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16 Oct 2014

Do Laveyans include Gorski/friends of David Southall- that very gallant, but not very well qualified - baby-killer catcher - men and women - seems to be finely focused on mothers of 'autistic' (of which there is no disease, it's actually a Freudian description of the state of an 8 month old infant, the parent - Lorna Wing - told us that in one of her publications and it checked out )- so what is causing these VERY varied illnesses and disorders - that range from 'narcissist psychopath' to 'Angelman Syndrome' - we know UEB3A is involved - but it in itself - has a spectrum? WTF?

This Gorski blog ('sciencebasedmedicine' (read 'pharmaceutical co./ GMC)) is evidently stalking mine says our systems analyst - Cast out the demonology here (Laveyan?) and look at the motives - names - dates and I.P's - the lot. Let's all sit and have a listen and see what it is the haters want to do, aside from seriously damage all mothers? Keep women veiled? At the sink? Bad in bed? What do they want? Did their mothers rape them? Are their dicks too tiny to use right? Did their father disbelieve them when they said they were raped? Did their mothers bully them? NPD is huge here - lets see what our Psychopathology experts find - lots of love and power to them (hug, thank you) Mother investigates

8 Oct 2014

Princess Diana News - and note the Police - Are handling my computer, apparently (some text was changed after I wrote it on Facebook to 'Police' - interesting little stalker)

Well if that's the case, I hope they are investigating the origins of 'HM Queen' and the lies of the violent, blood-sucking, war-mongering, mass-murdering, fraudulent, demonic psychopaths that have stolen the line of Christ from the people of EUROPE, I truly hope so. God bless the Pope.

And was Diana really not a tormented Goldsmith? Was The gallant Lord Goldsmith fibbing about his vacation (said he wasn't there, we know different?) in order to promote peace? The truth is clear to most, Jemima (Diana's sister) and Zac (see Richmond Council) should really come clean about this. You are not God, you must stop the deception before you are dragged out by a revolt.

28 Sep 2014

Corruption in Kensington at record high, thanks to the kiwis

RBKC is reportedly 100 million credit in coffers, what doesn't make sense, is why she is apparently up to neck in corrupt practice, when the likes of could be spending at least four times as much on defence, with no problems, ethically, makes you wonder about the joys of private practices behind closed doors? Past Auditors will be having fun. Waves at Mark Jones. Barry Phelps knows a bit pictured below with Arnie)

Investment should be clear and open for all residents Anti-corruption orgs are exceptionally interested in Kensington, and apparently have been for a long tine.

I'm a witness to a few RBKC corrupt practices - one was an expensive  wheel-chair lending scheme (RBKC councillors had active interest/ownership of wheelchair company that was renting them) and there was the closure of the once great KCAA (Kensington and Chelsea Advocacy Alliance) that had successfully challenged RBKC legals in court (they found themselves shut down due to RBKC subsidies withdrawal, the parenting 'psychology' help Roz, is also contracted to RBKC afaik) so lets challenge the transparency and accountability of the legal department invested in outside law firms like Lloyd and Associates, one partner was hooked up (marital partner)  to RBKC's Anne Lehane, allegedly,was also involved in 'Fathers 4 Justice' and/ 'Equal Parenting Alliance which were not at all what they said they were (connections to Arab banks were notable) and had contacts of Simon Baron Cohen as I recall (Autism expert who diagnosed anything with a twitch as 'Autistic' for 800 quid a throw, as they do, MASSIVE CON and money spinner is the non-illness Autism, no proof of any existence as it doesn't exist - e.g a psychopath/narcissist/NPD has no association to a vulnerable learning-disabled child like mine, neither does a schizophrenic child)  you'd think Brian Rix and co would have done some good by now, waves at MENCAP the useless - who should be fighting tooth and nail for communications hardware and software for these kids, the software is free, *Argentina made some magnificent free stuff five years or so ago, it was sent to the rapists but naturally they did nothing.  One of Baron Cohen's victims was a lady now dead, had her children taken (Tony Coe was a shady character with those law firms, even Levine was involved?)  which would have altered the case outcome had the parent involved known? The Legal department at RBKC has only been as good as its corruption. It's lavish with it's book-bakery and general dishonesty

Let's look at Paul Warrick, again,  THE LEGAL ADVISOR without qualification, how many cases has he advised on? How many retrials will we need for the sake of justice Munby J?  He's been there since the 80's when then Kiwis moved in (and what happened to 'Anne Marie Wilson'? Her of the Creator of much false documents put before Munby and co, for years and years on end, Judge Black also) endorsed by Lehane and co (and the very weird Holden clan?)  Judges then believed social workers were honest and good. Not simply collecting bonuses and selling kids. The evil, nasty little bitches are good actors. Have met a few good ones, but they are on the whole, naive, the good. They get shocked and leave when they realise the extent of the baby selling and child rapes. Scarier is that Nottingham has had the nasty and creepy Tim O'Neill for a few years. He of the 'we're going to take your child, get used to it' and then 'I didn't say that' fame (remember Cindy Doyle Macrae? In probation now, was that a preventative measure? LOL (she tried to open a charity with me as a member of the board, it was to be named 'ASK' - 'Autism Support Kensington' I was too poorly to be a part of it but she'd written on the charity application that I'd attended a meeting to form the charity, had not. I could never do anything underhand, call me Pollyanna, it does not mean I haven't tried to change things. Naively.  I know the value of serving my country, thank you. I know the prices paid by our soldiers, civilian as well as uniform) Yes he did say that, did O'Neill.  I was a wreck and Cindy was a witness. Terrifying nasty old paedo, probably There were also scary foster carers, the Halls of Surrey. Chris and Carol. The female was wanting to adopt my son. She was grotesquely fat and creepy. Jamie was devastated to be with them, seemed very distraught and was probably raped. I tried to keep tabs on him, but they were driving about at night with Jamie and they were covered, until now. I expect they have left a trail of suspicious spending that will prove all I'm saying, eh Carol? What did you do to my son you f*cking c*nt? It was always so hard seeing pictures of Jamie looking so very distraught and tearful when with his psycho father and others. He longed to be home with mum where he is loved and understood and respected. My poor darling boy, stuck with corrupt psychopaths and rapists, and there is not one lawyer with a spine in the UK who will take on the murdering scum that is Anne Lehane and co at RBKC Utterly corrupt - and on behalf of the Tory party. The contract of Paul Warrick, was to the Conservative Party HQ. RBKC have now taken down the document that proved it. We have screen shots. The council is corrupt to hell  They are guilty of vast corruption and time the local Labour party also did its thing in exposing it all. Nobody whom has had a hand in hurting my son, is safe until we have corruption killed in RBKC, our once beautiful council, with it's lovely people, not these money grabbing ice cold paedophile psychopaths that bring nothing but hate and envy. Lets get rid for the sake of good prevailing over evil. Makes you wonder what they tell William and co, at the Palace?

For the good of dear London Boris, I hope you now  do the right thing, your pals have destroyed so very many, many good lives, due to dark forces and evil practices, your good knights need never be anything but prosperous implementing the correct practices, do it now please, no more time wasting. My son needs his mum, enough's enough. This is OUR home.

19 Sep 2014

Am I a narcisssist for not wanting my son heavily abused and hurt? What was this sir Malcolm, Scotch flippin' mist? Where's my lad? WHERE is my son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Rifkind MP

E.C.Lucy - Robillard

Tuesday 11 October 2005

Dear Malcolm Rifkind,

first I'd like to offer my sincere commiserations at stepping down from
the leadership challenge, I am deeply sorry for the feelings it must
have invoked in you.

Please, when you have the time, would you read through my previous
correspondence and be kind enough to reply and to help us?

I would have liked to have met you (*Earls Court Square) but
I am housebound.

I would appreciate your time deeply, the main points being, my son is
living with a crack-cocaine abuser, a known child abuser and a benefit
fraudster as well as a woman-beater, all this is documented, so why my
son isn't living with me is a mystery to anyone with common sense, RBKC
social services are culpable for any harm coming to my son.

Thank you again.

Yours sincerely,

17 Sep 2014

A different Mother - is PAS justifiable? If the ex is a psychopath (like my son's father REALLY is) then yes, it is - RBKC legals are very dark people

Zoompad is being a teensy bit constructive these days and is writing about PAS (parental alienation syndrome, where one parent destroys the other by withholding contact of the child for no good reason, as has happened to me and Jamie, or whom bad-mouths for personal gain/sake of winning, as typical psychopaths do) The poison that IS PAS not only harms kids, it harms the perpetrator. Keeping grudges and stalking with hate crimes, catches up. Jamie's dad has been to prison for offences related to us, but the mystery is - how can corrupt RBKC legals still justify keeping my son and I apart/ my son was never 'at risk' from me, but from him. Yet they deliberately placed delicate children with him Much as I can't abide murder-by-proxy, insanely insecure and ignorant artist killers like Bob Geldof (what a good daddy, can't believe he isn't NPD  - dead wife AND child?) who has some sense sometimes, knows about PAS. It's not just 'demonic' it's insane and sick. It reflects the deep, grave wounds those individuals nurture with each day of hate they experience. They only find joy in pain and deception - there is no joy in truth or honesty nor justice only in obfuscation, how to win games and beating/harming people. RBKC is a very dark place indeed
geldof looking shit like is

9 Sep 2014

Did Paulette (his mother) 'hanging you by a lightbulb' cause your Sociopathy Robert/Stephen/Satan/whatever you are now? As I think you are confusing things a bit mate - get it right

Remember the little note that you left for me? A little poem. It included that bit that you said 'it didn't happen, I made it up'. Did you? Why would you make something like that up Robert? Does Jamie deserve to be without his mummy because of something terrible that happened to you when you were a toddler of two? Do I deserve to be without my only son, who I always have adored, to appease some sick part of your psyche that cannot 'punish' your own mother? I am sorry I didn't love you in the way you wanted me to. I felt you had a lot of potential but were obviously a very disturbed person. You don't have to frighten people any more Robert. It's not powerful to scare people smaller than you, it's a massive weakness, not authentic power nor control. If you care for or love your son, let him be with his mum, who loves and understands him, and who can hug him with genuine affection  and get him as happy and communicative as he can be - not in some 'be like me, all strong and powerful' way. Jamie doesn't need to be 'strong and powerful' like you. He needs to be whoever he will become as soon as he masters communications. When Jamie is writing to his mum, freely and without a shadow standing over his every word, when he has the freedom to be who he wants to really be, things will be good. Meantime, just get help from wherever you can and remember, it wasn't your fault to start with. It was a moment of madness by your mum, who was distressed? Later, when you were teen, she threw you out in the street, at night, and you were stark naked. You had 'kicked her in the c*nt' and I agree, she probably deserved being kicked and you should not have been humiliated and terrified, without your only sense of identity as a 13yr old-  a very tender age. She's IS a c*nt Robert. I'm not. You were just a baby boy who needed compassion. Let Jamie come to his mum please, and stop using people to fill in your emptiness and pain. 'Satan' is a hallucination from the LSD you took in the army, it's not real. That doctor in Warwick Road told you that. You need to understand how it works. I can help you with that if you contact me.

27 May 2013


The torture is similar to 'One Flew Over The Cuckoos' Nest'- terrible violations, no dignity, no Human Rights. CLEARLY there are other campaigners here, some 'eccentric', some simply traumatised, all angry and terrified bar a few. The placement of approx half detainees, is plainly wrong. The staff are mostly lovely bar a couple who misuse psychiatric terminology - if you laugh you're labeled 'manic' if you show displeadure, you are deemed 'psychotic'. As an agoraphobia sufferer, I am terrified - not least due to 'Ranu' (ward staff) threatening me with restraint ' you will do what we wamt or we will force you/hold you down with a load of big guys, you won't like ir' She added 'we are after 100% compliance'. There is no reasoning. The people organising are (not exhaustive list)  1. Dr.Mehan (retired now),Dr.Kovacksm (Polish Canuk, nasty) Dr.Higgit, Dr.Keirnan, Dr. Hussein. Social workers include Tracy Yarde and John Holden (psycho). Most staff seem great but retraining is def needed. Liz Robillard,  St.Charles'Hospital, London, W10.  No diagnosis - detained 24 Days so far.