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7 Nov 2014

Italian love - Thomas A and Shaolin Philosophy = simplez - *Shaolin Catholic* speakz

I was in bed thinking of Italy and weeping at its incredibly undervalued beauty - all those wonderful, artful, beautiful, kind and loving Italians - the art, the landscapes, the architecture, the hills, the engineering the history -* the  cooking* (ohhhh yessss) - but do they understand Thomas Aquinas? The nice, beautiful saint, born in the inimitable, untouchable, stunning - Naples (like so many of my favourite people) Do they comprehend what (lost translations considered (?))Thomas deduced from Aristotle's view of 'communis'?
Have they read (and more importantly, understood) R.C. Sproul Jr. on this topic?

Was our saint - abused as a child? So many good people are motivated by not only virtuosity - but by justice, social justice. Laveyan's are driven by guilt and injustice. Saint's are driven by good either due to good (not 'special') blood - or any combination of above, but not by guilt. Guilt is for those who do shame and shame is for the wicked and wicked belongs in humour and nowhere else. All good folks know this. All of us are sinners and must do penance for it and god is our judge, so bless us miserable sob's dear Lord and above all, love Italy and the Pope. He's a good man is Francis, do not doubt this Pope too much, but remember, as a man, he is fallible- and consider this: Remember that Shaolin philosophy isn't written about as cat's and dogs, owls and rabbits, mice and ants, don't write books. Just remember, you are important due to your associations, but you are only special to your close ones.

Peace and Love. Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

19 Oct 2014

Plantagenet Coat of Arrms - for purists

An expert is working on this in compliance with Heraldry Law. Just for fun I designed this to give him - the fish are Lucye (Charlecote) too (pictured at the bottom)

Lucye Charlecote

15 Sep 2014

More ancestor intrigue

The plant of the Plantagenet Family (the origin of royal use of Fleur De Lys) is the Iris (s . From which the root is used to make the finest perfumes and had been used for that purpose for centuries. It is mistaken to confuse fleur de lys (*FLEUR) for 3 feathers, it is an insult and abuse of intelligence as well as insulting to Plantagenets to misuse it

Fluer De Lys means (Latin ) 'Flower of Light' - we also have the Broome plant in there somehwere 

The cliam is due both to the purity of the Plantagenet line via Lady Elizabeth Lucye and the pure connections from the Tudors to the Windsors
< VIA Henrietta De Robillard De Champagne (which makes [] princes and princesses alone, without the Lucye connection even taken into account)

Beatrice van Saksen-Coburg en Gotha, via granny Von Schnob (vatious spelling checked out) via 'Kamer' (paternal grandmother) < House of Windsor, was the second child and only daughter of Prince Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and his wife Princess Louise-Marie of Belgium.[1][2]

We have Spencer + Churchill cousins (knew that, Sarah C told us)

King Edward broke the 'Breach Of Promise Law' if not bigamy, as Thomas More was said to have overseen the marriage of he and The Lady Elizabeth Lucye, with whom he had two children.

via Henrietta De Robillard De Champagne

Robillard family (noble) descendent line can be traced back to when records began

The de Champagnes were descended from the noble family of de Robillard of Torce

More relatives and ancestors

Windsor, Prince -William Arthur Phillip - 28th great grandson wife of 29th grand uncle wife of cousin 1 x removed
Windsor Queen Elizabeth 11 -26th great gradughter of wife of 29th great grand uncle of 2nd cousin 1x removed
Zakharin-Koshkin, Roman Czar of Russia
Kings Charles V 'The Wise' 1337... See more... See more
Duke of York (1471- 140720
Princess Elizabeth of York (1471-1472)
King Louis X1 France 1423
Direct Ancestors (fathers' line)
(Queen) Anne of Cleves (Tudor- wife Henry V111)
Phillippe 11 Auguste King of France
Loius V1 & V11 Kings of France