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18 Sep 2014

Dyslexia hell - everything looks Chinese

Mother 4 Justice - All day wasted on blog stuff. Tried like crazy to read instructions - but even two word sentences blur/don't make any sense. Writing is far easier than reading I need apps. I paid over a hundred quid for SEO optimisation but it was a rip off and did not work. Very sad. I have no idea what to do as submitted all this blog about 500 times - all over - for a year or so - and nothing works. Eventually ranking picks up but it is now too late, much has been lost and I cannot tell you why but - it has been exceedingly awful and very much loss incurred. Grave shame on stupid techie shite. the lesson is, save up, buy the best SEO outfit there is and sue them if they don't come through. Nothing changes, not really. 

SEO Optimizing - mental illness and disaster

Mother 4 Justice - Google and other occupied fools are sabotaging business globally with SEO messing - silly. No matter how hard you work, how bad your nervous breakdown, how much you bleed, scream and cry, the only way to get top ranking is to know the really really rich guy. You can get ripped off by a million SEO submission crap liar machines - rubbish lying rip-off cons - but don't say I didn't tell you it is NOT worth it as the only people that get to the top are the rich and the willing subordinates of torture /bdsm slaves (really, techs are very seriously sadistic and paedophiles too) - you cannot get top ranking from merit any more, it is a waste of time, blood, sweat and tears, SEO services via easy apps would be good. Cheap PAYG SEO positioning. Would be great!