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8 Oct 2014

GMC Misbehaviour and Whistle-blowers - affects us all!

From: Mother Justice <snip>
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Professional Standards,  via Email


Dear Sir/Madam

Lord Howe wrote and suggested I contact you vis a vis poor
accountability and transparency with lack of justice (and considering
influences) especially regarding practice and policy at the GMC and
within the policy formulation and implementation within the GMC -
please be so kind as to advise the best course of action for the
layman and which professional discourse would be most effective to
pursue in order to remedy the problems of 'closed shop' thinking and
other associated problems reported of late, especially considering the
complaints regarding Whistleblowers, bearing in mind this is

1. Public interest

2. Security conscious

3. Professional request

4. All correspondence on my blogs

'Dear Lord Howe,

Trust this finds you well. It's been a while since we spoke.

I've been looking at your overt interest in the GMC. Having had
complaints against Dr.Simon Murch there, that are very valid but yet
not been investigated by Police nor media, to my knowledge, I am
requesting you please voice my personal concern at the lack of probity
at the GMC and it's associations to recent Paedophile crimes in the
news please?

Clearly the lack of probity and transparency is not to benefit anyone
but criminally guilty parties and it does appear the GMC acts as a lone
voice in the world of justice, I know how that feels. I also note there
are good and bad Freemasons, what type of masonic lodge do them GMC
governors inhabit? I know nothing about such things,

Please visit my blog and see my copious amounts of hard evidence,
ignored and trashed/not addressed by the GMC. Awful poor show.

Yours sincerely,

E.C.Lucye Robillard