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18 Oct 2014

Official Libertarian fruit - Nutrition MYTHS - and a bit of lush but simple, healthier, breakfast

Here is a 'Lote' or Holyberry.   Purple Penis plant.

Medicine isn't all malpractice. Natural medicine works well with mainstream, this is why it's called 'complimentary' as the two can work in synergy to help heal broken ones. There's a million sites telling you lots of tips and tricks but here - are the ting that bug me most: I thought all sugar was toxic. Wrong. I even wrote an essay about it. Was a bit off there Sugar actually preserves and though too much is proved to be harmful and to cause obesity and too much/unwanted energy, all foods turn to sugar in any event.  The wrong carbs feed certain bacteria 'too much', so you have to balance your bacteria, not eliminate it, unless it's a bad bug you have (that's for another day). It's a common mistake to think candida as an illness and not a bacteria present in all of us.

With me, it's white sugar that's sometimes bad. White sugar has no good nutrient and 'burns' the other, good, nutrients your body needs. It can exacerbate unhealthy gut flora and for this you need experiment with Probiotics as they do work when used properly. Use the ones that survive the stomach acid. We seek to restore health with balance. Holiday Probiotics are effective. There are some good ones here. Sugar can cause imbalance and causes an over-acidic environment in your body, bad for pain, bad for nerves (lots of 'B vitamin' foods help) .

 Reduce your sugar and try not to use white sugar. Billingtons are good if you suffer any illness.

 Rule of thumb if you are overweight/ill - remove white sugar and remove bleached bread flour for at least a month. 

A quick and healthy breakfast is to have wholemeal toast with a thin smidge of Marmite and a wipe of nut butter and if extra starving beyond starving - also have a bowl of oats, with fruit yogurt and a 1/4 a teaspoon of Cinnamon, I add extra fruit or lemon curd - lemon curd on cereal with yogurt is Divine (but not if you are still sensitive to white sugar) Also you can use sultanas or raisins with oats and mixed spice and yogurt for Christmas type  breakfast.

 Make your apple sauce now too. Bramley chopped with a little sugar/syrup/honey, tiny pinch of sea salt, bung in micro, with a little bit of water for about 7 minutes cool, put in empty jar (honey/curd) and in fridge. Add a spoon or two of that to your cereal - even better is add low cost jams to soaked oats/granola and yogurt with mixed spice. Experiment with your breakfasts, it's fun.

Adding peanut butter, pinch sea salt, mixed spice, marmalade and raisins to flour and a little syrup can make easy (great) low fat cookies too. You can also make your cereal healthier by soaking it - not for cornflake/crispy lovers though. What you do is take a pack of your fav cereal, pour into a large bowl/container, add  yogurt, water and lemon curd, when it's the consistency you like, put the lid on and then open when you want to eat. This soaked grain is much healthier than having it dry and you can prepare enough cereal for a week like this. Adding nuts and seeds is even better. Very handy. So remember this- experiment, soak, remove white sugar for a month, reduce all sugars. use different sugar alternatives (as rotating and diversifying diet is brilliant at improving immunity) and also - have fun making pickles.  Getting into fermenting foods is a riot and fun that is not to be missed. You will end up happily drunk. Grate some carrots, add to a orange juice, half a teaspoon ground ginger, water. Stick it in a bottle. Leave it to ferment but don't leave lid on tight, leave it loose. This will eventually turn to alcohol (week or so)  But - add the mix to your cereal for extra health before it turns to a brilliant drink.

Always have brown sauce with bacon (high in Omega 3) too, healthier choice and for added minerals and greens - add leaves to your samwidges (if none available, sprinkle with dried parsley).  If you insist on tomato sauce - try making your own, for a quick and delicious 'superfood' sauce buy a tin of ratatouille, add plenty of balsamic vinegar, half a jar of apple sauce, half a teaspoon of mixed spice, pinch of ground sea salt, pinch of mixed herbs, pinch of black pepper - put in your juicer and then transfer to a jar, serve with your (grilled)fry-up. You will certainly love this. Nom.

4 Oct 2014

Christmas Alone? Maybe one day it will be your turn? Remember them on your Christmas card List Mother

I just found a Christmas card from LAST year from my friends Celia and Adam (hello darlings) and it got me to thinking about where to get our cards from this year? I thought, seeing as I witnessed some awful things in the nuthouse (our Norman Scarth's language!) that I would buy the owl (death warning) cards from MIND

Emergency Christmas Cake - what happens if the cake or pudding is burned, lost or otherwise bgrred up? (and why to share NOW)

OK - we all know you should have baked and had your Christmas cakes and puddings resting by now? At least for a few weeks? Meantime - this is for the hapless and for those who won't die from fussiness nor lack of absolute Epicurean delight. My lovely Mumsnet if the best place for other help and recipes but here is mine

Save some fruit NOW. Mixed dried fruits, save some aside.

Emergency Christmas Pudding/Cake

Dried fruit (let's say) 4 - 8 cups (value brand is fine)

1 tsp Indian Cassia Bark, 1/3 tsp mixed spice, 1/3 tsp nutmeg

Grated zest of half an Italian lime, teaspoon Essex ginger (any)

1/2 cup Ocado/house/shop brandy

1/2 cup Ontario maple syrup/golden syrup (not for me the latter)

3 tblspns Molasses/brown sugar (phosphorus free if poss)

2 Tblspns table honey (Sainbury's is OK)

Himalayan Pink Salt (PINCH of any salt is OK)

1 cup British Unsalted butter

1-2 Bramley apples

4-6 Eggs depending on Breed /size/ (duck is good)

2 cups of flour of your choice - spelt is good

1.3 cup of Ground nuts, almond will do or select 1/2 cup of nut butter

1 Tablspoons Hot Chocolate powder

Chop it all, mix it up well and pour into your large saucepan, add a tablespoon of Somerset cider vinegar/Braggs (optional) and a cup of water.

Turn oven on to cake-heat

Bring saucepan mix to boil, then place lid on, allow to simmer on low heat (don't leave it unattended, keep stirring and checking) for approx 5-10 minutes

Grease and flour your tin, add gunk and bake on medium - ADD TO OVEN a large-ish bowl of water - place at bottom of oven. This helps stop it catching/drying out. Do not have oven on too high. This is a wet/puddingy cake/pud and not expected to be springy or bouncy. Bake for 1 and half to two hours (check it but it's fine as long as you love quality goo!)