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24 Oct 2014

Why I'm NOT anti-vaccines, Kensington Mother Informs

I am pro vaccine safety. Having done my homework, unlike some mother-hunting haters like Brian Deer - there is no alternative but to be pro-vaccine. Any Christian Scientist or Homoeopath (worth their salt) will inform you that treating 'like with like'  is ancient practice and a law that is effective in the majority/many cases. How its applied will always be a competition and argument due to (not least!) our unique


and costs of refrigeration and transportation. How chromosomes mutate is for you to research (they 'break') but it does occur and causes disability like Angelman Syndrome.

Being a fan of great scientists like Einstein, Euler, Higgs, Richard P.Feynman and other great mathematicians (see Oliver Humpage 'Ignite Bristol' on Youtube) I'm fairly secure in believing that I understand fairly simple, linear logic.

I may sound a tad narcissist (I love Sam Vaknin) but we ARE all unique, no two twins are truly identical and neither no two sheep.

 It's  wonderful and should be celebrated these differences.

We are fortunate in Kensington, to share with over a 100 nationalities - so much culture in one place can be distracting for the noblest English soul - but nevertheless, a challenge is usually always welcome and my thing, social (and applied) psychology - is fed and enjoyed in the richness of diversity here in my home.

I have been a resident on Kensington since a tiny child. I spent many days alone in Kensington Palace, enjoying the huge glass cases of Queen Victoria's curios and toys. No tourists then. Just me, wandering about the palace and soaking up the beauty and history. The museums of South Kensington were also my favourite escape and joy, as was fishing for sticklebacks with net brought from Gloucester Road toy shop with my dear friend, Mary Honey Burleigh (R.I.P)

I love my home so much and resent the vultures who buy houses as if they are disposable egg cartons and trash them just as easily.

It's important we work together to enlighten these souls as even some of the hardiest nihilists have thought again having done their science homework, about god and the universe and where it all began.

 I took huge pleasure from entering the tunnel arbour, the entrance of the sunken Dutch garden, spending many an afternoon with my darling mum, sitting quietly admiring the flora and birds. We have some wonderful birds in this part of London though with the over zealous (ugly) building contractors are placing them all at grave risk, they are putting our identity and culture at huge risk. I digress.

Vaccines are a huge benefit to mankind and as long as safety precautions are adhered to (and compensation just and fair when damage occurs)  with rigid scrutiny, there is no need to shun them.

 I do believe that children especially, should be tested for any illness/oddity or sign of ill health prior to vaccinations, and believe that current testing may not be adequate to protect against genetic/chromosomal damage occurring (the vaccine damage payment unit only compensates on 60% disability, leaving some people without help due to no diagnosis - imagine being 59% disabled? And not having a diagnosis?) Is this why Brian Deer stalks and hunts the truthful? Is he a Laveyan? Speak up Brian. Would love to hear what you have to say about actual fact. 

2 Oct 2014

Linkedin Account Restricted, eh Mr.Rifkind, interesting - UPDATE

'Your question has been submitted to LinkedIn
The ticket reference number for your question is: #141002-003238
You've successfully submitted your question, and we'll send you a confirmation email soon.
Go to your Support History page to check out your ticket.'

Was sending info to Howard Bloom and Richard Branson - those old allies, about Charles D. Wehner and his amazing work (also see Oliver Humpage 'Ignite Bristol' on Youtube - of interest to NASA and other space agencies )

11.37 AM 2/10/2014

Linkedin Restriction

Dear Sir/Madam

1. Please forward the name of the person who ordered the restriction, this is for information for Police

2. Who is working on this today please?

3. Are aware of conspiracy to pervert justice law?

Yours sincerely

E.C.Lucye Robillard

29 Sep 2014

Is ALL Psychiatry one big cover-up for child abusers? Is it actually more than just a diagnostic tool?

Psychiatry isn't a science. It can be used as tool to diagnose in order to medicate but it does not ever, explain the sum of a person. Everyone is unique. And if you don't have any delusions, as I didn't, or ego problems, as I didn't, or hallucinations, as I didn't, you are not psychotic (I'm not) so what does that leave? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (+). Yep, Trauma is real. Abuse is real. Being lied about is real. Rape is real. Being scared is real. Sadism is real. Stalking is real, miscarriage of justice is real, RAPE AND CHILD MURDER IS REAL. Meantime, sift your way through bullshit about the differences between this and that lie about PTSD and psychosis. 

23 Sep 2014