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10 Nov 2014

Miscarriage of Justice

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

(To Met Police - 2007)
further to my call of yesterday requesting your support to help me get a GP ( I a presently suffering a dangerous illness and being refused help from the PCT & ex GP no reason given) I have just heard the same PCT has closed funding on 'KCAA" (Kensington and Chelsea Advocacy Alliance) and am hurt but not surprised at what appears to be the act of an unscrupulous group of people working within RBKC and the PCT responsible for Kensington and parts of Chelsea; Unscrupulous due to their way of bringing things about. 
Protecting the boroughs' reputation is one thing, but becoming corrupt to do it is another, and sadly, corruption is what appears to be happening in some quarters of RBKC. RBKC used to a friendly kind and noble place to live, i have been here for 40 years. Now it is terrifying, with, in my view, heartless planning departments, and secretive rotten social work departments.
I wonder sir, if the social services have, for example, told you that my ex husband, the cause of me being housebound in terror, has our mute son, supported by social services, despite them knowing
1. [] [] extremely violent nature (convictions galore) 2. A child has died in this mans' care (Cosmo Steele, aged four 'cot death') 3. He has a daughter of aged 9 yrs whom was on the 'at risk' register for abuse from him 4. The same daughter diagnosed as autistic as a baby
Please see attached a brief glimpse of records.
My son was taken by police at my request in June 2001 because I was grieving my mothers' death- funny how social workers pick on women whose mothers' 
have just died?
1. I put my son into care voluntarily FACT
2. There was no care plan in place despite my requests, despite us both 
being disabled
3. Social Services are to blame for neglect of duty of care
4.Social Services are to blame for slandering and libelling me and causing 
me extreme ill health,
I look forward to hearing from you sir,
yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Lucy aka Elizabeth Robillard

9 Nov 2014

On this day of remembrance - ID cards would be welcomed here, as they are in Europe and in the USA - let's DEFEND - not fight

I think it was 2008-10 when I petitioned the governmentt to introduce ID cards- at the time, oddly,  Harriet Harman was the only one making any sense in this area - the cards would out paedophiles and criminals galore - let's help our police and other services today and introduce ID cards for residents of less than 8 years.

That way we can ID where the worst offenders are and detect what they've been up to. We need to do this 10 years ago - would have saved lives and helped everyone good.

Sadly - it only serves corruption and criminals not to have them at this time. Let's get them in overnight - and review them in four-five years - for the sake of YOUR security - let's say YES to ID (as the no's argument holds no water at all, not when implemented in this way)

  Number 10 are aware they are coveting criminals with their hedge funds and illegal spending - UKIP will put this right -

meantime, I sent this to Larry at LBC just now:

'Hi Larry, great show - ID cards- the government have removed my petition to introduce ID cards - from 2010 - my friend Marlene from California - was the only person to sign it - now - people would sign in droves - the thing is - people who have been resident here for over 8 years, need not carry a card - it is reason and logic - thanks, Liz Robillard'

27 Oct 2014

26 Oct 2014

RBKC Social Worker Gnome - Bob McGavin - what a web you weaved, sue me (ADULT LANGUAGE)

Bob had one of those CONfabulated accents that sound a bit like James O'Brain off LBC  radio - a northerner always aspiring to be a Londoner and never quite making it. Sometimes I wish James would go back to his foreign hills of the black country and be a lefty there - he is taking up room in Chiswick (where I went to school) and will never lose that accent, he will always use it CONvincingly and it makes me feel a bit queasy and weepy at times. Why can't they hire a proper London lefty like Mark the Artist Taxi Driver?

Not that I'm intolerant or anything but I'd prefer listening to someone like Jules Holland or Chris Evans (whatever happened to Chris?) or Danny Baker. Someone who is actually a Londoner would be good and more representative of our capital. O'Brien would be good for Midlands BBC.  Sometimes he's OK. When not using obvious smarm and NLP seduction tips to get callers to ring in. I digress.

Bob MCGavin is a tall gnome, a beardy cunt.

Years ago (circa 2003-4) I was attempting to participate in an old 'scientology' forum known as 'MSBP,COM' (screen shots being investigated) allegedly for mothers accused of harming children 'for attention' Clearly it was a place not just for mothers but for female psychopaths. Quite a few people suffered stalking and hacking after having joined the board. It created  a lot of upset and paranoia.

Having some sympathy for the issues both Penny Mellor and David Southall were bringing, I was rather intrigued by it all. There was no talk of NPD then (see Sam Vaknin)

There was however. a person using the handle 'searcher' - an IT professional who had been 'falsely accused' of paedophilia. Being into justice and hating paedophiles too, I wanted to know how this person thought. I am a behaviourist after all.

Long story short, searcher told me he was wanting children and always had wanted to be a dad. He was having a tough time with IVF stuff (Julia Hartley Brewer from LBC is experienced there) and had 'such a small dick, the wife turned lesbian'  He was very intelligent and funny and used to spend a lot of time with me. I was rather ill at the time and the story of that is really for another day - this is to establish why Bob told me that 'searcher' was 'class A convicted paedophile' when I requested info on the man. Well. I should have known better than to trust a bent social worker (sue me Bob) I know - but when searcher said I was 'bad little baby' during sex, it was a hysteria moment I swallowed. When, however, he held a photograph I didn't like, high above my head, as if I were three. it sent me nuts - confirmed - for me - this was a big bully - may well get pleasure from undermining little ones. Chased him out. Got a bag of flour, a tin of beans and duffed up his car. I'm still not certain but the offence he was 'convicted' of, was for looking at kids in a school, from his car, once. That does not make any sense though.

Over to you RBKC Police, CSA Earl's Court.  Meanwhilse, what is Mark up to?

19 Oct 2014

Floods again - how many times are they going to flood me? FLOODS ALL THE TIME

Floods coming from Fenella Boyle again - she needs to stand in court too - when will this crap ever end - meanwhilse there is my TERRORISED  SON (WHILE THESE SHOWBIZ LOVVIES WORRY ABOUT THEIR EGO) living with a dangerous psychopathic rapist and stalker thanks to the evil that is Rifkind and his gangster freaks at RBKC- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - I hope the Police are going to TEACH you guys an lesson one of these days - Meanwhilse, FLOODS, FLOODS, AND NON STOP FLOODS

'well, the workmen came in all emergency like - a few days back - they
took the shade off and left and left the thing dripping. It is still
dripping, they know this will mean redecoration and illness for me, so
I hope the police are reading this and following my blog as it's very
suspect and negligent behaviour. The place will need redecorating,
what am I supposed to do? When this landlord has made my life utter
hell for 29 years or so? I have ALL THE PAPERWORK and remind them that
cosnpriacy to pervert justice is HIGHLY ILLEGAL AND I WILL HAVE MY DAY

Thank you

Yours sincerely'


Assange is paranoid or bugged #NEWS

Assange in the news again. I lost my paranoia about being bugged when the nasty old man upstairs told me 'SHUT UP' when I said (from the flat below)  'David, get your head off the floor and go to bed' (could hear him run into the bathroom  when I went in)- he was deaf (without aid) and into Admiral Nelson, very shouty and occasionally human, but his TV used to be 'stadium' loud (had little sleep for 16 years, no joke at all) so I found a 'nice' hard-of-hearing company for him to get him a good deaf-aid. I didn't know they'd sell him one of these.  Pictured is the 42 quid 

Geemarc CL7100 Infrared TV Listening System- UK Version

 I wondered where he used to go on that bike/locally? Sold his flat to the secret intelligence agency or something. Fenella Boyle (meant to help Armed forces with PTSD, can't be bad but she rents it out now?) .... Fenella informed me in a letter that the floor David Jones had left had been 'a dug up mess' and drills would be needed for at least six weeks in that room. Drills that were very 'pneumatic' at times. 

The only flat sold to government in our block is that one.  She's supposed to help soldiers with PTSD. Sounds nice. Such a demon was David, at times, that he was banned from riding a bike. All the info was had by PC.Luke Jones (Kensington) - but Luke had a habit of saying 'you can't say that' to things that actually happened. Luke was sweet though. Lots are but they fail when they take law into their own hands and fail to understand that law creeps up on you if you if you don't abide by it. Personal responsibility means just that. Creepy, verity creepy. But we need it.

 So there are around 2,000 new cases of corruption those poor sobs have to consider - and the amount of hacking and creeping I have had to suffer too -as well as the deprivation of liberty ('put her away on the grounds she'll always be a nuisance' said puffy PC Paul something. Scary buggers they can be. So anyway - yes. Julian - all I can say is - make it fun. Sing, fart, and tell the truth as it will be interesting - unless you are shagging the maids again (I expect they'd always put their country first, soldiers live to serve, regardless) in which case, you just have to suffer the violation - violations of our boundaries are more than contemptuous, they are vile - so terrible are they that they can be called 'rape' and 'harassment' - we really need some good lawyers to sort out this legal definition and status business. Some guy said - on Daily Mail comments - 'of course he's bugged. all embassies are bugged, they do it us, we do it back'  bunch of grown ups? Can't see how they'd 'gather intelligence' from such an op. Malcolm Rifkind did write to me with a huge long letter from a Lord someone - lost in transit I'm afraid, but he did make an effort. 

16 Oct 2014

Message from our Knight - The Noble Norman (had a bit of bother with bullies)

OK, Chief Superintendent Callaghan: You win!  CONGRATULATIONS!
With your gobble-de-gook weasel words, your convoluted Pass the Parcel 'Procedures', tacit collusion from your cronies in the 'Independent'(???) Police Complaints Commission, the Information(???) Commissioner's Office, the 1st & 2nd Tier Tribunals & the rest of the Legal/Judicial Mafia, you have managed to bring to a halt an 89 year old veteran of the Arctic Convoys of World War II.  
How it grieves me to think that during that time, I played my (very small) part in killing 1,867 men, the crew of the German battle-cruiser Scharnhorst.   They were brave men, a MILLION times better than Quislings like you.  
So, you've blocked  my progress in exposing your corruption.  Yes, but only along THIS avenue. 
Despite the vast forces which have been trying to silence me these last 18 years or so, I'm not done with yet!
Norman Scarth.

8 Oct 2014

Princess Diana News - and note the Police - Are handling my computer, apparently (some text was changed after I wrote it on Facebook to 'Police' - interesting little stalker)

Well if that's the case, I hope they are investigating the origins of 'HM Queen' and the lies of the violent, blood-sucking, war-mongering, mass-murdering, fraudulent, demonic psychopaths that have stolen the line of Christ from the people of EUROPE, I truly hope so. God bless the Pope.

And was Diana really not a tormented Goldsmith? Was The gallant Lord Goldsmith fibbing about his vacation (said he wasn't there, we know different?) in order to promote peace? The truth is clear to most, Jemima (Diana's sister) and Zac (see Richmond Council) should really come clean about this. You are not God, you must stop the deception before you are dragged out by a revolt.

2 Oct 2014

Police 3 (Training)

Dear School - you are stupid (in part)

FAO Policy Advisor, SNHS


For the sake of support and clarity for

1. International Students

2. The Police

3. Your country

Please review your storage of written
submissions and keep them without destruction and without limitation

In light of recent floods and other disasters it would only be
fitting for the company to review its storing of submissions as a
matter of course, in line with other colleges and Universities. Any
questions, feel free to consult with me, my fee is [snipped]

Yours sincerely

E.C.Lucye Robillard

30 Sep 2014

29 Sep 2014

Police Training - should you believe it all?

When you know as many ex coppers and ex soldiers, as I do - you learn that Police training needs to be done but not believed. You have to tow the line and be respectful, you need to learn all the rules and put no foot wrong. You have to learn to act and be a very good method actor worthy of 10 Oscars and still appreciate fakes like Tom Cruise and George Clooney getting zillions and squillions of quids and fame for nothing - and then them marrying strong women with big eyebrows, all over the news, in speedboats (spare a thought for the WRITERS of those movies!) and act stupid and daft when you are not, you have to play all sorts of roles and you need to stay fit and alert. Don't trust fat people. This is the number one rule. I don't care how many stripes and medals he's got or how many babies he's hugged and saved - if he's fat he's an unhealthy liar. Get im.

15 Sep 2014

Note to Corrupt Kensington Police - not just Ali Dizae (narcissists aren't always ASPD)

I was harassed by an insidious dog of a bullying gossip (was concerned for a small child there) and got a criminal record for complaining about that particular stalker (the old bag is still at it) why was that? Because the rest of the world can see how corrupt and wrong that is even if you are all completely blind to criminal wrong doing. Evil is coming from your department, not from me. You are covering up child murder, rape, abuse and trafficking. What kind of creatures are you? What type of paedophile pulls your rotten little strings? Thank god there are better police in the world doing the job of ten to cover your corrupt obese extremities

14 Sep 2014

Words of Doreen Lawrence - another mum who has suffered grave injustice and huge loss

'there was something. It was very difficult to convince other people around me, especially other police officers and even, at times, the Home Secretary, that there was corruption at the start of Stephen’s case, as I believed. It has taken over a year for this but it has been nearly 21 years since Stephen was killed.'

13 Sep 2014

Julian Assange and vitamin D +

Yo Jules - hope the Swede beechez choke on their super-superfluous pubes - and I wrote you a letter or two but doubt you received? Sir Malcolm was very kind in this instance and went to an awful lot of trouble to have the legal position of the UK explained - he went to the Lords and everything - but the paperwork was lost due to my housework offences and subsequent incarceration and losing everything I ever owned due to the local Police (local being the operative word here) being cross at me complaining that they have not done their homework - not at all. Children have died, there has been much abuse, stalking and terror - covered up FROM judges - don't blame the judges when it's the locals though - judges are 98% perfect. Where they are wrong though, is at the the top. So far. They are closed-shops and funny handshakes. There is corruption but it's not always the seriously corrupt that get caught. Think like a psycho! I think that is the lesson given by our own Prof. Kevin Dutton and Andy McNab
Anyway - I hope you received my letter on how to address your vitamin D problem.

12 Sep 2014

Stalker again - this time a Romanian science buff - no idea who he is other than a stalker - just asked me to add him on Linkedin - all the spooks like that place a lot - why do these spooky weirdo's think it's OK to approach people? ASPD crud - anyway ...the death threat that the kindly police refuse to act on is here - followed by his details (removed when Police DO something to stop these stalkers!)


21.29 PM  NOV 24TH 2009 

''Reported this to Facebook - no idea who he is, thought he was a harmless science enthusiast, appears has been an online stalker for some time, I don't know what else to do to report this

'Ion Tudor

you don't know me, Lizz; I'm not I simple idiot or your fan, freak, how you

use to take, with your snobism, in your baloon of false superiority;

You know what: I order to you: disapear imediatelly from my site or I'll... Read More

kill you, you dirty-fucky-bloody-whore''

Yours sincerely




Arts and Tech School


 – Present (17 years)
medium study;
after medium study (post-high school), teaching mathematics;
I research at home since 1990;
I publish a scientific book: "MYSTERY OF TIME - A THEORY OF TRANSCENDENCE";the physico-mathematic ENGINE, I PUT AT FINAL, FOR MANY READERS HAVE ACCSES AT BOOK's INFORMATION, at the begining the expretion it's mostly literary (in words), in romanian and ENGINE at final it's in english and it's for scientists: mathematicians, physicians, et caetera; I can uploaded for you, this book (pdf) an aprox. translation it's possibile; finally I understand what shapes have this...TIME; I work many time with dr. psih.IONEL MOHIRTA, professor honoris causa -Dr. Psih. ION MANZAT, the single author of "Synergetic psychology" and Dr. Daniel Winter the man with a lot of ideas - fractality, non-locality, geometria sacra; after I publish the book, I made PC as SERVER, I combined different OS in my Server, I assure myself the system always it's recovery, in case of attacks, all in Standalone mode, Java runtime Environment, xhtml, by Romanian softists - unknown - SQL Server, different SDK, C++, Visual Studio, Vista Basic modiffy and many others; you think we can BRAND this instalation?
Not bad idea... but already, exist people trying to copy and patented, like e-Valid, 75 years old men and womens, I'll show you;
another people try to convice me that they have already my secrets, but until know I did'n't observe - sine qua non - Media Broadcasting;
seems to be without work, GOD don't help those people...

1 Sep 2014

Gone to UKIP and the PM Miscarriage of Justice - poor baby boy - more agony from the evil that is NLP shit - sent to UKIP just now

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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Dear Gerard Batten

I'm sorry to disturb you but I feel the Hampshite Police may be
supporting domestic terrorism  that may prove a gigantic threat to our
national security due to the mindset that has removed a terrified and
cancerous child from glaringly loving parents.

There is no sense detectable, in removing a frightened child in pain
from his parents and siblings. It smacks of extreme sadism, not seen to
this degree since RBKC conspired to take my son Jamie from me in 2001.

It's a miscarriage of justice before it's begun and a grave shame on
our justice system.

 Here are the signs of emotional abuse:

'Emotional Abuse Signs - 5 Significant Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse

By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Lack of "emotional safety" is the number one indicator of a potentially
dangerous relationship. It may seem subtle, yet it is ever so
significant with respect to your well-being.

When you have emotional safety, it's palatable. You can feel it in
every fiber of your being. When it's missing, you may feel its loss.
Or, you may simply know of it not being there by the presence of these
five glaring signs.

1) Not honoring your privacy If something is in a drawer, it's in a
drawer away from public display. Someone having no business in that
drawer may be drawn to explore its contents. And further, this
uninvited explorer may take issue with what is discovered. Beware of
these signs of emotional abuse.

2) Not respecting your boundaries If you say "no," will it be the end
of a discussion or the beginning of a negotiation? When "no" means
"maybe" and becomes a challenge to convert into a "yes," beware of
emotional abuse! You may be enticed to surrender your initial
preferences simply to divert the consequences of your failure to

3) Not appreciating your experience and/or your feelings If your inner
world is not noticed, or factored into decisions involving both of you,
beware of this non-empathic partner. Your inner world may interest him
or her when and only when, it serves their needs. Having an interest in
your experience merely because it's an expression of you is not to be
expected with an emotional abuser.

4) Not being willing to have mutual involvement in your interests
Mutual involvement doesn't mean equal time doing your interests verses
theirs. Rather, it is reciprocal "interest" (or acceptance) in that
which interests you. The emotional abuser does not show an interest (or
awareness, understanding, or involvement) in your interests because
these activities or things please you. Instead, he or she shows an
interest only as it serves him/her.

5) Not honoring you for who and what you are. Intentionally seeking to
alter who and what you are to suit one's own preferences, rather than
accepting you as you are, is the most glaring of these signs. (Be
mindful of the distinction between someone's efforts to alter you to
suit their needs verses offering constructive criticism to contribute
to your growth.) The emotional abuser will seek to mold you to become
who and what he/she desires.

While each one of these undermines emotional safety, in combination
they make it impossible. If you encounter this cluster of signs, you
are probably looking at an emotionally abusive relationship. Seek to
understand the constellation of symptoms defining intimate partner
abuse before the emotional abuse spirals out of control.

For more information about recognizing and ending emotional and verbal
abuse, see Emotional Verbal Abuse. Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. helps people
recognize, end, and heal from verbal emotional abuse.

Jeanne King, Ph.D. - Domestic Abuse Prevention and Intervention'

I'm concerned that our Police have been very badly trained indeed and
rather than gaining seniority through merit, have managed it purely on
fear mongering due to flawed NLP training, for far, far too long (see
Bandler article in 'Mother Jones') as one ex police friend said 'we
have to work the job of three to fight the monsters within'

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard