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6 Nov 2014

Future of Pharma + mental health = PARASITES - BLAME THE SODDING CAT!

Future pharma stocks need consideration due to stock market crash warnings.Is your cat responsible?

 I've seen an awful lot written about parasites in ADHD/mental illness and in cancers/immune function disorders. My current investigations with herbalism are also proving RATHER interesting. I'm making my own tonics that have some beneficial effects (more soon) but meanwhile, consider the SPECTRUM and vastness of parasites and how they can effect thinking, not just the blood. Parasitical neuron sized buggers that no amount of Domestos can wipe out? We need some herbal parasite laser action and now. Read more about my favourite Nobel prize winner and how it's not just black mold that causes schizophrenia - your cat could be doing it.

17 Sep 2014

Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome - ADHD too - why so hard to understand?

Mother 4 Justice suffers ADHD with Irlen Syndrome - a form of Dyslexia. This means a few things about me are odd. It means I can't spell properly and that blocks of text often take many hours to digest and evaluate.

undedited example of dyslexia (note taking) dydslexia exampel
kids who'veen devalued or undermined by oparents make fornidale oppenents as they have right on their side. Not just moralising here, actual law-making fact. Points of law.
Plainly wrong arebullies who undermine senstive children. Sensitive kids
needs nice friends, not too mich solcialising - a bice clear space to think and work, and not too many distractions. Humour is a great outlet. Dark humour and parody is catered to well over at B3TA - also great for learning about the uances in British humour

 Things that are complex but written simply are the best option for people like myself. Numbers are a terrible problem too. Big psychics and science problems often seem far easier as they don't use arithmetic. I am a spatial learner and enjoy pictures of instruction/stuff (but much instructional waffle is just as bad as blocks of text) And spell-checkers look wrong all the time.

 Typing is always fun as it looks like I'm typing the correct thing but it often comes out wonky/odd/spelled wrong or backwards. Lots of people suffer from these things to a degree, but when you can't learn properly and get nausea/ill from it, it's an issue. I fair better wearing dark glasses (see Irlen) for two reasons 1. It was explained that Irlen sufferers perceive more light than regular folk- thus more shadow - the difference in loss of shadows is incredible when explained properly. This in turn can cause massive sensory overload that induce anxiety. Grey/violet or brown tints (green/yellow/red are vile) seem to help (and can also help reset-circadian rhythm if insomniac)  I had computers and lenses altered to suit but it didn't do much for me. I find that following my gut usually is the best when addressing these issues.

ADHD can be a result of anxiety and trauma - but it's more dominant when you can't learn due to it. It can also accompany physical problems. My nutrition studies have a helped a lot here. removing white sugar was the best thing I ever did as I found I had an intolerance to it and to white bread flour, but not to Durham wheat! (Pasta flour)  Yogurt is probably the best thing any human can do for her/himself. Three times a day.