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1 Oct 2014

Good Day Vatican and other friends - Hi Pope Francis!

Wonderful work by His Eminence - again - THIS IS WHAT WE WANT IN A POPE! This is what Jesus would do! Congratulations and big hugs and much love to the Vatican - Pope Francis shines NEW Light on the elderly! Our greatest untapped resource! click for the NEWS (YOU WILL BE OLD, WE HOPE!)

29 Sep 2014

Good Morning Pope and The Vatican friends - Holy see's and ting

WELL, Armageddeny times came and went. We now have SOLAR energy. It's doing blinkin well too. - they not only just came up with portable solar panels, they've also come up with portable power stations - come on! This is good. No more depending on anyone, just the guys who like to travel abooot. It is all good. It is all positive. Hiya da Pope |(Hi Francis) he likes listening to me as he's into the god particle too.