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10 Nov 2014

Miscarriage of Justice

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

(To Met Police - 2007)
further to my call of yesterday requesting your support to help me get a GP ( I a presently suffering a dangerous illness and being refused help from the PCT & ex GP no reason given) I have just heard the same PCT has closed funding on 'KCAA" (Kensington and Chelsea Advocacy Alliance) and am hurt but not surprised at what appears to be the act of an unscrupulous group of people working within RBKC and the PCT responsible for Kensington and parts of Chelsea; Unscrupulous due to their way of bringing things about. 
Protecting the boroughs' reputation is one thing, but becoming corrupt to do it is another, and sadly, corruption is what appears to be happening in some quarters of RBKC. RBKC used to a friendly kind and noble place to live, i have been here for 40 years. Now it is terrifying, with, in my view, heartless planning departments, and secretive rotten social work departments.
I wonder sir, if the social services have, for example, told you that my ex husband, the cause of me being housebound in terror, has our mute son, supported by social services, despite them knowing
1. [] [] extremely violent nature (convictions galore) 2. A child has died in this mans' care (Cosmo Steele, aged four 'cot death') 3. He has a daughter of aged 9 yrs whom was on the 'at risk' register for abuse from him 4. The same daughter diagnosed as autistic as a baby
Please see attached a brief glimpse of records.
My son was taken by police at my request in June 2001 because I was grieving my mothers' death- funny how social workers pick on women whose mothers' 
have just died?
1. I put my son into care voluntarily FACT
2. There was no care plan in place despite my requests, despite us both 
being disabled
3. Social Services are to blame for neglect of duty of care
4.Social Services are to blame for slandering and libelling me and causing 
me extreme ill health,
I look forward to hearing from you sir,
yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Lucy aka Elizabeth Robillard

26 Oct 2014

Chandeliers for sale and why I admire, respect and love my disability - do you, or do you WANT to change?

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Successful and happy people live their lives in gratitude and servitude and learn to celebrate all life's little foibles and quirks. Libertarian Socialism as wot UKIP stands for (and Identity, big issue with me) so is certainly then, the perfect choice for the more discerning disabled, centrist.

One of the negative things to seriously consider though, aside from pain and terror (such as that inflicted by IDS) with disability, is suffering the maddening daily abuse of being undervalued and patronised.

 I know that Stephen Hawking would have something to say about this as would my own lovely son, Jamie - were he allowed to communicate about his bullied torture and other unbearable mistreatment and terror inflicted by RBKC legal department (please provide the info requested RBKC)  The corruption in RBKC runs deep, it's not just legal, there is trafficking and hate crime, misfeasance, conspiracy and more. All landing squarely at the feet of Conservative HQ, don't blame the oligarchs Norman, they have great taste in chandeliers, ask my friend Jess's husband - Tim Graves. He works for many an oligarch and is a delightful designer. Everyone in London loves chandeliers. Here's mine. Gonna alter it a bit and add some more crystals though. Also just bought a beautiful peach one on sale at Amazon (bottom). Only a few left. get yours now - nice Christmas pressie.


just bought (for 15 quid!)

21 Oct 2014

Nonsense and Rifkind

I've recently observed a ton of nonsense obviously written by non-Kensington (forin) people blinded by anger, hurt and injustice. When you have been hurt and have no recourse to justice, it does make for wars of sorts. Perhaps that's been the intention of these type of psychopaths - look at the history of the Arms trade (and its intent) and who sells the hardware to whom, and you can then see (obviously) who is ethical and who isn't - but having said THAT - NHS, welfare and Defence is way big with my family  and friends. Britain always had her strength in a strong Navy. My ABSOLUTELY incredible father wasn't just RAF and CRAF, he was also RN and CRN (twice)  - was a commander (Figure it out) Dad sold aircraft and gold but learned when he got burned.

I am not as good at arithmetic as Malcolm is but my sums say we can up defence x 4 with no problems (having listened to the experts in military spending) - keeping us happily independent and industrious for many many years. So what's the problem? Who does Malcolm want running the show? Israel. Not Scotland (they booted him out of office in Edinburgh - pardon the turn there, written in haste) But he likes it. He goes home at weekends. He likes to keep his very tight knit mittens in all types of haggis.

 The thinking conservative is always pushing for more transparency and accountability vis a vis tax. So this begs the question; why is Malcolm wasting 90,000 odd on 'office space'? (Double take that one)  When the space belongs to Tory HQ?.  Does Malc own the Conservatives? The conservatives had their 'law office' professional contracted to them. Leaving RBKC entirely corrupted in favour of the conservative party. Corruption, no less.  That FACT is on record (was removed from RBKC site)  Looks like Tories have some questions to answer to some policey and military folks. And the merit? He's a very good accountant, not quite on  a par with Mail group of newspapers, but almost. Woof.

I'm not a warmonger, quite the reverse, my belief is that a powerful military force strengthens trade and tourism as well as providing strong identity whilst promoting self discipline and respect. Something all are commanding these days - when there is actually, little evidence that the word is understood.

20 Oct 2014

Linkedin takes the piss again

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

My posts were being removed - and they know very well I know how to take a screenshot - Police are investigating stalking and will note this as evidence and also discover precisely who could hack and delete posts and which IP's visited my profile that day (of complaint) because we will find out and nail that stalker - stalking remains illegal as does rape as does corruption - whoever is doing it is f*cked - how's business?

Subject: Application Data Misuse [141017-005047]

LinkedIn Response (10/20/2014 01:04 CST)
Hi Elizabeth,
I'm so sorry for the delay in response and for the inconvenience this has caused. Based on your description, I'm unable to determine the nature of your issue or replicate it. Could you please reply with some additional details or screenshots explaining the following?
1. What were you attempting to do?
2. What page were you viewing?
3. What steps did you take prior to experiencing your issue?
Here's a link to instructions on how to create a screenshot if you need it:
Elizabeth, I look forward to your response, as it will give me a better understanding of how I can help.
Customer Experience Advocate

19 Oct 2014

Assange is paranoid or bugged #NEWS

Assange in the news again. I lost my paranoia about being bugged when the nasty old man upstairs told me 'SHUT UP' when I said (from the flat below)  'David, get your head off the floor and go to bed' (could hear him run into the bathroom  when I went in)- he was deaf (without aid) and into Admiral Nelson, very shouty and occasionally human, but his TV used to be 'stadium' loud (had little sleep for 16 years, no joke at all) so I found a 'nice' hard-of-hearing company for him to get him a good deaf-aid. I didn't know they'd sell him one of these.  Pictured is the 42 quid 

Geemarc CL7100 Infrared TV Listening System- UK Version

 I wondered where he used to go on that bike/locally? Sold his flat to the secret intelligence agency or something. Fenella Boyle (meant to help Armed forces with PTSD, can't be bad but she rents it out now?) .... Fenella informed me in a letter that the floor David Jones had left had been 'a dug up mess' and drills would be needed for at least six weeks in that room. Drills that were very 'pneumatic' at times. 

The only flat sold to government in our block is that one.  She's supposed to help soldiers with PTSD. Sounds nice. Such a demon was David, at times, that he was banned from riding a bike. All the info was had by PC.Luke Jones (Kensington) - but Luke had a habit of saying 'you can't say that' to things that actually happened. Luke was sweet though. Lots are but they fail when they take law into their own hands and fail to understand that law creeps up on you if you if you don't abide by it. Personal responsibility means just that. Creepy, verity creepy. But we need it.

 So there are around 2,000 new cases of corruption those poor sobs have to consider - and the amount of hacking and creeping I have had to suffer too -as well as the deprivation of liberty ('put her away on the grounds she'll always be a nuisance' said puffy PC Paul something. Scary buggers they can be. So anyway - yes. Julian - all I can say is - make it fun. Sing, fart, and tell the truth as it will be interesting - unless you are shagging the maids again (I expect they'd always put their country first, soldiers live to serve, regardless) in which case, you just have to suffer the violation - violations of our boundaries are more than contemptuous, they are vile - so terrible are they that they can be called 'rape' and 'harassment' - we really need some good lawyers to sort out this legal definition and status business. Some guy said - on Daily Mail comments - 'of course he's bugged. all embassies are bugged, they do it us, we do it back'  bunch of grown ups? Can't see how they'd 'gather intelligence' from such an op. Malcolm Rifkind did write to me with a huge long letter from a Lord someone - lost in transit I'm afraid, but he did make an effort. 

7 Oct 2014

Mumsnet has common sense, someone has to

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard asks Mumsnet for assistance please- please see all my RBKC and Corruption posts and share with your friends, I will write more ASAP! lots of love x

RBKC Clare Walker - FOIA

Just left a message asking for assistance regarding non receipt and non response regarding FOIA requests of late - what is going on with RBKC not declaring their financial interests? Is that a whiff of cover up - surely not corruption? Wonder if Stella B will finally put her CV and interests online as per the law?

Corruption, RBKC, Conservatives - William Hague

As a post script to my last post, William Hague called for the running of children's homes to be taken away from local authorities and handed over to churches, charities and businesses. Yet the Conservatives in RBKC own/owned them all anyway, and RBKC is where Conservative HQ is. Hypocrisy? Corruption? You decide.  Meanwhile, how to address the victims? 

5 Oct 2014

Just before I was banged up in the nuthouse - lovely corrupt Kensington

Subject: rbkc paedophiles and abuse
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 19:17:46 +0000

Thanks for visiting,Now visit '' and look for 'rbkc' and then google 'paedophiles kensington' and 'corruption'  you will see that
I am very upset that this bloody government likes to steal and rape disabled kids especially- see Winterbounre View, Castlebeck (registered to RBKC Town Hall) and not forgettig the rest. Barlavington Manor is also one.

Please do your homework before disturbing the peace of good people.

Yours sincerely

28 Sep 2014

Kama Sutra is good - and there's lots of willy-waving conservatives, it should be a question of who does NOT have an 'adult friend finder' account? How many Tory MP's have flashed you in the last ten years?

There's lots of willy-waving Conservatives, it should be a question of who does NOT have an 'adult friend finder' account? How many Tory MP's have flashed you in the last ten years? We are watching this. Waves at little white mice everywhere, you are prolific offenders -  Craigslist too. We have fun watching your shenanigans Tories, the shame is yours, not on the liberty lovers. Be free! We are lovers and caring people, not cautious, shame riddled, porn-loving creepy types, we love love, not hate, not creepy, hidden ,spooky nasty stuff, but fun and kindness, adult style, yes. Love and sex should be synonymous with fun too. Not corruption and perversion though. Viva Kama Sutra. 

Corruption in Kensington at record high, thanks to the kiwis

RBKC is reportedly 100 million credit in coffers, what doesn't make sense, is why she is apparently up to neck in corrupt practice, when the likes of could be spending at least four times as much on defence, with no problems, ethically, makes you wonder about the joys of private practices behind closed doors? Past Auditors will be having fun. Waves at Mark Jones. Barry Phelps knows a bit pictured below with Arnie)

Investment should be clear and open for all residents Anti-corruption orgs are exceptionally interested in Kensington, and apparently have been for a long tine.

I'm a witness to a few RBKC corrupt practices - one was an expensive  wheel-chair lending scheme (RBKC councillors had active interest/ownership of wheelchair company that was renting them) and there was the closure of the once great KCAA (Kensington and Chelsea Advocacy Alliance) that had successfully challenged RBKC legals in court (they found themselves shut down due to RBKC subsidies withdrawal, the parenting 'psychology' help Roz, is also contracted to RBKC afaik) so lets challenge the transparency and accountability of the legal department invested in outside law firms like Lloyd and Associates, one partner was hooked up (marital partner)  to RBKC's Anne Lehane, allegedly,was also involved in 'Fathers 4 Justice' and/ 'Equal Parenting Alliance which were not at all what they said they were (connections to Arab banks were notable) and had contacts of Simon Baron Cohen as I recall (Autism expert who diagnosed anything with a twitch as 'Autistic' for 800 quid a throw, as they do, MASSIVE CON and money spinner is the non-illness Autism, no proof of any existence as it doesn't exist - e.g a psychopath/narcissist/NPD has no association to a vulnerable learning-disabled child like mine, neither does a schizophrenic child)  you'd think Brian Rix and co would have done some good by now, waves at MENCAP the useless - who should be fighting tooth and nail for communications hardware and software for these kids, the software is free, *Argentina made some magnificent free stuff five years or so ago, it was sent to the rapists but naturally they did nothing.  One of Baron Cohen's victims was a lady now dead, had her children taken (Tony Coe was a shady character with those law firms, even Levine was involved?)  which would have altered the case outcome had the parent involved known? The Legal department at RBKC has only been as good as its corruption. It's lavish with it's book-bakery and general dishonesty

Let's look at Paul Warrick, again,  THE LEGAL ADVISOR without qualification, how many cases has he advised on? How many retrials will we need for the sake of justice Munby J?  He's been there since the 80's when then Kiwis moved in (and what happened to 'Anne Marie Wilson'? Her of the Creator of much false documents put before Munby and co, for years and years on end, Judge Black also) endorsed by Lehane and co (and the very weird Holden clan?)  Judges then believed social workers were honest and good. Not simply collecting bonuses and selling kids. The evil, nasty little bitches are good actors. Have met a few good ones, but they are on the whole, naive, the good. They get shocked and leave when they realise the extent of the baby selling and child rapes. Scarier is that Nottingham has had the nasty and creepy Tim O'Neill for a few years. He of the 'we're going to take your child, get used to it' and then 'I didn't say that' fame (remember Cindy Doyle Macrae? In probation now, was that a preventative measure? LOL (she tried to open a charity with me as a member of the board, it was to be named 'ASK' - 'Autism Support Kensington' I was too poorly to be a part of it but she'd written on the charity application that I'd attended a meeting to form the charity, had not. I could never do anything underhand, call me Pollyanna, it does not mean I haven't tried to change things. Naively.  I know the value of serving my country, thank you. I know the prices paid by our soldiers, civilian as well as uniform) Yes he did say that, did O'Neill.  I was a wreck and Cindy was a witness. Terrifying nasty old paedo, probably There were also scary foster carers, the Halls of Surrey. Chris and Carol. The female was wanting to adopt my son. She was grotesquely fat and creepy. Jamie was devastated to be with them, seemed very distraught and was probably raped. I tried to keep tabs on him, but they were driving about at night with Jamie and they were covered, until now. I expect they have left a trail of suspicious spending that will prove all I'm saying, eh Carol? What did you do to my son you f*cking c*nt? It was always so hard seeing pictures of Jamie looking so very distraught and tearful when with his psycho father and others. He longed to be home with mum where he is loved and understood and respected. My poor darling boy, stuck with corrupt psychopaths and rapists, and there is not one lawyer with a spine in the UK who will take on the murdering scum that is Anne Lehane and co at RBKC Utterly corrupt - and on behalf of the Tory party. The contract of Paul Warrick, was to the Conservative Party HQ. RBKC have now taken down the document that proved it. We have screen shots. The council is corrupt to hell  They are guilty of vast corruption and time the local Labour party also did its thing in exposing it all. Nobody whom has had a hand in hurting my son, is safe until we have corruption killed in RBKC, our once beautiful council, with it's lovely people, not these money grabbing ice cold paedophile psychopaths that bring nothing but hate and envy. Lets get rid for the sake of good prevailing over evil. Makes you wonder what they tell William and co, at the Palace?

For the good of dear London Boris, I hope you now  do the right thing, your pals have destroyed so very many, many good lives, due to dark forces and evil practices, your good knights need never be anything but prosperous implementing the correct practices, do it now please, no more time wasting. My son needs his mum, enough's enough. This is OUR home.

19 Sep 2014

BBC FOIA REQ sent to ICO in response to theirs of the other day

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

BBC  charities and subsidies, potential
corruption/perjury/misfeasance/misconduct enquiry

Dear ICO

Good afternoon.

Please will you provide me with the following information? This is a FOIA

1. Who,names please are/is responsible for payments to 'BBC Media Action' ?

2. When was the decision made to make BBC Media Action not accountable to
the law?

3. Does the BBC have a list of its investments that are available to the
public if not, may we have a reason given for that please?


Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard
sw5 9ba

ECHR = Bent - Rifkind = Bent - Cherie BOOTH - bent - my son with psychopaths - god help us

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Fwd: FUAO Sir Malcolm Rifkind (Adriana C Ref: 05/A/01426/NP)
Chelsea Finest (chelsea.[]  Add to contacts  04/10/2005   Keep this message at the top of your inbox

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chelsea <>
Date: 03-Oct-2005 20:30
Subject: Fwd: FUAO Sir Malcolm Rifkind (Adriana C Ref: 05/A/01426/NP)
To: "[snip]

FYI Sir: [riddled with corruption?]
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chelsea.Finest <>
Date: 25-Aug-2005 17:59
Subject: FUAO Sir Malcolm Rifkind (Adriana C Ref: 05/A/01426/NP)
To: "" <>, "" <>,

Dear Sir Rifkind,  (For Ms.Booth - please note- i cannot get a lawyer -
not without having tried the entire family panel-there is a 12 yr

Thank you for your letter.

I'd like reassurance from yourself immediately please-that my son is
not living with a cocaine/illicit drug abuser -a suicidal unstable
violent man (all supported by masses of evidence) - and to confirm my
son is not in danger- at the admission of social services and courts-
the father  refused to complete a psychological assessment that was
actually instigated BY the social services due to physical abuse
arrests, drink driving arrests, his other daughter was on the 'at
risk' register for abuse from him etc etc etc)

As I explained- I cannot find a lawyer to take our case at the case is
too large with a 12 year history and has cost govt millions of pounds.
If you can find me a solicitor to take my case it might help.

Sir, I intend to sue RBKC for neglect of duty and endangering my son
and I will never ever cease until I get some justice here.

Ms.Daintiths letter to you was misleading and untrue.

I am in process of appealing a recent judment by Justice Munby at High
Court  and will never ever stop fighting for justice and that means my
son home with me and safe.

Just today I had an letter from my sons' social worker saying his
father would consider taking my son on a holiday (I'm trying to
organise a specialist holiday as my son is disabled and never had a
holiday) I quote' although he doesn't want to go to Florida but would
consider Hawaii'.

I would appreciate your coming to visit me as I am housebound disabled
and would appreciate your offering me ways you can help.

RBKC is your contituency and is endangering my son and continues to do

Our Human Right's have been violated and abused hundreds of times now
and you must help to stop this abuse against a small vulnerable family
of my son and myself please.

I am begging you to intervene and allow me to show you letters etc
that are all evidence- my parenting has never been an issue- just that
I have been unable to agree with social workers!!!

Yours sincerely,

E.C.Lucy (please see below)

cc. Ombudsman

> From: Elizabeth C.L <
> Date: 01-Aug-2005 13:32

London Councils - reminder - meh meh meh

From: Liz R (Account suspended)

23 June 2011

Dear London Councils,

Do you have any policy/recorded information on how much councils
are allowed to spend on private legal
services/barristers/solicitors brought in privately or is it at the
discretion of the legal department involved?

I'm asking due to RBKC's legal department paying 10k per day (TEN
THOUSAND POUNDS PER DAY) for a QC to oppose an unrepresented
DISABLED parent when the parent was at a tribunal to win her child
an electronic communications device worth over one hundred pounds
(as well as try to remove her child from what she considered an
abusive institution) - she still won the device but sadly the
schools (Jigsaw and Treehouse) refused to use it and the child
remained without it (why would a special needs school like that,
want to stop or prevent a child from speaking or communicating
supported by rbkc SEN Dept?)

RBKC also sent it's entire Special Needs Department heads to oppose
this unrepresented disabled mother who was attempting to gain a
communication device for her child) as well as all the head staff
of the schools attending.

Why would they want to stop a child from speaking?

Anyway - do you have any policy/information on the spending
of privately paid Legal Services by London Councils, what is the
policy or is there one, that regulates spending/over-spending by
local councils for outside legal services please?

Ten thousand pounds per day for a private barrister seems

Also, do you have any policy for London Councils/ RBKC regarding
'bringing the council into disrepute' policy/training/information?

Some feel that management at RBKC particularly would rather maim
residents than allow rbkc to have complaints filed or justice done
in favour of a resident with a valid complaint? It does seem that
the council need to appear to be right NO MATTER WHAT, and wondered
where this inhuman, horrific abuse comes from?

Yours faithfully,

Liz R

Link to this
From: FOI-DPA Complaints
London Councils

27 June 2011

Dear Ms R

Thank you for your request for information regarding on how much councils are required to spend on private legal services/barristers/solicitors.

Your request has now been considered, but I regret that London Councils does not hold any information in respect of the above request.

You also asked 'do you have any policy for London Councils/ RBKC regarding 'bringing the council into disrepute' policy/training/information?

This request has also been considered but I regret that London Councils does not hold any information in respect of this request either.

London Councils is not a local authority but rather a body which represents the 33 London boroughs. London Councils does not have its own code of conduct for Members. Members are bound by their respective local authority's Members' code of conduct while acting as a representative of their authority on any London Councils Member Body. We do have a Code of Conduct for our Officers but it does not apply to the Officers working for Kensington and Chelsea.

These requests for information are about policies which, where they are in place, are approved by individual Councils so you will need to refer your request to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you wish to make a complaint about the way we have handled your enquiry under the Freedom of Information Act, please make your complaint in writing to Christiane Jenkins, Director, Corporate Governance, London Councils, 59½ Southwark Street, London SE1 0AL or email [email address].


Emily Salinger

Emily Salinger
Project Manager, Business Planning & Performance
Corporate Governance Division
London Councils
59½ Southwark Street
London, SE1 0AL
Tel: 020 7934 9836
Fax: 020 7934 9665
London Councils is committed to fighting for more resources for London and getting the best possible deal for London's 33 councils. We lobby government and others, develop policy and run a range of services designed to make life better for Londoners.

show quoted sections

Link to this
From: Liz R (Account suspended)

27 June 2011

Dear FOI-DPA Complaints,

Thanks, before you go, please clarify which parts of which 'Code of
Conduct for Officers' does not apply to Kensington and Chelsea or
RBKC and which departments does it not apply to and which
legislation says that such a Code of Practice should not apply to
one (is it just rbkc or are there other councils the Code of
Practice 'doesn't apply to'? Why doesn't apply? If it doesn't apply
to rbkc, why does it apply to other councils?) - specific council,
in this case, RBKC?

'We do have a Code of Conduct for our Officers but it does not
apply to the Officers working for Kensington and Chelsea.' Why not?

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

Link to this
From: FOI-DPA Complaints
London Councils

27 June 2011

Dear Ms R,

We have a Code of Conduct which is an internal policy which applies to London Councils staff. London Councils is a membership organisation which all the London Boroughs belong to but it employs its own staff and has its own terms and conditions of employment. London Councils does not develop Human Resources procedures which apply to individual Boroughs.

I apologise if this distinction was not clear before.

Kensington and Chelsea may have a Code of Conduct which applies to their Officers and/or Members but we do not hold that information.

Please feel free to contact me again if you need further clarification.


Emily Salinger

show quoted sections

Link to this
From: Liz R (Account suspended)

27 June 2011

Dear FOI-DPA Complaints,

Thank you, just one point I'd appreciate you to clarify please? Are
you confirming there's no cap on spending for legal services in any
council but there is at 'London Councils'?

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

Link to this
From: FOI-DPA Complaints
London Councils

28 June 2011

Dear Ms R

Thank you for your e-mail. To answer your question below please note that no information is held in respect of the request for a policy or information regarding expenditure on "private legal services/barristers/solicitors" both for London Councils and other local authorities in London. I hope this answers your question.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you wish to make a complaint about the way we have handled your enquiry under the Freedom of Information Act, please make your complaint in writing to Christiane Jenkins, Director, Corporate Governance, London Councils, 59½ Southwark Street, London SE1 0AL or email [email address].

Many thanks

Sylvia Edohasim
Corporate Complaints and Freedom of Information Officer

show quoted sections

Link to this
From: Liz R (Account suspended)

29 June 2011

Dear FOI-DPA Complaints,


I interpret that answer as a 'yes, there is no cap on legal
spending in any London Council' if you are OK with that
interpretation, I can leave it there? Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

Link to this
From: FOI-DPA Complaints
London Councils

30 June 2011

Dear Liz

For us London Councils there is no cap. This may differ though for other boroughs, it will be best then if you asked the particular borough directly.

I hope this helps.

Many thanks

Sylvia Edohasim
Corporate Complaints and Freedom of Information Officer

show quoted sections

Link to this
From: Liz R (Account suspended)

30 June 2011

Dear FOI-DPA Complaints,

Thank you Sylvia, best to all,

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

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17 Sep 2014

Earl Howe and Lord McNally will sort this out - GMC corruption

Mother 4 Justice

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard


Dear Lord McNally,

FYI - thanks!

Dear Lord Howe,

Trust this finds you well. It's been a while since we spoke.

I've been looking at your overt interest in the GMC. Having had complaints against Dr.Simon Murch there, that are very valid but yet not been investigated by Police nor media, to my knowledge, I am requesting you please voice my personal concern at the lack of probity at the GMC and it's associations to recent Paedophile crimes in the news please?

Clearly the lack of probity and transparency is not of to benefit anyone but criminally guilty parties and it does appear the GMC acts as a lone voice in the world of justice, I know how that feels. I also note there are good and bad Freemasons, what type of masonic lodge do the GMC governors inhabit? I know nothing about such things.

Please visit my blog and see my copious amounts of hard evidence, ignored and trashed/not addressed by the GMC. Awful poor show.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

Whiff of stasi from the BBC - again * Final response* = freakshow bollix, frankly

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Dear Ms Robillard,

Freedom of Information request ­ [RFI20141412]

Thank you for your request to the BBC of 01/09/2014, seeking the following information under the
Freedom of Information Act (`the Act') 2000:

`Who was responsible for editing and publishing for the BBC Action community site
from 2006 to it's closure?'

The information you have requested is excluded from the Act. This is because our subsidiaries
(including BBC Studios & Post Production Ltd, UKTV, BBC Global News Ltd and BBC Worldwide
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That said, the BBC makes a huge range of information available about our programmes and content
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15 Sep 2014

Note to Corrupt Kensington Police - not just Ali Dizae (narcissists aren't always ASPD)

I was harassed by an insidious dog of a bullying gossip (was concerned for a small child there) and got a criminal record for complaining about that particular stalker (the old bag is still at it) why was that? Because the rest of the world can see how corrupt and wrong that is even if you are all completely blind to criminal wrong doing. Evil is coming from your department, not from me. You are covering up child murder, rape, abuse and trafficking. What kind of creatures are you? What type of paedophile pulls your rotten little strings? Thank god there are better police in the world doing the job of ten to cover your corrupt obese extremities

14 Sep 2014

Talking to ppl who know

Even the Legal Ombudsman fears the control freaks - and they wonder why the world protests at the corruption?

 AND there was never an allocated worker. Corrupt? Yep
Thank you for your email.

Please note that we  are a separate organisation to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and have no influence over their decisions or processes.

Yours sincerely

Assessment Centre

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From: Robillard]
Sent: 10 May 2011 18:38
To: Christian Paterson
Subject: RE: Your enquiry: reference 201013366

10th May 2011

REF; 201013366 Anne Lehane, SRA non-action

Further to letters from the SRA months ago, they have still not allocated a worker to this case, please advise?

Yours sincerely

sw5 9ba

Subject: Your enquiry: reference 201013366
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 15:59:07 +0000
Dear Ms Lucy

Thank you for your email.

The Legal Ombudsman investigates complaints into the service that someone has received from their lawyer.

We have attached a leaflet on how we can assist, and also a complaint form so that you can articulate the details of your complaint.

Before we can formally investigate a complaint, we require that the person bringing the complaint formally complains to the lawyer in writing and then allows them up to eight weeks to respond to it. We have also attached a template complaint letter if you require assistance with this.

Please be aware that there are two relevant time limits: the '12 month rule' and the '6 month rule'. Generally speaking, your complaint should be brought to us no later than 12 months from when the problem occurred or from when you should reasonably have become aware of the problem. Suppose the problem occurred, or you became aware of the problem, at the end of March 2010. You should bring your complaint to us before the end of March 2011.

Plus, you should come to us within 6 months of receiving a final response from your lawyer after complaining to them. Suppose you complained to your lawyer about the problem at the end of June 2010 and they responded with a final offer to sort things out in the middle of August last year. You're still not happy with what they offered. You would have until the middle of February this year (2011) to bring your complaint to us.

We would suggest that you contact our assessment centre on 0300 555 0333 where an assessor will be able to provide you with advice and assistance regarding your complaint.

If we do not hear from you within seven days, we will presume that you no longer wish to pursue with your complaint and will close your case.

Yours sincerely

Assessment Centre

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From: Miss Ec Lucy []
Sent: 14 February 2011 08:44
To: Enquiries
Subject: FW: Anne Lehane - Solicitor Complaint


Subject: RE: Anne Lehane - Solicitor Complaint
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 08:36:35 +0000
RE Anne Lehane, Slctr R.B.K.C
Feb. 14th  2011

x 4 attachments

Dear Madam /Sir

Further to my requests for time-limits [] and your code-of practice:

Mss Lehane knowingly submitted false evidence in court to Judge Moorehouse during care proceedings.
She also omitted to inform the judge that by law, despite my being disabled (also with severe back problem (still) and grieving my mother, dead in the February of that year)  that my son nor I had no care plan despite a care-pan assessment in the April of 2001, Lettie Bluthe and Anne-Marie Wilson were the social workers. She ommited the fact I had complained to Jane Dykins of GBH by the SSD due to cosntant hrassments, lies and threats, denied in court.  The law then stated that care-pans should be implemented within 40 days.

Anne Lehane had had access to previous records (Matrimonial proceedings ending in March 1999, Kingston + Wandsworth Courts, Judge Walker Smith ++) Case Ref 92D 1089-

Just a year prior to the care-proceedings (where I had called social services emergency line all night and had had no response at all, so called police, thus placing my son in care voluntarily- a a police protection order was made- despite my home had been disgusting it was clean two days later- IGNORED by RBKC) Sean Ryan, our then social worker at RBKC and others, supported my parenting in 1999. In 2001 and 2002 onwards Miss Lehane knowingly kept evidence that could have changed the outcome of the case.  She kept evidence from the court of Autism expert, Prof.Eric Fombonne who had visited in the custody/RO/contact hearing, only to bring in yet another expert as she had allowed a social worker, Anne-Marie Wilson, to write what culminated in character assassination of me, with a falsified document, that was hearsay at best, in this document the social worker claimed I had self-diagnosed my own agoraphobia (my first treatment of it by the council, was in 1973, I had been agoraphobic in varying degrees my entire life and Miss Lehane and others knew it well, they had had access to all my records, although since then, I have had an apology from  KC PCT (Patricia Wright) as my records were mixed in with other patients,

Miss Lehane also claimed via this 'evidence' from Anne Marie Wilson (SW), also claimed I had diagnosed my son with a gut-problem and autism when she knew this was done by Simon Murch and I hadn't even been present, plus nobody had given consent - see a snip from my sister attached)  Miss Lehane had full knowledge that I had represented myself with lay-barrister Peter Bibby in 1996-7 at a SENDIST Tribunal and that due to that my son had seen quite a few consultant professionals (including NHS expert Dr.Hilary Cass) regarding diagnosis (he is SLD/Autism) my son had been statemented since 1995 (?) approx and regualry seen by local Ed.Pysch, Patsy Wagner and also including prominent experts such as Svien Eikeseth, Glenn Sallows and Esther Shaffer (R.I.P) -who's report was also left out of the care-proceedings that James did have some words- Miss Lehane is apparently covering up the fact my son ever spoke and although he didn't have fluent language he could speak a little and had was showing huge promise- she failed to inform the judge in the care proceedings of the mental problems and suicide attempts of the father and that the father is a drink-rive recidivist, had cheated benefits and tax, Hadn't paid court fees not any Child Maintenance in eight and half years (still outstanding) had been to prison for drug dealing, and had frequent hallucinations he is 'the devil'. LAC reviews were never legally abided by, I was never represented and was refused telephone links- as for the hearing- the care proceedings- I had access to only one and half days of the hearing , the rest was heard without my having access due to the video equipment having broken down, that violated article 6- despite Gordon Murdoch QC and Malcolm Chisholm representing me, I did not have a chance to intervene where I could have and let the judge know what was going on- Miss Lehane knowingly wasted public money on expert reports when she already had full access to many expert reports- via a tribunal I was running a home education at the time after having won the land-mark ruling ( see Luvy V RBKC) - there was no need for any expert reports. Miss Lehane also allowed evidence to claim I had diagnosed my son with a 'gut problem' when I wasn't even present at that diagnosis - my sister was present, Dr.Murch - a child-gastroenetolgist diagnosed my son wit the 'outlawed' LNH 4 and had sent me pictures of it- he had been my GP, Dr. Kate O'Briens'- next door neighbour- that GP had then tried to help us discover why my son was clutching at his tummy. I also had had a report from the Priory clinic regarding my agoraphobia and good character that she also had access to, she had reports from local experts and doctors , plus evidence that social workers had been 'pre-planning' to take Jamie into care as Jamie had been seen by Dr, Murch (apparently this means 'munchausens syndrome by proxy') that evidence was omitted from the court- a total mystery-  yet she and local solicitors and the barristers colluded to waste taxpayers money and take my child - as it was- Judge Moorehouse made the attached recommendation - that my relationship to my son was 'too important' not to have 'unsupervised overnight contact' but due to pure malice- Miss Lehalne advised social workers to reduce my contact with my son and has knowingly left my son at risk with his very violent and dangerous father- who sadly also has/had custody of a his daughter, Maxine, when a child, Cosmo Steele, already died in his care aged just four. the child was claimed to have died of cot-death and heart-disease. I had been 'suffocated' with a pillow by Mr.Jones (the father) and had to fight for my life, attempted murder charges should have been brought. Cosmo was found asphyxiated. I know from the previous (documented) violence I had suffered, and known about by Miss Lehane, these children are left at risk with him. I have suffered much malice and violations of much law due to the advice that stops at the hand of Miss Lehane, who has always blamed social workers - saying it her being directed by them, specifically by Brett Taylor. I do not believe that to be the complete  case, I believe she has deliberately mislead some social workers I  believe there should be a public inquiry, the case went on for something like ten days and I HAD ACCESS to TWO of those days- There is more I will follow up with when able. Thank you for your time

Yours sincerely

13 Sep 2014

Julian Assange and vitamin D +

Yo Jules - hope the Swede beechez choke on their super-superfluous pubes - and I wrote you a letter or two but doubt you received? Sir Malcolm was very kind in this instance and went to an awful lot of trouble to have the legal position of the UK explained - he went to the Lords and everything - but the paperwork was lost due to my housework offences and subsequent incarceration and losing everything I ever owned due to the local Police (local being the operative word here) being cross at me complaining that they have not done their homework - not at all. Children have died, there has been much abuse, stalking and terror - covered up FROM judges - don't blame the judges when it's the locals though - judges are 98% perfect. Where they are wrong though, is at the the top. So far. They are closed-shops and funny handshakes. There is corruption but it's not always the seriously corrupt that get caught. Think like a psycho! I think that is the lesson given by our own Prof. Kevin Dutton and Andy McNab
Anyway - I hope you received my letter on how to address your vitamin D problem.