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25 Oct 2014

OH gawd - 'friends of justice' are writing about Ayn Rand again - she was a nice but batty old thing

Atlas F*cked

Ayn would now be on HRT and into cougar sex with young Italians (hi beautifulz!) - she wouldn't have been courting married men quite so ardently if she'd been around nowadays - and had she had 'net, we wouldn't have  'Atlas Shrugged' at all, but 'Atlas F*cked' -  cuz if you look closely,  her genuine 'driver '- was horniness - she wanted good sex with a nice man - and the love of a married bloke clearly fueled it- we'd have instead  - if she'd bothered writing it - 'Atlas F*cked' - as darling Hannan wrote on his blog 'too much shrugging' - she'd be less 'Satan' and more  Libertarian and nice if she'd had 'net. Buddhist-Catholic even.

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

8 Oct 2014

Bible Origin and a Message

1. Jesus was the SON of God. Just like you are a child of his/hers. He wasn't saying 'I am special and deserve the one big daddy all to myself'. You too are the sons and daughters of God.

2. Jesus was a messenger of God and wanted you to hear the messages and truths of God. Sadly, in translation, lots of the original Ancient Sanskrit/Hebrew/Greek (and other, discard ancient Latin when seeking origins as it's a translation written by lots of different people, remember that)

3. Remember that is is never the fault of churches when they are deliberately infiltrated by damaged Lavayans who are paedophiles out to target children and funds. Help the church improve its intelligence. I'm backing Pope Francis.

Also consider that

a.The events in the Bible happened long before they were writ and that much of the original texts have been lost but quite a lot remain (see archaeology) 

b.The words of God are about seeking truth, light and being good to your family and your neighbours.

c. Everyone is unique, even identical twins

Atheists are often Laveyan (arm yourself with how Laveyans work, and why they do it) and know (and respect) that some evil often has a purpose (to correct and to inform) and never confuse 'light' with 'Satan' - and 'Lucifer' actually means 'light' not darkness (never allow a Satanist to twist things either, argue with them, point by point and calmly note their arguments) Note that 'Lucifer' does not translate to 'Satan' either, not at all, not in origin. Note Lucifarian practice. Never confuse this, too many have and caused much harm, that is the work of Laveyans) 

How to deal with atheists - using Science! (Always! Hindu scientists are lovely) *Remember that patience is your best friend, be well and remember my friend Michael's' thoughts (and mine too) 'God is a morphing and changing thing that is the collective love from people, love moves around. transforms, adapts, love is its own entity' typa thing.

19 Sep 2014

They stopped me seeing my lad because I cut a fringe for my son (bangs) so he could SEE again - the abuse is incredible - I promise you, they are SATANISTS - they really are, Robert admits it - sometimes - these satanic worshiippers abuse and rape babies and the vulnerable - I'm sorry but it is's a bit like Rosemary's Baby (film)

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Date: 17-Dec-2005 20:27
Subject: Re Jamie Jones COMPLAINT (social workers stop contact over a fringe)
(Ms.Smith, pls be so kind as to add this to my complaint re neglect of duty of care) 

I have received both your letters and noted the content.

 It was the social services' Little House report and my own concern that prompted me to give Jamie a fringe as he was unable to see properly and was in obvious discomfort to the point the Little House staff had to put James' hair in a cap so he could see and be comfortable.

I take the view that it is an outrage and abusive in the extreme to have stopped Jamies' contact
with his mother (whose only crime is to complain of poor services from social services NOT including the Little Housethat have always been kind to Jamie) when Robert Jones openly states he is taking crack cocaine and other drugs, never
been rehabiltated (as ordered by the courts) or completed asessments instigated by yourselves (vis a vis his violence) and the fact his daughter, Maxine, has also been diagnosed autistic and  on the 'at risk' register for emotional abuse from Mr.Jones. Never either has there been regard for past commital hearings where he was found guilty of breaching injunctions and given custodial sentences for violence to women and men, drink and drug abuse and shows no signs at all of rehabilitation.
The list goes on. 

I would like to request when Jamie was actually seen by a social worker prior to my cutting his fringe and also why the Jigsaw school have been informed not to contact me without them reporting back to you and on what legal basis do you use for this?

Yours sincerely.
E.C.Lucy Jamie Jones mum