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21 Sep 2014

Chinese silliness, Ebola treatment, Banks crashing, NLP, Overpopulation reality, Logical Investment (and Mental Illness) - Nutshell philosophy!

If you suffer any persistent virus at all, you know to seek treatment for parasites. We all have parasites of all sizes and descriptions (Stalkers are one type) The thing is, we are all unique and we have to take that as de facto and into serious consideration when ill. This is where psychiatry is deeply flawed. It never, ever explains simply or properly to patients, not clearly, that their diagnosis is simply used as a means to give medication - psychotherapy or applied psychology is used to help identify and treat the individual. Psychiatry is odd It's even rumoured that the CIA used an (originally Nazi) project to inflict people with psychiatric illness in order to support the pharmaceutical and psychiatry trades. See this video

(The elite invest and live, mostly, in Bermuda, Croatia, Scotland, Belgravia, Chelsea, Hampstead and Mayfair, pictures here is Plitvic)
waterfalls in croatia, plitvic

The best way to give yourself a hardy immunity, is to eat as varied a diet as possible - and get friendly with prebiotics (lots of veggie skin fibre is great) and probiotics. Living in a mess is actually beneficial and is healthier than living in scrupulously clean environments as your body is forced to fight unwanted infection which strengthen immunity, in fact the only time to be scrupulous and fastidious is when ill! *also provides vitamin B12!) Though you may feel persistently lousy (lice and other parasites cause depression too) if you don't treat yourself for parasites regularly (every three months will do) Various types of E.Coli can be killed with the correct meds too. Nicotine/Mallow extracts are being used for Ebola virus experiments and treatments at present as are virus killing robots

The quick way to help you globally, is to eat yogurt in every way possible for a month, three times a day. Plenty of it!  White sugar is also incredibly nasty - as is bleached bread flour (no particular natural enzymes left to break down the carb) Added bran helps.  Select semolina/pasta flour or spelt over ordinary wheat but do be mindful to alter/change/vary - always try new things and remember that when you are sick - your body will not have this sickness again. All negatives have a positive. it's the law of nature. Doctor's advise starving a nasty virus/bacteria for 24 hours and drinking only water with electrolytes, they have that right! The water though could be supplemented with a cinchona/anti-viral and herbal tea regimen.  It's unwise to fast/starve for more than 24 hours but it can be done if health is generally otherwise good.

Another thing that helps most mental illness is to

1. Note down /list all problems into segments. e.g. 'I am selfish' write down each instance of selfishness and what made you commit an act of selfishness, this helps you understand your motives, you may be quite sweet but have a low opinion of yourself.

2. Keep making lists, all day, for a month e.g 'what am I doing wrong' 'what did I do wrong' 'why is was it my fault' what made me think it was their fault' why is it my fault' what could I do that makes it only my fault' 'why are things always my fault' 'why do I get results' 'why do I get no results'.

3. Never dismiss 'cause and effect', if you do, you don't do logic and that in itself is manifestation of mental illness.

Creating these lists identifies your motives and actions that may otherwise remain preconscious or subconscious.  You can even revive Bandler/NLP by applying his tactics to the item, but not to the humanity. (NLP should only ever be subjective to a particular problem, never applied to person as a whole) 

Complementary medicine working alongside behavioural therapy must, logically, have the best outcome for treatment - so the inclusion of CBT in mainstream psychiatry is a positive leap forward. The virus/virri involved in mental health are misunderstood and numerous. Moulds can cause 'schizophrenia', interesting discussion here. The treatment for molds or moulds (we get confused with spellings here in the UK, used to our advantage) is varied but can help a lot when administered properly. Sometimes a simple adjustment or increase of dosage can cure the problem depending on the resilience of the parasite/parasite. The nastier of these is said to be the Rope worm

Mental illness (though not always trauma nor some phobias) can be relieved in varying degrees by treating with proper nutrition, CBT and its variants. This knowledge, when applied to the self (especially knowing NPD, can help a enormous amount of symptoms. Even if Vaknin has autistic spectrum, ego and narcissism confused, deliberately or not, his work understood, can be more effective than all psychiatry, simply by applying deduction, Holmes) can lead to cures. The simplest way to begin solving your superficial beliefs (that are anti-nature) is to address your problems by actively helping the the non-superficial, such as homeless, disabled people and the elderly - that means - not giving money - but giving your time, no matter how special you are. This helps all children and mother's everywhere.

The old adage 'feed a cold starve a fever' may be correct, perhaps those ancient old Greeks had something. Starving a virus can be hard though. If you eat virus killing foods, you may be better equipped to fight off that cold or 'flu. Cinchona bark (check dosage, vital in killing the sods properly) and the Lapacho trees of South America (uses the inner lining only of the tree that carries nutrients made by the leaves, to different cells of the tree) are most commonly used for these purposes. Home made bitters in a tiny glass of port/dark sherry twice a day, can work wonders. Try it for a few months for pernicious virus, and dog worming tablets might help!

 Growing your own plants from seed indoors may be a very wise thing. Indoor gardening is the future with much overpopulation (denied by most who invest, but a very real 'I AM IN IT' reality for those suffering from overcrowding)

Overpopulation is no myth. It is a very handy tool for investors - it's not their reality. Overcrowding helps funding but hurts the planet, it is a fact that all good scientists know. And most Londoners. The benefit of overcrowding is that one is exposed to many different airborne bacteria and virri. The downside is that pollution and overcrowding makes life not worth living at times. Peace and quiet is for the elite and the elite choose to live in the Canada, USA, Balkans and Cotswold's, Hampstead, Scottish Isles (like Harris) in UK whilst buying homes in Belgravia, Mayfair and Chelsea - only as superficial property investments, they don't live there for long, they are way too busy traveling about and buying other stuff. Sad but true. Psychopaths are both relentless and ruthless with their investments. They often get things wrong, and banks do/will crash, due to lack of EQ. People with low EQ are unable to read human emotion properly, so although they may appear essentially perfect in logic and reason, they do so with only their blinkered comprehension and are not able to give a balanced and long-term, security-conscious view, nor projection - if they are not enhancing or promoting Independence of all forms. Is the wife successful? Is yes, you have a great investment. How do you measure success? If it's with promoting personal identity and liberty, you are probably a great person. So if you are looking for long term and safe investment in banking - look to those who invest with ethical and earth-friendly, libertarian heart. Indoor gardening (high rise and indoor wall gardens) and solar energy projects are the future. Cats, Courage, Freedom, Joy, Liberty, Peace, Dogs,  Love.   *Take note Chinese Wisdom culminates in capital city Beijing, pictured below (Chinese wealth move to Balkans, USA and Canada!) although some Chinese authorities are now said to be introducing some new healthier investments in order to preserve some wiser thinking

Chinese doing exercise wearing masks in Beijing

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard -  as with all work - Copyright 1997 - 

9 Sep 2014

How to spot a paedophile

According to the FBI - a 'down turned mouth' is one of the signatures of a paedophile - I had a look at someone who lies a lot - the SUPER INJUNCTION gag-seeker Erika Endlein - today ( ex RBKC now manager of children's disability team in Hammersmith ) has a very dodgy gob - (waves) and
also was considering John Ward's post about nailing Jack The Ripper - asked him if had even conisdered Arthur Munby (a relative of James, our own legal whizz and Special Needs - child 'cherry-picker' of presiding over  SENDIST tribunals ) Now don't get me wrong - he pursued those rotten councils for communications devices for disabled kids - didn't he? Sudden gasps? We shall see sir, cuz they all look a teensy bit fucking guilty right now.  Abusing the disabled with apparent impunity, is now stopped.