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5 Nov 2014

Mike Mucci illustration - very good - but a psycho mantra is 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I am gonna try and kill you cuz it's kina fun and good for you' - they know how it hurts/can kill to violate - and assault - but they think persistent abuse will be overcome with death or spite and 'strong' psychopathy replaces it - they are wrong

and it's where you can tell the difference between sociopath and psychopath - it's in the ability to revert and to be able to to - to adapt to developing EQ - but those who don't/can't = brain messed up - they feel lots of emotion - but not any that is genuine for anyone else - it's only about what they can get from a drama or whatever they want to gain from the drama/dramatising. They have to own every situation. It's very sick. This picture struck me as I was investigating Italian art and the 'Mucci' came up with this- read more

22 Oct 2014

Aye -a huge heed of a message from 'Norman Scarth and Sabine McNeill' (Victims Unite)

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Asked to sign the Petition for Maurice Kirk (link lower down), I did so, & added the comment below:   (Highlighted now are my thoughts on where the real blame lies, variations from my original Comment being in red.)
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"As some will know, I speak with authority on this subject, authority born of hard experience.  The problem is how to tell the horrific truth without being accused of wild exaggeration.  Exaggeration is impossible:  It IS horrific!  The innocence of those who think we can appeal to the humanity of the Quislings who now rule Britain is touching.   They are without humanity, shame, conscience or soul,   at least as bad as the Nazis, but less honest! 
The courts are run by a Legal/Judicial Mafia, Stazi Police carry out their dirty work.  Prisons are fiefdoms run by thugs, some sophisticated, who reach high rank, some just brutal.  The few who are not thugs are never promoted & just plod on, restrained from blowing the whistle by fear of losing their pensions.  
The tragedy is not that Tyrannical Oligarchs should act as they do, but that the bulk of the British People allow them such power, grateful for the perks from being part of the Orwellian Police State, too stoned on ''The Opium of the Masses' to care, or too spineless to protest.  The few who do dare to protest are in great danger, evidenced by the treatment meted out to Maurice Kirk, me & others who suffered even worse! 
Fortunately, I had good health enough to live long enough to escape from Orwellian Britain.  Let's hope Maurice can live long enough to do the same.  Should he fail to do so, it will be murder, to add to the torture & torment currently being inflicted on him.
Britain presents itself to the world (& to the gullible amongst its own people) as a Democracy, with Human Rights & the Rule of Law.  It is a fa├žade, behind which unspeakable things are happening.
Will this have any effect on Teresa May?   We shall see."
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Norman Scarth.
PS:  I hope you might consider signing too. 
PPS:  'The Opium of the Masses'?  Karl Marx said it was religion.   My own view is that it is now 'Sport'.  Football may be the worst, but there appeared to be much effort to make the 2012 Olympics even better than 1936!  (for the same reason).  NS.
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This is to alert you to the fact that Flying Vet Maurice Kirk was imprisoned on 14 October 2013 and moved from HMP Cardiff to HMP Swansea after a brief release to a bail hostel in July. He’s a ‘veteran’ similar to Norman Scarth in terms of fighting as McKenzie Friend for the human rights of victims of white collar crimes.

Therefore I’m asking you to sign a new petition, on the much better platform

It got triggered by a supporter who wanted to address the BBC, but other supporters felt more recipients should be added.

The key point is that all recipients receive an email as soon as anybody signs!

Will you help ensure that Maurice gets released this way, please? He does not think that any court will release him and that only publicity can get him out alive, especially as he has been having serious gut pain, while having been denied medical treatment and many other ‘human rights’ in prison.

If you can think of more effective ways of getting him out, please do let me know!

With many thanks in advance,

Sabine K McNeill
McKenzie Friend and web publisher

30 Sep 2014