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17 Oct 2014

Sufism phrases include 'dear ones' - check RAMA Nathan - lovely boy - creates Goddesses

Every precious lil beeechz NPD dream is RAMA Nathan - what a joy to experience on the path of 'it is all utter bollx cept for Solar' Eden.  Meanwhilse have had Linkedin hacked again. Posts removed (carefully timed, security conscious posts) so who did that? Malc? Mike? (Other) C*nt?

We need only ever have secular bankers and secular law - so here goes to Linkedin (again) where I also have a  password so complex it would kill most old soldiers.

'Application Data Misuse [141017-005047]
Auto-Response (10/17/2014 08:28 CST)
Thanks for contacting us. Someone from our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you can sign in to your LinkedIn account, you can check the status of your submitted tickets any time in the Support History section of our Help Center.


Your LinkedIn Customer Experience Team'

18 Sep 2014

Big Business is paying terrorists - through negligent and soft CEO's - stupid boss! Do not say I did not warn you

Mother 4 Justice

 By falling for the 'we are one' nonsense (tell that to a hungry tiger!) you give away details. Identity. Security. Asking for DOB and first names, age, addresses - gets given to millions of potential thieves, rapists and killers. Every time I see my DOB requested, my first name,my address - it makes me heave - more robbery, more theft, more abuse and each time we give details so easily to webmasters who work cheap due to agendas. it is a major error. Nasty hidden agendas. So you do not get something for nothing. If you buy cheap, you get wars. I told you so years ago, You did not listen to me, I told you so. It is NATURAL to be emotional and angry when necessary, ask any Pavlov cat. 

17 Sep 2014

Security Tips Online

Mother 4 Justice says - use three browsers. One for fun. one for business, one for shopping. No problems! Clear cookies as often as possible. Be mindful of security. Every day's schoolday.