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7 Oct 2014

PS Re Carney, Piketty and Co

They know all about 'it's all about ME' syndrome and how it creates the drive of evil over the drive of good, people in need of basic modern necessities should not be driven by anything other than good - and Sam Vaknin will back that up, I'm sure.

Biggest Coporate Problem - Piketty and Carney are realising this

Common sense headhunting and communication are neglected badly. Find good manners, EQ and people with heart. This is the future, discard at your peril. I am the indigenous Queen of Voodoo (Haiti) with BIG Catholic connections, and I'm sweet. Be told.

apple shaped smartphone

6 Oct 2014

Rethinking Thomas Piketty

The economy is UKIP's number ONE priority as it supports the health and welfare system that we all hold so dear in Britain, so it was worth noting the post of
'Jason Werpy'
(Posted about 2 months ago) in answer to
'Nick Hanauer': Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming
I think you were on to a solution, but then you lost the handle talking about teachers and cops. Your initial comment about CEO's not making more than 10X the lowest paid employees has nothing to do with minimum wage, it is about MAXIMUM wage. But the key great thing about maximum wage is that if the CEO runs his business well, the maximum wage increases as that CEO can share the spoils of success with everyone in the business. A minimum wage no longer is necessary. For public positions, I don't think this is as big of an issue. There is a market for these skills and people pursuing jobs in that market. The administration for schools and police departments rarely come close to making 10x what the regular workers do. So its not really the same thing' source 

16 Sep 2014

Labour out of touch over Scottish Finance - as well

Mother 4 Justice


Referendums on national liberation are always  decided on an emotional basis not on dry economic.

So l wish the Scottish the best this coming Thursday.

Murad Qureshi AM ' 

' significant wealth transfer in Scotland' Piketty

13 Sep 2014

Scotland - why YES is vital

I know some of the world's most beautiful and influential (and wealthy) Scots. They share something in common. Sense. Can assure you they've thought about all possible implications and problems they may encounter with the EU. With her global friends, most notable for me, Australia and Italy - they cannot fail. There is no room for failure. If the results are wrong, we will try again later. Much as I adore UKIP, they do have it wrong on the Scottish independence issue. Scotland can and will do more for England and tourism, than any other political party in the history of the world. The most effective lawyers and innovators are from her lands and the wisest, wealthiest and most innovative, dwell within. So YA trugarez (Breton for 'yes, thank you') More reasons why to vote OCH oui -Piketty agrees
flag of Scotland