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18 Oct 2014

Ever doubted David Icke intention? Check this title 'liberty tactics'

Sufi- Isis love for Dave/ Daddy knows best? I think maybe the public can spell and associate LIBERTY with liberty meaning non-commie and freedom alone - liberty spells my AUTHENTIC hero dad (pictured) is good as is libertarian AS WELL AS MEANING all soldiers who die and kill for it - think he may have alienated A FAIR few people today - stupid man - is Icke pushing F4J bash-rape-stalk-kidnap-mame-kill women?? Is he pushing Sheik-rape or kiddy fiddling with a alien-pedo twist alone? Or has he got any sense left? Let's look at the old silver fruit and see what he's got to say (force yerself, it is duty to serve) Treat yourself to a swig of Fernet after, kills worms and parasites. 

17 Oct 2014

Psychopaths Assyria and Lauren Booth?

Is Lauren the anti-christ? I absolutely can't stand her brother, that's for sure and my sis, although I love her, is also a bit anti-christ at times but isn't a psychopath. But I also saw some beasts hurting kids (news) that also shared Boris Johnson's real surname (Turkish Kemal 'Bey') and considering the history of the bible origins, you have to consider the purpose of the creation of the anti-christ when looking at origins (old news to Historians) and why they stuck it there? God's children bring peace, not war. Because all peace and democracy loving babies of the west, know FULL well that Russell Brand/Lauren Booth(Sufi?) are doff/daft as McHeroin and the return of proper cocaine in everyone's Asda Brand cola aint the perfect ideal we all strive for and what decriminalising class A drugs would bring. Weed for the sick, is quite a different consideration. Peace and ting but - ffs don't get your Sufism mixed up with your psychopaths on drugs with their secret investments (Hi Bob) as there is danger to peace/women/children in there - historians have been arguing it for centuries and the Isil arguments are nothing new- do check your facts before hurting people. Wanting borders is one thing - the way you go about it is democracy, not war. Ask any Greek bearing gifts. Amen. (No offence Lauren, just making a point)