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10 Nov 2014

Emergency Help Needed for Scottish Children

Monday 10 November 2014

Dear Lord Adonis,

I trust this finds you well, your good work speaks for itself. thank

I'd like to draw your attention to a very disturbing lack of service in

Children are reported as being born but not being registered and being
abused and killed for 'snuff' movies, that are naturally causing much
mental anguish across the board.

See the Daily Record of today's date

I am developing an NGO that serves only to promote and supply software
and hardware to disabled children in care - visit us here

I would appreciate your emergency input and to treat this matter of
lack of registration of newborns and lack of services as a first

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

18 Sep 2014

The Independence Anthem - Scotland Forever - A new referendum is being worked on by legal friends right now, before the count is over - some folks have been conned - but we will put it right and we will vote again next year. AYE

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Greatest Scottish Politicians & New British Isles Flag

Mother 4 Justice not, surprisingly, Salmond alone. The Scots are Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Malcolm Rifkind. Massive congrats in subtle persuasion and sabotage. England, naturally, was a power alone way before the union. SHE SHALL LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES AND NEVER FALL AGAIN. Scotland MUST BE MINDFUL TOO, THAT FLANNEL is now worthless with regard to sovereignty and that actions speak louder than words, every time - God bless you Scotland and the same for us, who fell for it all, hook line and sinker. Not all of us, just the more negligent of investor. Scottish identity holds the secrets to Celts and the secrets to the beginning of democracy in our lands. Long live Scotland, long live England, Wales and Ireland too. Separately.

16 Sep 2014

Labour out of touch over Scottish Finance - as well

Mother 4 Justice


Referendums on national liberation are always  decided on an emotional basis not on dry economic.

So l wish the Scottish the best this coming Thursday.

Murad Qureshi AM ' 

' significant wealth transfer in Scotland' Piketty

Greens come through for Scotland and good clean investment

Mother 4 Justice

#GreenYesSupport: Greens Across Europe Show Support For Yes Vote

16 September 2014
The Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) has joined Green Parties from across Europe today in backing a day of action in support of Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party's campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum.
GPEW is the only Westminster party backing independence. 
Green activists from England, Wales, France, Poland, Slovakia and Catalonia are in Edinburgh to help the Green Yes campaign on the eve of the referendum. Along with Green MSPs Patrick Harvie and Alison Johnstone the activists will help the campaign at the hugely popular Green Yes Tardis (ex-police call box) on Leith Walk in the city. read more 

Scotland PS

'Reason Scotland has free prescriptions free elderly care and no tuition fees is because of Scots. If it was up to Westminster you'd pay. YES' Harry B

Comedian Frankie Boyle talks about Scottish independence

Rifkind is saying we'd be more vulnerable to terrorism if we vote YES - wrong again sir, SNP plan to spend MORE not less on Scottish defence

With defence spending  increased - the SNP state Scotland have its own defence forces and would inherit and maintain our military bases and regiments.  We would continue to work in partnership with other nations. <snip>  Our defence profile [] be similar to neighbouring nations such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Norway.  Scotland’s contribution to UK defence spending is around £3.3billion. Experts from the Royal United Services Institute have confirmed that this would be more than enough to support a defence force that could be “extraordinarily good” by 2030. The UK Government only spend around £2 billion of the defence budget in Scotland. The SNP advocate a defence budget of £2.5 billion – less than we currently contribute, and more than is currently spent. We would get rid of Trident nuclear weapons from Scotland, saving money that could be better spent elsewhere.  *if you think we'll back down or lose, ever, no matter what, you have another think coming

15 Sep 2014

Malcolm Rifkind hurts not only our country - but Scotland and the world

Rifkind is a passive aggressive accountant whom has tortured the world in the only way he could - with buying it.He has bought his way to the top of everything and is completely without conscience. This means Sir - you are a suspect of every crime going - from baby rape to human trafficking across the globe. Good people of the world know the truth about your type of investing and want no part of it. Ethical investment is a very real and good thing - you know this. There is no need to fund wars - if there was you would quadruple our defence spending and be promoting our armed services into a far better defending position. You clearly shift your goalposts to suit your pocket despite any human suffering, and have no care for what is right or wrong if it doesn't profit your party - the one contracted to Paul Warrick since 1982 - the mysterious shady character that we all want to know more about. You have been stalking and terrorising by proxy - gas lighting too - for many years now. Time you and your cracked-head mob were brought to Justice. We will fight YOU - meantime - if you were bullied as a child/had a cold mother - not all mothers are bulldogs or cold - you are still alive - time to find some beauty in  living things - no need to damage them. You don't have to manipulate and destroy and stalk everything anymore, you are sussed as the psycho you are sir. A scared litle man who needs control as he was bullied as a baby. No doubt at all. Corrupt tae fk.

13 Sep 2014

Why 'Hacked off' can pheck off somewhat and why I love the Daily Mail (and Rupert Murdoch)

People say nasty stuff. They get rejected and jealous and resentful. That's no reason to gag the swine (not my first choice of noun) After all, any eminently sensible person will tell you 'there is NO such thing as bad publicity'. Well.There is when it involves dead or missing children,yes. I guess if 'Hacked Off 'were focused on campaigning for good manners and FAR better defamation and fraud laws, I'd be more of a fan of Hugh et al. Being harassed and bullied is no fun for anyone. Being gallant stretches to lost kids though, repressed and scared people and other oountries in trouble, as well as delicate film stars. Rupert Murdoch is doing some thinking and it's a hunch, he is going to support Scottish independence as well as UKIP - great minds! Good for you cobba - all the best from Kangaroo valley - awaiting imminent demolition from saffa eejeets (owners of the capricious and stupid 'Common Purpose' and now our Earl's Court!)  Murdoch is rumoured to be supporting UKIP and Scottish independence too - hope so, for the sake of all that is right and just

Scotland - why YES is vital

I know some of the world's most beautiful and influential (and wealthy) Scots. They share something in common. Sense. Can assure you they've thought about all possible implications and problems they may encounter with the EU. With her global friends, most notable for me, Australia and Italy - they cannot fail. There is no room for failure. If the results are wrong, we will try again later. Much as I adore UKIP, they do have it wrong on the Scottish independence issue. Scotland can and will do more for England and tourism, than any other political party in the history of the world. The most effective lawyers and innovators are from her lands and the wisest, wealthiest and most innovative, dwell within. So YA trugarez (Breton for 'yes, thank you') More reasons why to vote OCH oui -Piketty agrees
flag of Scotland

8 Sep 2014



This sign
was prominently displayed in the window of a business in


You are probably outraged at the thought of such an
inflammatory statement.

However, we
are a society which holds Freedom of Speech as perhaps our greatest

After all,
it is ONLY A SIGN. You may say.

'What kind
of business would dare to post such a sign?'




 God Bless Scotland