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9 Nov 2014

Alcohol causing brain damage - why was this not dealt with?

A child was born severely brain-damaged  because the mother was neckin a bottle of vodka a day - why was this allowed? Where was her social worker? Where was the doctor? I had 2 glasses of wine on my birthday when I was pregnant and I never forgave myself - also smoked two fags a day - doctors said 'it could be more harmful to stop smoking than to carry on' was worried about withdrawals and distressing a baby already being 'attacked' by violent, unwanted sex - horrible - but poor little mites - what inhabits the minds of these nutters to think it's OK to torture an innocent like this?  Why why why...

The independent wrote

'However, two leading women’s charities have warned that it could set a legal precedent to prosecute women who drink while pregnant.
Lawyers acting for the council seek to prove that the child’s birth mother’s excessive drinking was a violent crime that should be recognised under the Government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme, which awards compensation to people hurt by a violent crime'- meanwhile...................

Andrew Peterson, a 21-year-old Special Olympian born with fetal alcohol syndrome, was a finalist for for a cover contest. See Runner’s World on his Facebook page called “Andrew Peterson Goes for the Gold.”
21-year-old Special Olympian born with fetal alcohol syndrome, as a finalist for its cover contest. Peterson announced his finalist position in Runner’s World on his Facebook page called “Andrew Peterson Goes for the Gold. Andrew is a Special Olympian born with fetal alcohol syndrome, as a finalist for its cover contest. Peterson announced his finalist position in Runner’s World on his Facebook page called “Andrew Peterson Goes for the Gold.”

5 Nov 2014

Mike Mucci illustration - very good - but a psycho mantra is 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I am gonna try and kill you cuz it's kina fun and good for you' - they know how it hurts/can kill to violate - and assault - but they think persistent abuse will be overcome with death or spite and 'strong' psychopathy replaces it - they are wrong

and it's where you can tell the difference between sociopath and psychopath - it's in the ability to revert and to be able to to - to adapt to developing EQ - but those who don't/can't = brain messed up - they feel lots of emotion - but not any that is genuine for anyone else - it's only about what they can get from a drama or whatever they want to gain from the drama/dramatising. They have to own every situation. It's very sick. This picture struck me as I was investigating Italian art and the 'Mucci' came up with this- read more

13 Oct 2014

This is my dead brother - life destroyed by Psychiatry and Raping Laveyans

Another reason the world's illuminated are collaborating on the software that will convict  at least 88% of all crime. Change came. Get used to it.

I am making his life mean more than it did. Brian is pictured, centre. rest in peace my lovely big brother, how I love and and miss you darling. Forgive me for not being there enough, I was being hounded by the Conservative psychopaths who were busy destroying my child and myself..

6 Oct 2014

Baroness Smith of Basildon, nice chick

Monday 6 October 2014

The Baroness Smith of Basildon
House of Lords

Dear Lady Smith of Basildon,

Re: Serious Crime Bill (July)

Thank you for doing such good work on behalf of the vulnerable and

I am concerned in this instance, primarily, with the training skills of
border staff and HMRC/DWP/Passport/Travel staff, regarding them being
conned by criminals escaping justice in their own country and coming to
this country for hidden, nefarious purposes, exploiting good, kind
British people, endlessly, with indefatigabity and probity-phobia.

Those people are magnificent actors, with very high EQ awareness
(street wise) be they male/female/youths/elderly/fragile. Laveyan
NPD's exploit them and NPD's (ego) are used as conduits for Psychopaths

From July:

'activities of serious and organised crime gangs today are evil. They
exploit the weak, the poor and the vulnerable. Whether they engage in
drug trafficking, people trafficking into slavery and prostitution,
organised illegal immigration, or extreme and violent pornography, the
human misery caused by such gangs is limitless. It defies our

Raising awareness of NPD, as explained by Sam Vaknin (ex Mossad
officer) can only be beneficial and helpful for all people everywhere.
Prevent troubles.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

19 Sep 2014

They stopped me seeing my lad because I cut a fringe for my son (bangs) so he could SEE again - the abuse is incredible - I promise you, they are SATANISTS - they really are, Robert admits it - sometimes - these satanic worshiippers abuse and rape babies and the vulnerable - I'm sorry but it is's a bit like Rosemary's Baby (film)

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Date: 17-Dec-2005 20:27
Subject: Re Jamie Jones COMPLAINT (social workers stop contact over a fringe)
(Ms.Smith, pls be so kind as to add this to my complaint re neglect of duty of care) 

I have received both your letters and noted the content.

 It was the social services' Little House report and my own concern that prompted me to give Jamie a fringe as he was unable to see properly and was in obvious discomfort to the point the Little House staff had to put James' hair in a cap so he could see and be comfortable.

I take the view that it is an outrage and abusive in the extreme to have stopped Jamies' contact
with his mother (whose only crime is to complain of poor services from social services NOT including the Little Housethat have always been kind to Jamie) when Robert Jones openly states he is taking crack cocaine and other drugs, never
been rehabiltated (as ordered by the courts) or completed asessments instigated by yourselves (vis a vis his violence) and the fact his daughter, Maxine, has also been diagnosed autistic and  on the 'at risk' register for emotional abuse from Mr.Jones. Never either has there been regard for past commital hearings where he was found guilty of breaching injunctions and given custodial sentences for violence to women and men, drink and drug abuse and shows no signs at all of rehabilitation.
The list goes on. 

I would like to request when Jamie was actually seen by a social worker prior to my cutting his fringe and also why the Jigsaw school have been informed not to contact me without them reporting back to you and on what legal basis do you use for this?

Yours sincerely.
E.C.Lucy Jamie Jones mum