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10 Sep 2014

Public Inquiry - Malcolm Rifkind

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Dear Malcolm Rifkind,

Please call for a public inquiry (this is not my first request as you
know) or add to that of the CSA inquiry, that cases involving Laurie
Avadis be reviewed as a matter of urgency as he has been negligent and
has supported obvious misfeasance and fraud, has also been a part of
(if not directly guilty) of conspiracy to pervert justice and of
committing perjury. He is requesting to contact me on Linkedin
(naturally I reported it) I may add stalking and harassment issues
could also be covered regarding this character.

Please see evidence that was not seen by the courts at

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

9 Sep 2014

Laurie Avadis is clearly in trouble.

He's attempting to contact me on Linkedin, has sent a request. Stretches of Antarctic ice come to mind. Massive glaciers. Icebergs, frozen landscapes and the chilling sound of distant sharks chomping baby seals.  Clearly he needs my insight and expertise. Best of luck Laurie, you do need it, you should have visited the mother when you had the chance. Life could have been good had your assumptions and prejudice not destroyed so very much indeed that is good. I am sad for your desperate, dark and dessicated soul, god help you. 
  1. Get my son to me
  2. Get my son safe, when I see my son and when you have gone to jail for what you did, I will help you
  3. Do the right thing
  4. There's a good devil-dog.