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25 Oct 2014

RBKC dodging serious questions - we'll see

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St.Charles Hospital (North kensington)  and RBKC


Dear Sir/Madam

1. Please provide me with details of any psychiatrists contracted
to/working with any RBKC employees or departments currently and
/within the last two years

2 .Please provide details of contracts RBKC are involved with, at any
level, regarding the hospital and RBKC (any department, any level

3. Please respond to two previous requests that are outstanding.
regarding senior employees

Thank you

Yours sincerely

8 Sep 2014

Psychiatry can be very nasty (ask Dr.Rita Pal) It has its uses, but it needs an overhaul, its been responsible for too may deaths and too much misery, it is also out of date. We know about cortisol, dopamine and adrenaline now - and reactions to things- and patterning - and we also KNOW I am a trained behaviorist - we KNOW why I was locked up

Message: FYI - thank you

Re: NHS & Mental Health

Dear All,

Please be so kind as to consider the value of the content herein? (From today's blog post at

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How To Save Psychiatry and Prevent Crime - Use Apps!

No sane person would want to save psychiatry as it is here in some parts of Kensington [link to info of death of Natalie Thomas, 2 January 2013] in London, but it clearly has some uses in the less able part of society.

Psychiatry needs to assert, very loudly - that psychological testing is used for the identification of behaviours that help identify appropriate treatment but that do not define a person as a sum. This is and has been its mistake for years, not being clear on definition.

A good idea would be to send scaled and appropriate mobile apps to clients, get them to complete MMPI-2 type tests prior to hospital consultation in order to maximise effective therapeutic interventions.

Consults could then be more friendly and personalised with the training of MH professionals in personality profile test implementation, this would help minimise the 'mental capacity' errors like that which happened to me. A reasonable and responsible person with a bad back and stalkers, asking for help, got sectioned for 4 months, was forced to take drugs I didn't need (I'm completely clean, don't drink/smoke/do drugs/habits) lost everything I ever owned.  Absolutely everything. It left me very traumatised indeed.  Hammers to crack nuts are not always the best thing.

I can understand, I can't forgive.

  A social problem isn't  necessarily the work of a psychiatrist or police, yet it's currently working that way. We have ''1000's of people'' without liberty at the moment. We need to address this properly and the EU hasn't helped here in the UK.

The 'deprivation of liberty' framework in the UK is still proving to impede on liberty and is open to being dangerously exploited whilst mental capacity testing is not implemented properly, as it really should be mandatory for GP's and Social Workers to ensure service users complete app tests prior to other interventions wherever humanly possible. The benefits are incalculable!
(I am currently 'autiding' the mHealth course with Stanford , when I can

In order to potentiate MH services across the board, personality testing via apps could prove invaluable to help prevent crime and mismanagement of MH services, if done correctly, randomised and with many tests available in order to minimise fraud.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

27 May 2013


The torture is similar to 'One Flew Over The Cuckoos' Nest'- terrible violations, no dignity, no Human Rights. CLEARLY there are other campaigners here, some 'eccentric', some simply traumatised, all angry and terrified bar a few. The placement of approx half detainees, is plainly wrong. The staff are mostly lovely bar a couple who misuse psychiatric terminology - if you laugh you're labeled 'manic' if you show displeadure, you are deemed 'psychotic'. As an agoraphobia sufferer, I am terrified - not least due to 'Ranu' (ward staff) threatening me with restraint ' you will do what we wamt or we will force you/hold you down with a load of big guys, you won't like ir' She added 'we are after 100% compliance'. There is no reasoning. The people organising are (not exhaustive list)  1. Dr.Mehan (retired now),Dr.Kovacksm (Polish Canuk, nasty) Dr.Higgit, Dr.Keirnan, Dr. Hussein. Social workers include Tracy Yarde and John Holden (psycho). Most staff seem great but retraining is def needed. Liz Robillard,  St.Charles'Hospital, London, W10.  No diagnosis - detained 24 Days so far.