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6 Nov 2014

5 Nov 2014

me on England

Daniel Hannan says it all for me - can get a bit irksome but is true - the man is lovely and I just wish he wasn't such a very rare gem

28 Oct 2014

Oscar knew - Wilde man of Love + Topiary Cat

Oh Oscar, you said 'The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.'   Angela Grant reminded me today that when I think of some Canadian friends (not all, ,just a few) I remember your words

'America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilisation in between. Oscar Wilde  (had he visited Montreal? Maybe Canada (then) was excluded  in this context?)

Absolutely. The reason some of them crave success in materialism, is due to the fact they don't own their culture and history.  They cast it aside like an unwanted garment when they should be treasuring their roots, instead opting for control and power over choosing  emotive, empathic, factual, loving, quality of life. NPD power trippers. Abused kids of NPD parents, I digress.

 Imagine an Italian artist saying 'I don't even speak Italian;' (seriously this was said) oh right - so fuck Michelangelo and the Roman Empire and all it means - all that history - all those people who died without having known any truth in their lives - we need to live to celebrate our identity and rich history (as each country has one) as well as supporting children and encouraging them to love poetry and writing and encourage nice crafts like painting and crotchet and embroidery, photography and all that nice stuff we all love to do.

 We do not have to live in servitude and slavery any more. Middle ages are over. Reenactments of history are a big part of the future and should be bigged up big style. Ancient history is your right, claim it, dig up the old gods and other characters and read their stories, make friends with archeologist's and travellers.

two dogs of leaves shaped by garden shears

The world is huge dudes  and there is more to it than a nice sandy beach and a pristine control-freak garden. Having said that, topiary is a riot. Venice is magnificent - so is Rome - so is most of the Med - hidden Ireland, Scotland  and Wales is in for a renewed interest - the illuminated like to holiday in places up there - white sandy Caribbean style beaches house Illuminati money and fortunes - all the best showbiz types have a place up there too - beautiful ambient and sensual landlscapes and air - ahh the secrets we have to keep. Never mind losers. You'll learn the hard way.

Best work is done by people who love their jobs - people who love to help out, make the best medical  people and so on, love your work or find something you love to do.  Before the aliens come to kidnap your dinner, get it done dodo.

Mr. Rifkind would know this quote quite well

'If a man needs an elaborate tombstone in order to remain in the memory of his country, it is clear that his living at all was an act of absolute superfluity. -Oscar Wilde

It's difficult to explain why I love *Pink Floyd* as much as I do but I try ...

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

They have given me a permanent anchor to the love I've known and the love that is/ has been authentic. 

Love includes associations and familiarity - a reason why Identity is so important to all liberty-seekers and freedom lovers. Nothing like the imperfect soul to bring joy to the lives of everyone. How I wish Syd Barret was still here. 

I used to hang out with The NICE as a nipper in Kensington. A great British band, undervalued. They were neighbours (friends) Amazing talent.  Davy was the guitarist. Wonder what happened to him and to Suzanne and Pauline O'list? (Hugs)  Love them like sisters them two.  One of them thought my ma fancied their dad, Reg (an old friend of my mum's from the days of the Windmill Theatre, great Spanish guitarist)  but she didn't. Was a lush on a Sunday but otherwise very virtuous. Keith Emerson was keyboards plus (and some)

Suzy made me eat flowers, made me feel sick but was still a laugh. I will always remember her taking me to Keith Emerson's South Kensington bedsit and watching him practice knife throwing at a dartboard. Rock 'n Roll history that. I thought Keith was incredible. Real magic. 

So many great musicians I've known. Very fortunate me. Sending love and power to you guys.

 Now looking forward to Pink Floyd's new album in November 'Endless River'. Gods.   Beatles and the Floyd, absolute wondrous gods. And you know where they get inspiration? (Aside from England and it's identity) from Berlioz - Rock n Roll ain't just Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters, nor just Otis or Diddly inspired. 

Memories are not just Stevie Ray (R.I.P) but also classical. So if you are into Rock 'n Roll as well, remember to read your Percy Shelley and your Dante too - but above all, be inspired by Berlioz and Benjamin Britten, Wordsworth and Keats. Maybe a tad of Dylan Thomas too. R. Burn's for the weekends.

There's quite a few groovers into the good stuff - and not enough British, bright and educated kids, get the proper support they need.  After school tuition stuff might help? My bro was a guitar and piano teacher and was always booked up - give it a go? We should be helping young musicians everywhere. Music is the bank of the soul, the funding of life's morality.

 We must get it right and inspire correctly as the Floyd know too well - still the best band and most sold sounds (next to Beatles) - the Stones are also good sometimes. Love their later stuff, especially 'Doom and Gloom' - impossible to keep still with that on and also strikes many chords with me.  Reject ageing guys, you all have so much to give- please support young musicians and ensure they understand your messages. Lots of love Inanna :D

27 Oct 2014

Stifling lover? I hate that stuff, control freaks again

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

 Do little pink fairies sing and dance in your world, Peabody?"
"Sometimes, when it's very quiet and no one else can see.'' ― J.D. Robb, Promises in Death 

 Did it make you happy darlin? Because not unlike others there, I nearly died. And not one apology, nothing from you. What type of sadism is this man? Not one I know.

 Bright Nora - via Joan of Arc (g+) posted this - sounds a little stifling to me

25 Oct 2014

How to tell if Love is Real or Phoney - When love dies - and what to do to kill the bastard

Love is never real when it doesn't mean respect, sharing and empathy.

Controllers don't love, they take and manipulate. If this is happening to you, it's likely you felt weak and needed someone 'strong' to help you. The only answer, if you feel like that, is to help yourself. Write lists for all you do, mark all your behavior, target ways to improve yourself and you will exit the tunnel of hell one day soon.

Meanwhile know that love is not about control nor about taking your power away. If you have a partner empowering you and your autonomy, without using too much control-freakery, you have a trustworthy friend who wants the best for you, or who wants you gone.

Either way - get strong because as you do - you become more attractive.

So get beautiful inside, get independent and healthy and find someone who wants to know you as a friend as well as a lover.

Guys who objectify and subvert good things - have childhood issues that only they can deal with. If they don't get help  - you can't rescue them. Rescue you before you try to help anyone else.

When the 'love' dies it can hurt as your emotions are hooked on a memory that repeats like a looping soundtrack.  You have to break the chain by doing THREE things each time you think of your ex:

1. Notice it's addiction and learn to not 'feed' or to respond to it

2.Never masturbate whilst thinking of anyone at this time, not a replacement/movie/rap star - no tossing dear. Not for a while.  Make a cake/do something practical (not art) instead. Get workaholic.

3. Know that to indulge in fantasy when thinking about her/him is reinforcing the hurt/fantasy and can only harm you.

Stopping the fantasy-food starts right now and must be continued for 3 months, after which time you will have a much better outlook on life and a better understanding of the bigger pictures.

 If he/she really loves you, they are still alive (hopefully) and you may be back with them at some point in future but - heed these words first in order not to mess up.

If you/him have a porn addiction or use sex too much - consider seeing a dietitian about using a bland diet for a while - low fruit, lots of veg, low sugar and fat - plenty of greens. Also clear out any parasite infections with worming procedures for humans - though Bob Martins may work for you if you are 'too much in love' (also see Sam Vaknin video's if your love is more important than anyone else's)

For me - the feeling is there is no hate, only death. It's a mourning thing that comes and goes, just a memory of what could have been and not what was.

For Porn addicts - Ray Gavrieli  is my sex god - watch him go - listen to every morsel

14 Oct 2014

Another 'thank fuck I'm not alone' book

Read this - Some Other Rainbow - during the younger, very severe stalker & Stockholm Syndrome years, and it was slight salvation, as was the club Ayres Rock in Earl's Court Road. I was able to escape and have a drink and a bop now and then at weekends, fucking bliss. I love to dance. I fucking love dancing. Back is bad now but I used to adore the bop over anything else. Free style but good (modern jazz and ballet classes were hated but learned me a bitta class moves) Liked a bloke there called Jonas, the Jesus-a-like manager dude. Gave him a copy of it in the hope he'd ask me why I couldn't articulate reasons.  Again - all these ego's assume you want to fuck them, never that you have something of slightly more significant importance to convey. He said 'I want to make love to you Liz'. My deflated grey-purple aura said 'I thought you had a brain, but it is only ever your dick talking' Still, he was adored and never let me buy a drink, fucking saint. I used to play this a lot (as well as perseverating on Iggy ('Passenger') )
Loved to shouty sing to this when a bit pissed

mother 4 justice: Love 2 - Notes on How to Love Good - notes on succ...

mother 4 justice: Love 2 - Notes on How to Love Good - notes on succ...

Stop Lying and Soak Up The Love - how to spot a liar