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13 Nov 2014

Assange Rape - was it? Two sides to every story has been the story of my life due to suffering from jealousy and NPD undermining - Angela has a point or two but what about...

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

I know better than to doubt the miliatry - often people are misinformed and lied to by people mucnhing sour grapes - anyway 

I think Julian Assange is a rapist. I still like Wikileaks.

Trigger warning for rape
If what his own defence lawyers say is true, Julian Assange is a rapist.
He described Assange as penetrating one woman while she slept without a condom, in defiance of her previously expressed wishes, before arguing that because she subsequently “consented to … continuation” of the act of intercourse, the incident as a whole must be taken as consensual.
In the other incident, in which Assange is alleged to have held a woman down against her will during a sexual encounter, Emmerson offered this summary: “[The complainant] was lying on her back and Assange was on top of her … [she] felt that Assange wanted to insert his penis into her vagina directly, which she did not want since he was not wearing a condom … she therefore tried to turn her hips and squeeze her legs together in order to avoid a penetration … [she] tried several times to reach for a condom, which Assange had stopped her from doing by holding her arms and bending her legs open and trying to penetrate her with his penis without using a condom. [She] says that she felt about to cry since she was held down and could not reach a condom and felt this could end badly.”

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............having posted that, I read a post by the always interesting - Angela Grant,  who has a lot to say - thank goodness (I like women who scream opinions - it's refreshing) she writes:

'Dear  Mr Zuckerberg: I write this note as a plea to your sense of community and desire for justice as well as a better future for ALL of humanity. Please give my Facebook page unlimited Free promotion: Why?  You have the power to help small alternative media pages grow in popularity. Helping your customer […]

26 Oct 2014

Paedophile Psychopaths EN MASSE at Kensington - arrests imminent - but - will Rifkind pull 'immunity'?

Rifkind and co are already a laughing stock and already known to have covered up thousands of cases and incidents of paedophilia. Nuremberg comes to mind. The establishment want to sweep it under the haughty nose of one its friends by using Woolf -  but the media are no longer swallowing the crap coming from them. Friends in media inform me that much is happening for the guilty politicians to worry about but their attempts at dodgy dealings to worm out of account are simply more grist - keep it up fkrs -'conspiracy to pervert justice' is another charge they'll slap you with. Psychopaths will laugh at it all but they always make the best of a bad situation so don't worry about them when they get shafted with broken crockery in a isolated jail cell - they got rid of human rights, right? Let's see what happens - meantime #film #video #blog (and is Assange for real? FFS)

19 Oct 2014



Assange is paranoid or bugged #NEWS

Assange in the news again. I lost my paranoia about being bugged when the nasty old man upstairs told me 'SHUT UP' when I said (from the flat below)  'David, get your head off the floor and go to bed' (could hear him run into the bathroom  when I went in)- he was deaf (without aid) and into Admiral Nelson, very shouty and occasionally human, but his TV used to be 'stadium' loud (had little sleep for 16 years, no joke at all) so I found a 'nice' hard-of-hearing company for him to get him a good deaf-aid. I didn't know they'd sell him one of these.  Pictured is the 42 quid 

Geemarc CL7100 Infrared TV Listening System- UK Version

 I wondered where he used to go on that bike/locally? Sold his flat to the secret intelligence agency or something. Fenella Boyle (meant to help Armed forces with PTSD, can't be bad but she rents it out now?) .... Fenella informed me in a letter that the floor David Jones had left had been 'a dug up mess' and drills would be needed for at least six weeks in that room. Drills that were very 'pneumatic' at times. 

The only flat sold to government in our block is that one.  She's supposed to help soldiers with PTSD. Sounds nice. Such a demon was David, at times, that he was banned from riding a bike. All the info was had by PC.Luke Jones (Kensington) - but Luke had a habit of saying 'you can't say that' to things that actually happened. Luke was sweet though. Lots are but they fail when they take law into their own hands and fail to understand that law creeps up on you if you if you don't abide by it. Personal responsibility means just that. Creepy, verity creepy. But we need it.

 So there are around 2,000 new cases of corruption those poor sobs have to consider - and the amount of hacking and creeping I have had to suffer too -as well as the deprivation of liberty ('put her away on the grounds she'll always be a nuisance' said puffy PC Paul something. Scary buggers they can be. So anyway - yes. Julian - all I can say is - make it fun. Sing, fart, and tell the truth as it will be interesting - unless you are shagging the maids again (I expect they'd always put their country first, soldiers live to serve, regardless) in which case, you just have to suffer the violation - violations of our boundaries are more than contemptuous, they are vile - so terrible are they that they can be called 'rape' and 'harassment' - we really need some good lawyers to sort out this legal definition and status business. Some guy said - on Daily Mail comments - 'of course he's bugged. all embassies are bugged, they do it us, we do it back'  bunch of grown ups? Can't see how they'd 'gather intelligence' from such an op. Malcolm Rifkind did write to me with a huge long letter from a Lord someone - lost in transit I'm afraid, but he did make an effort. 

5 Oct 2014

Assange post just vanished, expect he's cavorting about with Salsa bending Ecuadorian maids or something

Went  like this 'Julian Assange Prosecutors in Sweden felt the hearing was unnecessary part of a Assange's appeal is to request a hearing. Given the that has elapsed,  the punishment and inconsistencies with the law...the hand of justice should grant Assange's appeal and allow oral hearing with transcripts to serve as written evidence.   Otherwise, ' and then vamoosh. I guess Jules could request a audio link or reason why not. I had one for a family law case during 2001, 16 days long. Huge waste of taxpayers money. Billions go to waste in the secret courts, easy money for the Laveyan/bent -lawyer. It's international law after all. And you can never trust a lawyer unless he's a President of the USA and, no matter how close they are - business is business. We had luck doing it arselfz in 1997 - see Lucy V Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea - not the case but the points of law that made it a Landmark ruling, legal history (not that you'd want to know about local Royal heroics or anything. (from winning - we now have CBT as part of mainstream psychiatry, didn't do too bad) So Jules, you could do worse than taking that advice old bean. Telephone link. If you're found guilty, sentencing to be done when you decide to leave the embassy.  

13 Sep 2014

Julian Assange and vitamin D +

Yo Jules - hope the Swede beechez choke on their super-superfluous pubes - and I wrote you a letter or two but doubt you received? Sir Malcolm was very kind in this instance and went to an awful lot of trouble to have the legal position of the UK explained - he went to the Lords and everything - but the paperwork was lost due to my housework offences and subsequent incarceration and losing everything I ever owned due to the local Police (local being the operative word here) being cross at me complaining that they have not done their homework - not at all. Children have died, there has been much abuse, stalking and terror - covered up FROM judges - don't blame the judges when it's the locals though - judges are 98% perfect. Where they are wrong though, is at the the top. So far. They are closed-shops and funny handshakes. There is corruption but it's not always the seriously corrupt that get caught. Think like a psycho! I think that is the lesson given by our own Prof. Kevin Dutton and Andy McNab
Anyway - I hope you received my letter on how to address your vitamin D problem.