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29 Oct 2014

Solar research hub - thanks RL - good stuff from Oz

Robert L wrote:

'Australia breaks renewable energy record? Surely not? From the land that is digging up coal like it's going out of fashion, which it is thankfully, we have solar powered supercritical steam. I would like to be the first to point out that this video doesn't tell us a great deal about this system, essentially it's a mirror array that concentrates sunlight onto a small area which heats water which drives a turbine. However the scientists and engineers at CSIRO in Australia have managed to create "supercritical' steam -- an ultra-hot, ultra-pressurised steam that's used to drive the world's most advanced power plant turbines -- at the highest levels of temperature and pressure EVER recorded with solar power." On ya mate.

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

17 Oct 2014

Sufism phrases include 'dear ones' - check RAMA Nathan - lovely boy - creates Goddesses

Every precious lil beeechz NPD dream is RAMA Nathan - what a joy to experience on the path of 'it is all utter bollx cept for Solar' Eden.  Meanwhilse have had Linkedin hacked again. Posts removed (carefully timed, security conscious posts) so who did that? Malc? Mike? (Other) C*nt?

We need only ever have secular bankers and secular law - so here goes to Linkedin (again) where I also have a  password so complex it would kill most old soldiers.

'Application Data Misuse [141017-005047]
Auto-Response (10/17/2014 08:28 CST)
Thanks for contacting us. Someone from our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you can sign in to your LinkedIn account, you can check the status of your submitted tickets any time in the Support History section of our Help Center.


Your LinkedIn Customer Experience Team'

5 Oct 2014

Fight atheists, HOW TO

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Think Solar Positive - new battery types announced (one of many similar)

I wonder what the wonderful Charles Douglas Wehner thinks of THIS - NEW BATTERIES RUN ON SOLAR ENERGY - Sun powered batteries will range in price and quality of course - but the technology is flawless


28 Sep 2014

Solar Power UPDATE

REALLY great kids, engineers, working on ''think 'nano tube' technology, collecting solar energy satellite dish style, to funnel through nano wires (glass based) get engineering pals involved - freedom for all is near'' way good