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5 Nov 2014

ADULT ADULT ADULT Jesus was an NPD Buddhist Jew on Magic Mushrooms and a Hippy

However, was he a psychopath? Mafia type Christians have been stalking me for years - wanting to control me and save me and shit. I'm a fucking catholic cunt - grow up. Catholic means 'all encompassing' - this means that my belief that we reside inside a giant dog - is possibly true. So god bless the pope and let the policey people arrest the stalkers, before they go to hell for judging, stalking, intimidating and hacking and all that other shit. (The ego on em is very devilish, they will make great play things for Satan when they go to hell, as they will) cunts.

PS. bounce-clap goalie - sent a list of stalkers to cops, waiting for them to actually bother to do something about all the near-death experiences they are having (cuz, the absolute hanging thing, too good for em darling, love 2 u)

14 Sep 2014

Even the Legal Ombudsman fears the control freaks - and they wonder why the world protests at the corruption?

 AND there was never an allocated worker. Corrupt? Yep
Thank you for your email.

Please note that we  are a separate organisation to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and have no influence over their decisions or processes.

Yours sincerely

Assessment Centre

Legal Ombudsman

Telephone0300 555 0333


From: Robillard]
Sent: 10 May 2011 18:38
To: Christian Paterson
Subject: RE: Your enquiry: reference 201013366

10th May 2011

REF; 201013366 Anne Lehane, SRA non-action

Further to letters from the SRA months ago, they have still not allocated a worker to this case, please advise?

Yours sincerely

sw5 9ba

Subject: Your enquiry: reference 201013366
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 15:59:07 +0000
Dear Ms Lucy

Thank you for your email.

The Legal Ombudsman investigates complaints into the service that someone has received from their lawyer.

We have attached a leaflet on how we can assist, and also a complaint form so that you can articulate the details of your complaint.

Before we can formally investigate a complaint, we require that the person bringing the complaint formally complains to the lawyer in writing and then allows them up to eight weeks to respond to it. We have also attached a template complaint letter if you require assistance with this.

Please be aware that there are two relevant time limits: the '12 month rule' and the '6 month rule'. Generally speaking, your complaint should be brought to us no later than 12 months from when the problem occurred or from when you should reasonably have become aware of the problem. Suppose the problem occurred, or you became aware of the problem, at the end of March 2010. You should bring your complaint to us before the end of March 2011.

Plus, you should come to us within 6 months of receiving a final response from your lawyer after complaining to them. Suppose you complained to your lawyer about the problem at the end of June 2010 and they responded with a final offer to sort things out in the middle of August last year. You're still not happy with what they offered. You would have until the middle of February this year (2011) to bring your complaint to us.

We would suggest that you contact our assessment centre on 0300 555 0333 where an assessor will be able to provide you with advice and assistance regarding your complaint.

If we do not hear from you within seven days, we will presume that you no longer wish to pursue with your complaint and will close your case.

Yours sincerely

Assessment Centre

Legal Ombudsman

Telephone0300 555 0333


From: Miss Ec Lucy []
Sent: 14 February 2011 08:44
To: Enquiries
Subject: FW: Anne Lehane - Solicitor Complaint


Subject: RE: Anne Lehane - Solicitor Complaint
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 08:36:35 +0000
RE Anne Lehane, Slctr R.B.K.C
Feb. 14th  2011

x 4 attachments

Dear Madam /Sir

Further to my requests for time-limits [] and your code-of practice:

Mss Lehane knowingly submitted false evidence in court to Judge Moorehouse during care proceedings.
She also omitted to inform the judge that by law, despite my being disabled (also with severe back problem (still) and grieving my mother, dead in the February of that year)  that my son nor I had no care plan despite a care-pan assessment in the April of 2001, Lettie Bluthe and Anne-Marie Wilson were the social workers. She ommited the fact I had complained to Jane Dykins of GBH by the SSD due to cosntant hrassments, lies and threats, denied in court.  The law then stated that care-pans should be implemented within 40 days.

Anne Lehane had had access to previous records (Matrimonial proceedings ending in March 1999, Kingston + Wandsworth Courts, Judge Walker Smith ++) Case Ref 92D 1089-

Just a year prior to the care-proceedings (where I had called social services emergency line all night and had had no response at all, so called police, thus placing my son in care voluntarily- a a police protection order was made- despite my home had been disgusting it was clean two days later- IGNORED by RBKC) Sean Ryan, our then social worker at RBKC and others, supported my parenting in 1999. In 2001 and 2002 onwards Miss Lehane knowingly kept evidence that could have changed the outcome of the case.  She kept evidence from the court of Autism expert, Prof.Eric Fombonne who had visited in the custody/RO/contact hearing, only to bring in yet another expert as she had allowed a social worker, Anne-Marie Wilson, to write what culminated in character assassination of me, with a falsified document, that was hearsay at best, in this document the social worker claimed I had self-diagnosed my own agoraphobia (my first treatment of it by the council, was in 1973, I had been agoraphobic in varying degrees my entire life and Miss Lehane and others knew it well, they had had access to all my records, although since then, I have had an apology from  KC PCT (Patricia Wright) as my records were mixed in with other patients,

Miss Lehane also claimed via this 'evidence' from Anne Marie Wilson (SW), also claimed I had diagnosed my son with a gut-problem and autism when she knew this was done by Simon Murch and I hadn't even been present, plus nobody had given consent - see a snip from my sister attached)  Miss Lehane had full knowledge that I had represented myself with lay-barrister Peter Bibby in 1996-7 at a SENDIST Tribunal and that due to that my son had seen quite a few consultant professionals (including NHS expert Dr.Hilary Cass) regarding diagnosis (he is SLD/Autism) my son had been statemented since 1995 (?) approx and regualry seen by local Ed.Pysch, Patsy Wagner and also including prominent experts such as Svien Eikeseth, Glenn Sallows and Esther Shaffer (R.I.P) -who's report was also left out of the care-proceedings that James did have some words- Miss Lehane is apparently covering up the fact my son ever spoke and although he didn't have fluent language he could speak a little and had was showing huge promise- she failed to inform the judge in the care proceedings of the mental problems and suicide attempts of the father and that the father is a drink-rive recidivist, had cheated benefits and tax, Hadn't paid court fees not any Child Maintenance in eight and half years (still outstanding) had been to prison for drug dealing, and had frequent hallucinations he is 'the devil'. LAC reviews were never legally abided by, I was never represented and was refused telephone links- as for the hearing- the care proceedings- I had access to only one and half days of the hearing , the rest was heard without my having access due to the video equipment having broken down, that violated article 6- despite Gordon Murdoch QC and Malcolm Chisholm representing me, I did not have a chance to intervene where I could have and let the judge know what was going on- Miss Lehane knowingly wasted public money on expert reports when she already had full access to many expert reports- via a tribunal I was running a home education at the time after having won the land-mark ruling ( see Luvy V RBKC) - there was no need for any expert reports. Miss Lehane also allowed evidence to claim I had diagnosed my son with a 'gut problem' when I wasn't even present at that diagnosis - my sister was present, Dr.Murch - a child-gastroenetolgist diagnosed my son wit the 'outlawed' LNH 4 and had sent me pictures of it- he had been my GP, Dr. Kate O'Briens'- next door neighbour- that GP had then tried to help us discover why my son was clutching at his tummy. I also had had a report from the Priory clinic regarding my agoraphobia and good character that she also had access to, she had reports from local experts and doctors , plus evidence that social workers had been 'pre-planning' to take Jamie into care as Jamie had been seen by Dr, Murch (apparently this means 'munchausens syndrome by proxy') that evidence was omitted from the court- a total mystery-  yet she and local solicitors and the barristers colluded to waste taxpayers money and take my child - as it was- Judge Moorehouse made the attached recommendation - that my relationship to my son was 'too important' not to have 'unsupervised overnight contact' but due to pure malice- Miss Lehalne advised social workers to reduce my contact with my son and has knowingly left my son at risk with his very violent and dangerous father- who sadly also has/had custody of a his daughter, Maxine, when a child, Cosmo Steele, already died in his care aged just four. the child was claimed to have died of cot-death and heart-disease. I had been 'suffocated' with a pillow by Mr.Jones (the father) and had to fight for my life, attempted murder charges should have been brought. Cosmo was found asphyxiated. I know from the previous (documented) violence I had suffered, and known about by Miss Lehane, these children are left at risk with him. I have suffered much malice and violations of much law due to the advice that stops at the hand of Miss Lehane, who has always blamed social workers - saying it her being directed by them, specifically by Brett Taylor. I do not believe that to be the complete  case, I believe she has deliberately mislead some social workers I  believe there should be a public inquiry, the case went on for something like ten days and I HAD ACCESS to TWO of those days- There is more I will follow up with when able. Thank you for your time

Yours sincerely

2 Sep 2014

Why the mafia piss me off

It's not their taste, they have great taste in clothes and music, the art is insanely fab, it fuels their lusty bits to engorge their brains with dopamine fight for what's 'right' - but are they? They love to know about everything in order to own it - but - they don't understand their own ethos, their reasons- their belief systems. Not completely. It's no longer necessary to go about haunting, killing and stalking to keep your family respected. Actions speak for themselves. A good critical eye on the childhood of Richard Bandler might help them understand? From a behavioural perspective, as a vulnerable kid, Bandler had a horrible shock. He had to do things a normal child wouldn't and he survived against ridiculous odds. This type of scenario does tend to create 'superhuman' efforts - it's the injustice and the longing for parental connections - but don't get 'near' that pain, it is 'owned' and you can't touch this! Bandler knew he was 'right' and he's spread his 'correctness' all over the western world with NLP. In powerful steps. But he's been emotionally isolated and abandoned. That's the very sad bit. Psychopaths can feel deep emotion for themselves and for people they perceive to be similar to them. They are human too. But they kill sometimes because bad people wreck things for good people, so maybe we should admire if not appreciate - too much - that type? My fav psycho is me china Andy (personal trainer) and others like him who have to understand the mindset in order to put it right. Some psychopaths are blind to the needs of others, and it's that that motivates a lot of good people to take action.
I was wondering if Saviano is a narcissist too? His says Ezequiel Lavezzi and Edinson Cavani are his inspirations on Facebook. Saw him post this post about Batman and thought - WTF?

''C'è una storia, in un paese lontano, che voglio raccontarvi. Questo paese si chiama Gotham. Da anni a Gotham, esiste un losco figuro vestito da pipistrello chiamato Man Bat, che si spaccia per eroe. Bene, anzi male, perchè la verità è che questo signore è a capo di una multinazionale delle armi gestita dalla camorra, che uccide più di 100000 bambini ogni anno. Avete capito bene, centomila bambini.

Questo signore ha un nome e un cognome...

Transaltion went  > ''There is a story, in a distant country, I want to tell you. This country is called Gotham. For years in Gotham, there is a shady figure dressed as a bat called Man Bat, who poses as a hero. Well, rather badly, because the truth is that this gentleman is the head of a multinational weapons operated by the camorra, which kills more than 100000 children every year. You got it, one hundred thousand children.

This gentleman has a name and a surname and ..'' then it stops
Takes a special type of nut to hurt kids that much.   Wonder what happens to these mafia kids? Aside from priests? My brothers had their lives destroyed by priests so I find ti hard to be Catholic. Mums are sometimes only narcissistic cuz that's what the culture decides them to be - it is called 'shaping'.

Anyway - not to be too grim - have a my favourite wake up song

(Italian Ska is underrated )