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6 Oct 2014

How To Be British: Clovis Plantagenet People

How To Be British: Clovis Plantagenet People: Clovis Plantagenet ancient peoples DNA of baby boy buried in Montana 12,600 years ago reveals most modern Native Americans ARE descended f...

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Clovis ancestors are always intriguing (don't be put off by too many words, use patience and your confidence grows!) Click for more

3 Oct 2014

The Franks (our lot, see Clovis) Plantagenet Black Blood

'The Franks were a loose group of Black tribes who inhabited the Upper Rhine, a number of whom were living within the bounds of the empire from the mid-fourth century. They were further displaced in the early fifth century, partly by skirmishes with the Vandals, Sueves and Alans, as the latter made their way down the Rhine to escape from the Huns, and partly by the Huns themselves. They spread into Northern Gaul, following and continuing to skirmish with the other tribes. Two successful leaders, Childeric (who reigned c.457 – 481) and his son Clovis (who reigned 481-511), established Frankish dominance more securely there, ruling most of France north of the Loire. Clovis' decision to convert to the Nicene version of Christianity in 496 may have been'READ MORE