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5 Nov 2014

Steve Allen - our accursed King - superb form this morning - classic radio

Close friends will tell you that I love to cry in bed - this morning was no exception - you cannot miss the show - the only thing missing from Steve's show this AM was the rolling and stuffing of Rudolf, the selling and eating of him though, by Marks n Sparks - was duly discussed by our masterful Le Magique Stevie

28 Oct 2014

It is NEVER religion that causes war - only 'demi gods' and psychopaths

Religion isn't lacking in justice. Religion lacks psychology by making funding the primary driver, over it's own humanity and dogma - also lacks ability to spot NPD (deliberate? I wouldn't be surprised)

The 'Church of England' we used to defend with our life - is just a made-up church by a deranged, NASTY and randy old man who had no RELATION TO JESUS  - not the  bloodline of Christ at all- but I digress (though Tudors were clearly psychopath)

Religion has lacked the ability to prevent psychopaths from  harming kids and other sweet and beautiful creatures, all over the world. Religion has not failed though, religion failed to implement fair justice. It needs to be accountable and make amends. No matter what type of place you worship, they need clear up the mess they made with their exploitation, violation and abuse and provide us all with access to good lawyers, sharpish. (not easy with ham-fisted blind-sided conservatives running things, another reason UKIP has to work so hard to save so many) 


 'no more legal aid for the poor' has to be the most idiotic thing any government has ever done since Walpole.  Mickey-taking lawyers need to own up and take it on the chin.


The actual  holy texts are probably all well intentioned, from very passionate and caring people. History is also vital to culture and  identity. But exploitation and violation belong to the evil side, from people whom have been unable to tolerate their own personal injury history, some have had such outrageous things happen that nobody on earth could possibly believe them. I would.

 I'm one of a vast number of folks interested in Kim Jong Un for example. He seems very psychopathic to us, but is he really?  I'd love to hear about his childhood and how he perceived things then. A candid read from him, would be extremely enlightening. I suppose it would be a bit 'rehearsed' though. Be candid man, you only live on this planet, once  (maybe)? Imagine him on Parkinson? We need more good talk shows back. I miss quality talk shows like that (though Steve Allen is getting better all the time, well done him, bring him back to early evenings, we need more of him at a decent hour pls gods of LBC)

   It would be amazing to hear about his worries and concerns and maybe if he wrote a book, we could know how to gain some trust from him and his people? I'd love that, I hope he will consider it.  I'm happy to assist him id he'd like help with blogging (feel free to contact me, form on the right) His mum apparently called him ' morning star king' here's a bit more from m the BBC

This all reminds me of how bad psychiatry is. Always presuming to know stuff when it doesn't. Brings me to the other favourite thing - 'assumptions'. Eh Keith? x

12 Oct 2014


After I BLOCKED some psycho stalker father 4 justice (oversized terror-gonad on sticks reject) I was blocked by Ignacio Laurent on Facebook, him of CCHR and MINDFREEDOM - this is the reason you need to keep believing in your gods and staying peaceful, cus those control freaks gotta own ya or hate ya. Cunts yeah, but is funny. Psycho's don't do irony so they don't get the joke. Tim Minchin is a goodun for irony. Ignacio was saying his good friend was Robin Williams. I somehow doubt that. If he was a friend, he'd demonstrate it. Boasting is asshole thinking. Have some TM as I fart off to listen to Steve Allen on LBC

Wild with Desire and Training Psychologists - Tips for psychology fans, Tony Blackburn could probably explain this

I REALLY enjoy the wireless and some of my favourites are Steve Allen, Sheila Fogarty, Juliet Landau Pope and (the showmanship antics) of Nick Ferrari, the funnest good-psycho on radio today. So before Steve comes on this morning (why 4? FFS, I spose the podcasts are handy though) I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank Tony Blackburn too, for all his great soul shows on auntie Radio Two on a sundi. I can also, sometimes tolerate the CONvincing James O'Brien now that they have Farridge on but sometimes gag and have to switch to the lovely Vanessa Feltz, the type of sister everyone should have. Bless her always, for her ability to gauge and apply psychology and enlightenment to her shows - what a sweetheart. People like this make life worth living. They are undervalued but they carry on regardless as all good people do as they're all driven by love not bull. This is what psycho's never understand (loveless and rejected child syndrome, not fed on demand as infants so they remain emotionally 8 months old, full grown infant syndrome)  Radio 4 is my default when feeling reactionary and very fragile unless they have some god-awful 'listen to me I am in pain' emotional wank play that drives me up the wall. Not that I have no empathy, quite the reverse. I just save it for people who deserve it. Service personnel or other good people who really do deserve my empathy. Not some whining 'artist'(prove it) arse pain. Listen to my favourite song by the sex gods that drive me wild with desire regularly yet arte too young for me (drat) the incredulously insightful  and motivational Rubber Bandits (one of whom is teaching me interesting musical pipe sounds) video followed by audio tips for training psychologists and psychiatrists. Hipster or Hobo lyrics include  'he'll tell you about himself, and then he'll tell you again' and much more illuminated ting. This song explains NPD better than Sam Vaknin does. We must do lunch one day in W8, as promised ; ) x

and here is some help for students

5 Oct 2014

Steve Allen and Tony Moore (radio & magic)

Hi sweet things. you've both been doing such great stuff so this occurred  (Tony glad yer still going strong at the Bedford, saw some vids a while back, you doing real ale yet? Ale is good for you and for the country, deep consideration req)  Wondered if you'd thought about collaboration on the 'magical' history of London? Combining the two could  be way groovy, something I would like to see (Tony's brilliant at close-up magic too)  Pic of me on a cover  (below) around the time I dated Tony (H) M - around then was producing and singing with Cutting Crew  - love to all from them daze

Cutting Crew - Any Colour (live)