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20 Oct 2014

Canadian Security Police - tops UK any day

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Most nice Canuk cops (Hi C, hugs to all)  know that British is best - but maybe not when it comes to Israeli policing?  Even my old china, a security cop, had to leave the Met due to 'monsters within' - and he had no ulterior or strange motives, value Jaffacakes are big with him (and crumbled into breakfast oats with a cuppa tea is good mush)

Maybe we have to rethink and revisit our relationship with Israel and figure why it is flawed NLP that took the mickey out of UK taxpayers and destroyed the lives of millions of good working/not across the UK (the arrest of Iain Duncan Smith isn't a joke, it is being worked on in earnest, do you really think I'd kid about that? Case-law collusion only kids) ) as bad NLP is the main culprit here (aside from bad drugs and the NPD ambitious)  defending it's ego-over-skill dogma, sanctioning bullying and misfeasance - and a  Canadian knows that that's plainly wrong. So we have to take a look at the lines and where they are drawn and where the buck stops. With commissioning bosses. The heads. If the heads of legal are lying about qualifications (waiting for data) - maybe they are - what chance do we have for accountability? We pretty much  know who's culpable for a loraa loraa local crimes. So we look to RBKC new fraud and corruption policy and a slow clap ensues-  a vader proved the 'potential' (numerous) flaws in this good-for-the-myopic, dodgy-doc more associated effort thing here  (opens .Pdf)