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28 Oct 2014

NAZI STUFF - Mantra 'most people are good, honest, they really are' - but - is this evidence Rifkind is a Nazi? Cuz I saw the young Marcus

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Marcus is an Austrian youth bearing red flags with black icons - young Hitler? Maybe. He has a lot of support at the British Constitution Group (at least on the video's) - why, pray tell, would this happen? Well. Too much anti-British rhetoric, no respect for teh indigenous Brits (Celts) too much Political Correctness, not enough interaction with constituents - ignoring the vote, not taking up issues of importance - patronising the locals (just cuz we aint con men, don't mean we can't admire cons)  being out of touch (Rifkind PA told me a couple of years back 'we don't DO the internet' spoken with pride (that old and ignorant wanker). So. KPO, also has angry sounding issues with Sweden and Germany, I guess they just like to have things done their own way, good brat style. Meanwhilse, let's remember Iranians aint all of god's cuter kinder and watch those associations, very useful. Iran and Austria like to think they own the entire 'Nazi' thing (alongside the Norwegians) and yet - here is Malcolm - again - pushing to support Iran - ignoring the lucid 'why not to support Iran at this time' solid arguments (but one teensy example) so why why why would an Israeli like Rifkind want to support such a thing? (We do realise not all Israeli's are in love with each other from birth) Pathological desire to 'control'? The intent seems to me, to be nothing but about control, why does he feel so 'out of control' our Malc? Why does he seem to be OK sometimes but his target always a little strange? Because money isn't always it, he seems to need the 'big daddy' influence - maybe he needs to love a childhood rapist or something|? An act of justification for some bullying crime? Something has to give here, he's defo not right. Clearly not right in the justice department either. FTHN concurs:

Have some Rat Pack from Austria

20 Oct 2014

Original Chinese Buddha was *also* black Olmec (See Xiu) - the Chinese did evolve from Black people from Africa - maybe Iran, India, Ethiopia, Ancient Greece...

History is one thing, but dead arguments about race and factual ones about archaeology are all different. It's likely each colour and race came from mixed marriages, albino's and nomadic tribes. We're all the same inside but viva la difference. Read about the African and Asian  history of China whilst noting origins all seem to come from Caucasus Mountains, Sumerians or Iran areas, and spread from there, some skin getting darker and so on. But - remember to check for translations and updates in archaeology as scientific dating is improving all the time! Think about how breeds of dogs and horses are and how they've changed and remember ancient Greeks (original Asian/African?) and oldest civilsations like the ancient Kirat Kings of Nepal, very similar to native Americans. All tribes really. 

This video is also interesting

19 Oct 2014

6 Oct 2014

How To Be British: The Black Celts

How To Be British: The Black Celts: Black Celts of Britain 'THE BLACK CELTS What happened to the Celts in Germany? They were driven West and south, by incoming Albino Ger...

Fabulous ancient Black Pharoes of Egypt (good pics)

Lots of evidence suggest the origins of modern religions are founded by the ancient Egyptians - check the pics 

3 Oct 2014

The Franks (our lot, see Clovis) Plantagenet Black Blood

'The Franks were a loose group of Black tribes who inhabited the Upper Rhine, a number of whom were living within the bounds of the empire from the mid-fourth century. They were further displaced in the early fifth century, partly by skirmishes with the Vandals, Sueves and Alans, as the latter made their way down the Rhine to escape from the Huns, and partly by the Huns themselves. They spread into Northern Gaul, following and continuing to skirmish with the other tribes. Two successful leaders, Childeric (who reigned c.457 – 481) and his son Clovis (who reigned 481-511), established Frankish dominance more securely there, ruling most of France north of the Loire. Clovis' decision to convert to the Nicene version of Christianity in 496 may have been'READ MORE

2 Oct 2014

Yer Black you silly cow

The falsity of White history begins and ends with their desire to hide their true nature; that being that they are derived from Albinos. Their efforts to make all peoples of historical significance White, would appear to be their effort to make themselves the "New Normal" i. e. "See everybody important was White, therefore White is good - the best even!" This fabricated concept of themselves, is obviously so satisfying, and so ingrained, that it has become delusional. Even today, there are many Whites who refuse to believe that the ancient Egyptians, and the other original civilizations as well, were Black people! READ MORE

How Albino Black People Evolved into the White Race - amazing

You're all black - have a look