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12 Nov 2014

Royals - how guilty are they? CSA Inquiry note

We've established that apparently lovely people - Rolf Harris comes to mind - can do bad and stupid  things when they are unaware of the true facts. The Queen has worked indefatigably for Britain and her allies , since she was a child. My mother loved her, and we all grew up, loving the Queen. Prince Charles is RAF. Hard to fault anyone involved in the RAF. Anne has always been a great advocate for good. I don't know enough about the rest to pass any proper opinion. Like everyone else, I hope there is no Royal guilty of having raped a child. I think it's silly to implicate Price Charles - as lots have online - when clearly he was of the belief that he was helping a charitable man when he allowed Savile to entertain the family. I bet it was simply to promote his own agenda, to be seen with Royals allowed him access to vulnerable children. Savile cared nothing for young people, the good deeds were a conduit and a cover. He was all about exploiting and abusing. Not the man we liked to see make dreams come true on Jim'll fix it. We all looked forward to that show. It was nice to see kids being heard and treated and rewarded, credit where it's due.  I hope the kindness of the good Royal shines through and that the good Royals - who are innocent - are as patient and helpful as they are bound to be. I'm sure they are.  Sometimes, you have to do things because they are more important than you or your ego. We all love a libertarian Britain and we don't want to lose our liberty, our poetry and are love for each other - because - we do Love each other here in Britain - we believe in showing it in ways that we can and sometimes that means doing things a bit quietly and a bit hidden - which is police work really - get it right - cuz we must - for the sake of the bigger pictures. So anyway - have faith - people are trying to do their best and the best don't get paid well .

26 Oct 2014

Would YOU make your mugger or burglar, a Queen? Christ Bloodline and Identity - God's will or the will of theiving liars? Henry V111 was DEFINITELY a Paedophile

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Is the red bit from Harry from Henry

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get professional psychopaths out of social work & family law
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17 Sep 2014

Romanov and Plantagenet

Mother 4 Justice Royal Grandfathers/Grandmothers, Cousins +other descendants - complied by Jack Scott
( family whom would like the the full book - please email me via Facebook) My mothers' side Lucy/ De Lucye - is not available to the public at the present time. Thanks to cousin Jack Scott for all his hard work, and to other historians who have verified all of it.

Mountbatten, Earl Mountbatten Louis of

Mountbatten, Lady Pamela

Mountbatten, Lady Patricia

Mountbatten, Margarita

Mountbatten, Marquess George

Mountbatten, Princess Cecilie of Greece

Battenberg, Princess Alice of
Battenberg, Prince Louis of

Luxembourg, Ogive of

Luxemburg, Bonne of

lV, Emperor Charles

ITALY, Bernard King Of

Romanov, Grand-Duchess Olga

Romanov, Grand-Duchess-Anastasia

Romanov, Grand-Duchess-Helen

Romanov, Grand-Duchess-Maria

Romanov, Grand-Duchess-Olga

Romanov, Grand-Duchess-Xenia

Romanov, Grand-Duke-Alexander
Mikhailovich Sandro

Romanov, Grand-Duke-Alexis

Romanov, Grand-Duke-George

Romanov, Grand-Duke-Michael Mischa

Romanov, Grand-Duke-Paul


Romanov, Grand-Duke-Serge

Romanov, Grand-Duke-Tsarevich Alexis

Romanov, Grand-Duke-Vladimir

Romanov, Nicholas Alexandrovich

Romanov, Nikita Tsar of Russia

Romanov, Patriarch of Moscow Russia

Romanov, Tsar of Russia Alexander III

Romanov, Tsar of Russia Mikhail III

Romanov, Tsar of Russia Nicholas I

Romanov, Tsar of Russia Paul I Petrovich 01 Oct 1754

Great grandfather of wife of 23rd great
grandson of wife of 29th great grand uncle
of wife of 2nd cousin 1x removed

Romanov, Tsar of Russia Peter III

Romanov, Tsarina-Alexandra Fedorovna

ROMANOV, Alexandra Alexandrovna

Charles Frederick Duke of von

"Alix", Princess Alexandra of Denmark

"Ella", Grand Duchess Elizabeth

England, Anne Queen of

England, Charles-1 King of

England, Charles-II King of

England, Edward-III of Caernarvon King of 13 Nov 1312

England, Edward-IV King of

England, Edward-V King of

England, Edward-Vl King of

England, Elizabeth-1 Queen of

England, Eward-IV King of

England, Henry-1 King of

England, Henry-III King of

England, Henry-IV King of

England, Henry-V King of

England, Henry-V11 Tudor King of

England, Henry-V111 King of

England, Henry-VI King of

England, James-1 King of

England, James-11 King of

England, King-John Lackland King of

England, Margaret of Anjou Queen of

England, Mary-1 Queen of

England, Richard-III King of

England, Richard-ll King of

France, Adele-Alice (Aelicie) of

France, Beatrix Princess Of

France, Charles VI the Beloved King of

France, Emma Princess Of

France, Henri 1 King of
France, Henrietta Maria of

France, Hugh Capet King of

France, Hugues Capet King of
France, Hugues le Grand Duke of

France, Charles VI the Beloved King of

France, Emma Princess Of

France, Henri 1 King of
France, Henrietta Maria of

France, Hugh Capet King of

France, Isabella of

France, Isabella of

France, Isabella of

France, Katherine of

France, Louis VII King of
France, Phillipe I King of
France, Phillippe II Auguste King of
France, Robert l King of
FRANCE, Alice Princess Of
FRANCE, Clodion "Le Chevelu" King Of
FRANCE, Gisaele Princess Of
FRANCE, Miss Princess Of
FRANCE, Pbepin "The Short" King Of
FRANCE, Robert "Fortis" Duke Of
FRANCE, Robert II "The Pious" King of

Franks, Mrs Odomir Queen Of The
Franks, Walter King Of The
FRANKS, Bartherus King Of The
FRANKS, Clodius Duke Of The East
FRANKS, Dagobert Duke Of The East
FRANKS, Hilderic King Of The
FRANKS, Marcomir Duke Of The East
FRANKS, Mrs Bartherus Queen Of The
FRANKS, Mrs Sunno Queen Of The
FRANKS, Mrs-Clodius Duchess Of The
FRANKS, Mrs-Hilderic Queen Of The
FRANKS, Mrs-Walter Queen Of The

Henry-III, King of England


Hanover, Elizabeth Georgiana Adelaide

Hanover, Frederick William

Hanover, George William

Hanover, King of England George-I

Hanover, King of England George-II

Hanover, King of England George-III

Hanover, King of England George-IV

Hanover, King of England William-IV

Hanover, King of Hanover Ernest

Hanover, Louisa

Hanover, Louisa Anne

Hanover, Mary

Hanover, Mary

Hanover, Octavius

Hanover, Prince George William of
Hanover, Duke of Kent Edward Augustus 02 Nov 1767

Hanover, Duke of Sussex Augustus

Hanover, Duke of York Edward Augustus

Hanover, Duke of York Frederick

Hanover, Duke William Augustus of

Hanover, Elizabeth

Hanover, Elizabeth Caroline

Hanover, Amelia Sophia Eleanor

Hanover, Augusta

Hanover, Augusta Sophia

Hanover, Caroline Elizabeth

Hanover, Caroline Matilda

Hanover, Charlotte Augusta Louisa

Hanover, Duke Adolphus of Cambridge

Hanover, Duke Edward Henry of

Hanover, Duke Henry Frederick of

How Royal is the Queen? Our fantastic pedigree bloodline is far purer according to our documents! Odd or what

Mother 4 Justice - also - tried to write to cousin Connie Mills reply and Facebook are gagging me!  'The (500 page) report is purely my father's Plantagenet line.

Royal Celts of England 

The Lucy clan were friends with the Robillard going back to 1066, William brought two knights bearing their names, with him for the huge battle 

De Lucye OR Lucy were based all over the Britain and Ireland but established a home at Charlecote circa 1100 (erroneous dates online must be ignored)  Elizabeth Lucye was the childof a noble family and a good catholic lady. Many awful lies are still circulated about the family line and this lady.

This is Lucye

There were witnesses to her actual marriage to Edward 1V. Many have died and suffered exposing the truth, now widely known and understood.

The children of the line, carry the DNA. DNA has the truth, even on death. I have no plan to die or to be cremated in any form !

 My mother's Lucy line is a bit of a mystery. The Lucy family are also traced back to Dunmow, Essex circa/approx 1030? Prior to that there are links to Robillard De Torce and the town of Lucy in France also (teeny village with white sandy beaches by the river, bit like Frensham Ponds - where I filmed with Jane Asher as a small child) - Facebook! >
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Hermes Justice Unable to post link?
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Hermes Justice Connie S Mills the report is purely my father's line.My mother's is a bit of a mystery. The Lucy family are traced back to Dunow Essex - later Lady Lucye DID marry Edward 1V - Thomas More knew all about it - they have trashed her name for centuries but she was a very good and noble woman and mother to two of his children (at least) - Edwards mother was DISTRAUGHT that wanted to DIVORCE her (not wed, they were married in a Catholic church!) - his line from her, are the true Royals of England - if you want to be purist!

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Our emblems are interesting to say the least.  

The Lucy family crest  is 'three fish' (See origin of Holy Trinity and meaning of Triquetra (/trˈkwɛtrə/; Latin tri-"three" and quetrus "cornered")  and the Latin 'fish' name derives it's meaning from interesting things ! The Latin 'Vesica piscis' is also intriguing to note. 

Robillard's are varied and pictured. We have many Royal Kings as grandfathers, Pipin (Italian) also. We de original mob. Sicilian.