my friend Jess's husband - Tim Graves. He works for many an oligarch and is a delightful designer. Everyone in London loves chandeliers. Here's mine. Gonna alter it a bit and add some more crystals though. Also just bought a beautiful peach one on sale at Amazon (bottom). Only a few left. get yours now - nice Christmas pressie.


just bought (for 15 quid!)

RBKC Social Worker Gnome - Bob McGavin - what a web you weaved, sue me (ADULT LANGUAGE)

Bob had one of those CONfabulated accents that sound a bit like James O'Brain off LBC  radio - a northerner always aspiring to be a Londoner and never quite making it. Sometimes I wish James would go back to his foreign hills of the black country and be a lefty there - he is taking up room in Chiswick (where I went to school) and will never lose that accent, he will always use it CONvincingly and it makes me feel a bit queasy and weepy at times. Why can't they hire a proper London lefty like Mark the Artist Taxi Driver?

Not that I'm intolerant or anything but I'd prefer listening to someone like Jules Holland or Chris Evans (whatever happened to Chris?) or Danny Baker. Someone who is actually a Londoner would be good and more representative of our capital. O'Brien would be good for Midlands BBC.  Sometimes he's OK. When not using obvious smarm and NLP seduction tips to get callers to ring in. I digress.

Bob MCGavin is a tall gnome, a beardy cunt.

Years ago (circa 2003-4) I was attempting to participate in an old 'scientology' forum known as 'MSBP,COM' (screen shots being investigated) allegedly for mothers accused of harming children 'for attention' Clearly it was a place not just for mothers but for female psychopaths. Quite a few people suffered stalking and hacking after having joined the board. It created  a lot of upset and paranoia.

Having some sympathy for the issues both Penny Mellor and David Southall were bringing, I was rather intrigued by it all. There was no talk of NPD then (see Sam Vaknin)

There was however. a person using the handle 'searcher' - an IT professional who had been 'falsely accused' of paedophilia. Being into justice and hating paedophiles too, I wanted to know how this person thought. I am a behaviourist after all.

Long story short, searcher told me he was wanting children and always had wanted to be a dad. He was having a tough time with IVF stuff (Julia Hartley Brewer from LBC is experienced there) and had 'such a small dick, the wife turned lesbian'  He was very intelligent and funny and used to spend a lot of time with me. I was rather ill at the time and the story of that is really for another day - this is to establish why Bob told me that 'searcher' was 'class A convicted paedophile' when I requested info on the man. Well. I should have known better than to trust a bent social worker (sue me Bob) I know - but when searcher said I was 'bad little baby' during sex, it was a hysteria moment I swallowed. When, however, he held a photograph I didn't like, high above my head, as if I were three. it sent me nuts - confirmed - for me - this was a big bully - may well get pleasure from undermining little ones. Chased him out. Got a bag of flour, a tin of beans and duffed up his car. I'm still not certain but the offence he was 'convicted' of, was for looking at kids in a school, from his car, once. That does not make any sense though.

Over to you RBKC Police, CSA Earl's Court.  Meanwhilse, what is Mark up to?

24 Oct 2014

Why I'm NOT anti-vaccines, Kensington Mother Informs

I am pro vaccine safety. Having done my homework, unlike some mother-hunting haters like Brian Deer - there is no alternative but to be pro-vaccine. Any Christian Scientist or Homoeopath (worth their salt) will inform you that treating 'like with like'  is ancient practice and a law that is effective in the majority/many cases. How its applied will always be a competition and argument due to (not least!) our unique


and costs of refrigeration and transportation. How chromosomes mutate is for you to research (they 'break') but it does occur and causes disability like Angelman Syndrome.

Being a fan of great scientists like Einstein, Euler, Higgs, Richard P.Feynman and other great mathematicians (see Oliver Humpage 'Ignite Bristol' on Youtube) I'm fairly secure in believing that I understand fairly simple, linear logic.

I may sound a tad narcissist (I love Sam Vaknin) but we ARE all unique, no two twins are truly identical and neither no two sheep.

 It's  wonderful and should be celebrated these differences.

We are fortunate in Kensington, to share with over a 100 nationalities - so much culture in one place can be distracting for the noblest English soul - but nevertheless, a challenge is usually always welcome and my thing, social (and applied) psychology - is fed and enjoyed in the richness of diversity here in my home.

I have been a resident on Kensington since a tiny child. I spent many days alone in Kensington Palace, enjoying the huge glass cases of Queen Victoria's curios and toys. No tourists then. Just me, wandering about the palace and soaking up the beauty and history. The museums of South Kensington were also my favourite escape and joy, as was fishing for sticklebacks with net brought from Gloucester Road toy shop with my dear friend, Mary Honey Burleigh (R.I.P)

I love my home so much and resent the vultures who buy houses as if they are disposable egg cartons and trash them just as easily.

It's important we work together to enlighten these souls as even some of the hardiest nihilists have thought again having done their science homework, about god and the universe and where it all began.

 I took huge pleasure from entering the tunnel arbour, the entrance of the sunken Dutch garden, spending many an afternoon with my darling mum, sitting quietly admiring the flora and birds. We have some wonderful birds in this part of London though with the over zealous (ugly) building contractors are placing them all at grave risk, they are putting our identity and culture at huge risk. I digress.

Vaccines are a huge benefit to mankind and as long as safety precautions are adhered to (and compensation just and fair when damage occurs)  with rigid scrutiny, there is no need to shun them.

 I do believe that children especially, should be tested for any illness/oddity or sign of ill health prior to vaccinations, and believe that current testing may not be adequate to protect against genetic/chromosomal damage occurring (the vaccine damage payment unit only compensates on 60% disability, leaving some people without help due to no diagnosis - imagine being 59% disabled? And not having a diagnosis?) Is this why Brian Deer stalks and hunts the truthful? Is he a Laveyan? Speak up Brian. Would love to hear what you have to say about actual fact. 

19 Oct 2014

Diane Abbot says Labour mustn't be too UKIP about things

There was me thinking our favourite piss 'ed would be joining that sexy and happy and tax-respecting determined band - when she said today 'Labour mustn't overdo the UKIP '- or some such gem. She once said on BBC London (or was it LBC?) that she used to drink THREE BOTTLES OF WINE JUST FOR LUNCH' made the hard corer weekend drinkers worry for the future of North London did that - still. I have known some other fab lushes from there. Very harsh, snappy and rude some of them, squirrel killers too - but usually - heat of gold with priorities in order. Come on Diane, aint ya sick of all that whining yet? Listen to our reggae you can't argue with it.  Join


5 Oct 2014

Steve Allen and Tony Moore (radio & magic)

Hi sweet things. you've both been doing such great stuff so this occurred  (Tony glad yer still going strong at the Bedford, saw some vids a while back, you doing real ale yet? Ale is good for you and for the country, deep consideration req)  Wondered if you'd thought about collaboration on the 'magical' history of London? Combining the two could  be way groovy, something I would like to see (Tony's brilliant at close-up magic too)  Pic of me on a cover  (below) around the time I dated Tony (H) M - around then was producing and singing with Cutting Crew  - love to all from them daze

Cutting Crew - Any Colour (live)

28 Sep 2014

Corruption in Kensington at record high, thanks to the kiwis

RBKC is reportedly 100 million credit in coffers, what doesn't make sense, is why she is apparently up to neck in corrupt practice, when the likes of could be spending at least four times as much on defence, with no problems, ethically, makes you wonder about the joys of private practices behind closed doors? Past Auditors will be having fun. Waves at Mark Jones. Barry Phelps knows a bit pictured below with Arnie)

Investment should be clear and open for all residents Anti-corruption orgs are exceptionally interested in Kensington, and apparently have been for a long tine.

I'm a witness to a few RBKC corrupt practices - one was an expensive  wheel-chair lending scheme (RBKC councillors had active interest/ownership of wheelchair company that was renting them) and there was the closure of the once great KCAA (Kensington and Chelsea Advocacy Alliance) that had successfully challenged RBKC legals in court (they found themselves shut down due to RBKC subsidies withdrawal, the parenting 'psychology' help Roz, is also contracted to RBKC afaik) so lets challenge the transparency and accountability of the legal department invested in outside law firms like Lloyd and Associates, one partner was hooked up (marital partner)  to RBKC's Anne Lehane, allegedly,was also involved in 'Fathers 4 Justice' and/ 'Equal Parenting Alliance which were not at all what they said they were (connections to Arab banks were notable) and had contacts of Simon Baron Cohen as I recall (Autism expert who diagnosed anything with a twitch as 'Autistic' for 800 quid a throw, as they do, MASSIVE CON and money spinner is the non-illness Autism, no proof of any existence as it doesn't exist - e.g a psychopath/narcissist/NPD has no association to a vulnerable learning-disabled child like mine, neither does a schizophrenic child)  you'd think Brian Rix and co would have done some good by now, waves at MENCAP the useless - who should be fighting tooth and nail for communications hardware and software for these kids, the software is free, *Argentina made some magnificent free stuff five years or so ago, it was sent to the rapists but naturally they did nothing.  One of Baron Cohen's victims was a lady now dead, had her children taken (Tony Coe was a shady character with those law firms, even Levine was involved?)  which would have altered the case outcome had the parent involved known? The Legal department at RBKC has only been as good as its corruption. It's lavish with it's book-bakery and general dishonesty

Let's look at Paul Warrick, again,  THE LEGAL ADVISOR without qualification, how many cases has he advised on? How many retrials will we need for the sake of justice Munby J?  He's been there since the 80's when then Kiwis moved in (and what happened to 'Anne Marie Wilson'? Her of the Creator of much false documents put before Munby and co, for years and years on end, Judge Black also) endorsed by Lehane and co (and the very weird Holden clan?)  Judges then believed social workers were honest and good. Not simply collecting bonuses and selling kids. The evil, nasty little bitches are good actors. Have met a few good ones, but they are on the whole, naive, the good. They get shocked and leave when they realise the extent of the baby selling and child rapes. Scarier is that Nottingham has had the nasty and creepy Tim O'Neill for a few years. He of the 'we're going to take your child, get used to it' and then 'I didn't say that' fame (remember Cindy Doyle Macrae? In probation now, was that a preventative measure? LOL (she tried to open a charity with me as a member of the board, it was to be named 'ASK' - 'Autism Support Kensington' I was too poorly to be a part of it but she'd written on the charity application that I'd attended a meeting to form the charity, had not. I could never do anything underhand, call me Pollyanna, it does not mean I haven't tried to change things. Naively.  I know the value of serving my country, thank you. I know the prices paid by our soldiers, civilian as well as uniform) Yes he did say that, did O'Neill.  I was a wreck and Cindy was a witness. Terrifying nasty old paedo, probably There were also scary foster carers, the Halls of Surrey. Chris and Carol. The female was wanting to adopt my son. She was grotesquely fat and creepy. Jamie was devastated to be with them, seemed very distraught and was probably raped. I tried to keep tabs on him, but they were driving about at night with Jamie and they were covered, until now. I expect they have left a trail of suspicious spending that will prove all I'm saying, eh Carol? What did you do to my son you f*cking c*nt? It was always so hard seeing pictures of Jamie looking so very distraught and tearful when with his psycho father and others. He longed to be home with mum where he is loved and understood and respected. My poor darling boy, stuck with corrupt psychopaths and rapists, and there is not one lawyer with a spine in the UK who will take on the murdering scum that is Anne Lehane and co at RBKC Utterly corrupt - and on behalf of the Tory party. The contract of Paul Warrick, was to the Conservative Party HQ. RBKC have now taken down the document that proved it. We have screen shots. The council is corrupt to hell  They are guilty of vast corruption and time the local Labour party also did its thing in exposing it all. Nobody whom has had a hand in hurting my son, is safe until we have corruption killed in RBKC, our once beautiful council, with it's lovely people, not these money grabbing ice cold paedophile psychopaths that bring nothing but hate and envy. Lets get rid for the sake of good prevailing over evil. Makes you wonder what they tell William and co, at the Palace?

For the good of dear London Boris, I hope you now  do the right thing, your pals have destroyed so very many, many good lives, due to dark forces and evil practices, your good knights need never be anything but prosperous implementing the correct practices, do it now please, no more time wasting. My son needs his mum, enough's enough. This is OUR home.

19 Sep 2014

London Councils - reminder - meh meh meh

From: Liz R (Account suspended)

23 June 2011

Dear London Councils,

Do you have any policy/recorded information on how much councils
are allowed to spend on private legal
services/barristers/solicitors brought in privately or is it at the
discretion of the legal department involved?

I'm asking due to RBKC's legal department paying 10k per day (TEN
THOUSAND POUNDS PER DAY) for a QC to oppose an unrepresented
DISABLED parent when the parent was at a tribunal to win her child
an electronic communications device worth over one hundred pounds
(as well as try to remove her child from what she considered an
abusive institution) - she still won the device but sadly the
schools (Jigsaw and Treehouse) refused to use it and the child
remained without it (why would a special needs school like that,
want to stop or prevent a child from speaking or communicating
supported by rbkc SEN Dept?)

RBKC also sent it's entire Special Needs Department heads to oppose
this unrepresented disabled mother who was attempting to gain a
communication device for her child) as well as all the head staff
of the schools attending.

Why would they want to stop a child from speaking?

Anyway - do you have any policy/information on the spending
of privately paid Legal Services by London Councils, what is the
policy or is there one, that regulates spending/over-spending by
local councils for outside legal services please?

Ten thousand pounds per day for a private barrister seems

Also, do you have any policy for London Councils/ RBKC regarding
'bringing the council into disrepute' policy/training/information?

Some feel that management at RBKC particularly would rather maim
residents than allow rbkc to have complaints filed or justice done
in favour of a resident with a valid complaint? It does seem that
the council need to appear to be right NO MATTER WHAT, and wondered
where this inhuman, horrific abuse comes from?

Yours faithfully,

Liz R

Link to this
From: FOI-DPA Complaints
London Councils

27 June 2011

Dear Ms R

Thank you for your request for information regarding on how much councils are required to spend on private legal services/barristers/solicitors.

Your request has now been considered, but I regret that London Councils does not hold any information in respect of the above request.

You also asked 'do you have any policy for London Councils/ RBKC regarding 'bringing the council into disrepute' policy/training/information?

This request has also been considered but I regret that London Councils does not hold any information in respect of this request either.

London Councils is not a local authority but rather a body which represents the 33 London boroughs. London Councils does not have its own code of conduct for Members. Members are bound by their respective local authority's Members' code of conduct while acting as a representative of their authority on any London Councils Member Body. We do have a Code of Conduct for our Officers but it does not apply to the Officers working for Kensington and Chelsea.

These requests for information are about policies which, where they are in place, are approved by individual Councils so you will need to refer your request to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you wish to make a complaint about the way we have handled your enquiry under the Freedom of Information Act, please make your complaint in writing to Christiane Jenkins, Director, Corporate Governance, London Councils, 59½ Southwark Street, London SE1 0AL or email [email address].


Emily Salinger

Emily Salinger
Project Manager, Business Planning & Performance
Corporate Governance Division
London Councils
59½ Southwark Street
London, SE1 0AL
Tel: 020 7934 9836
Fax: 020 7934 9665
London Councils is committed to fighting for more resources for London and getting the best possible deal for London's 33 councils. We lobby government and others, develop policy and run a range of services designed to make life better for Londoners.

show quoted sections

Link to this
From: Liz R (Account suspended)

27 June 2011

Dear FOI-DPA Complaints,

Thanks, before you go, please clarify which parts of which 'Code of
Conduct for Officers' does not apply to Kensington and Chelsea or
RBKC and which departments does it not apply to and which
legislation says that such a Code of Practice should not apply to
one (is it just rbkc or are there other councils the Code of
Practice 'doesn't apply to'? Why doesn't apply? If it doesn't apply
to rbkc, why does it apply to other councils?) - specific council,
in this case, RBKC?

'We do have a Code of Conduct for our Officers but it does not
apply to the Officers working for Kensington and Chelsea.' Why not?

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

Link to this
From: FOI-DPA Complaints
London Councils

27 June 2011

Dear Ms R,

We have a Code of Conduct which is an internal policy which applies to London Councils staff. London Councils is a membership organisation which all the London Boroughs belong to but it employs its own staff and has its own terms and conditions of employment. London Councils does not develop Human Resources procedures which apply to individual Boroughs.

I apologise if this distinction was not clear before.

Kensington and Chelsea may have a Code of Conduct which applies to their Officers and/or Members but we do not hold that information.

Please feel free to contact me again if you need further clarification.


Emily Salinger

show quoted sections

Link to this
From: Liz R (Account suspended)

27 June 2011

Dear FOI-DPA Complaints,

Thank you, just one point I'd appreciate you to clarify please? Are
you confirming there's no cap on spending for legal services in any
council but there is at 'London Councils'?

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

Link to this
From: FOI-DPA Complaints
London Councils

28 June 2011

Dear Ms R

Thank you for your e-mail. To answer your question below please note that no information is held in respect of the request for a policy or information regarding expenditure on "private legal services/barristers/solicitors" both for London Councils and other local authorities in London. I hope this answers your question.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you wish to make a complaint about the way we have handled your enquiry under the Freedom of Information Act, please make your complaint in writing to Christiane Jenkins, Director, Corporate Governance, London Councils, 59½ Southwark Street, London SE1 0AL or email [email address].

Many thanks

Sylvia Edohasim
Corporate Complaints and Freedom of Information Officer

show quoted sections

Link to this
From: Liz R (Account suspended)

29 June 2011

Dear FOI-DPA Complaints,


I interpret that answer as a 'yes, there is no cap on legal
spending in any London Council' if you are OK with that
interpretation, I can leave it there? Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

Link to this
From: FOI-DPA Complaints
London Councils

30 June 2011

Dear Liz

For us London Councils there is no cap. This may differ though for other boroughs, it will be best then if you asked the particular borough directly.

I hope this helps.

Many thanks

Sylvia Edohasim
Corporate Complaints and Freedom of Information Officer

show quoted sections

Link to this
From: Liz R (Account suspended)

30 June 2011

Dear FOI-DPA Complaints,

Thank you Sylvia, best to all,

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

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15 Sep 2014

London Assembly just received this

                                             Monday 15 September 2014

Dear Jenny Jones, Stephen Knight, Gareth Bacon, Darren Johnson, Tom
Copley, Caroline Pidgeon, Murad Qureshi, Fiona Twycross, Andrew Boff,
Nicky Gavron and Victoria Borwick,

Please support Scottish independence. Farmers have nothing to fear.
Identity support of Scotland will increase English and Welsh prosperity
too. This can only be of benefit to all.

New challenges to our legal system can only be welcomed too


Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

14 Sep 2014

House of Lords are slow to respond but let's hope

Lord Imbert
House of Lords

Dear Lord Imbert,

I am writing due to your interest in the Stephen Lawrence case and the
ineptitude of Police. I have reported major corruption,child death,
rape and stalking in Kensington that has left me with complex trauma. I
am unable to leave the house. I have written all about it on a blog
(that consistently gets hacked) at
and although there is a lot of evidence, I think it may be worth a read
to see if there are any associations with other unsolved crimes,
especially missing children.  The NSPCC report on the blog is very
worrying - I'd be grateful if you could point me in  the right
direction? I am copying this to Baroness of Clarendon.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard Dip.Nutri, Behaviorism, author 'How To Be
British, an introduction'