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22 Oct 2014

Primarily - the worst cause of inequality - is lack of education or erroneous teaching - who is doing most to fix that?

“Improve access to quality local education and create more grammar schools and technical skills colleges, encourage vocational apprenticeships, give parents the right to choose where their children go to school, protect rural schools and support home schooling.”
This comprehensive explanation of UKIP’s policies entirely alleviates any doubt on UKIP’s precise policy measures. ' READ MORE 

Mark Leach gives wonky insight into Higher Education

UKIP’s latest education policies

'For years, the most up to date analysis of UKIP’s higher education policies existed on this site in this popular post by Tom Bailey. With the General Election only 7 months away, UKIP are this week holding their final party conference and so have announced a spate of new policies include those relating to higher education (read them in full here). Those relating just to HE are:
Scrap the target of 50% of school leavers going to university.
Scrap tuition fees for able students pursuing courses in the sciences, technology, maths or medicine
Charge the 70,000 university students from the EU the same amount in tuition fees as foreign students from non-EU countries, raising £600million per year'

2 Oct 2014

Dear School - you are stupid (in part)

FAO Policy Advisor, SNHS


For the sake of support and clarity for

1. International Students

2. The Police

3. Your country

Please review your storage of written
submissions and keep them without destruction and without limitation

In light of recent floods and other disasters it would only be
fitting for the company to review its storing of submissions as a
matter of course, in line with other colleges and Universities. Any
questions, feel free to consult with me, my fee is [snipped]

Yours sincerely

E.C.Lucye Robillard