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10 Nov 2014

Emergency Help Needed for Scottish Children

Monday 10 November 2014

Dear Lord Adonis,

I trust this finds you well, your good work speaks for itself. thank

I'd like to draw your attention to a very disturbing lack of service in

Children are reported as being born but not being registered and being
abused and killed for 'snuff' movies, that are naturally causing much
mental anguish across the board.

See the Daily Record of today's date

I am developing an NGO that serves only to promote and supply software
and hardware to disabled children in care - visit us here

I would appreciate your emergency input and to treat this matter of
lack of registration of newborns and lack of services as a first

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

6 Nov 2014

18 Sep 2014

Greatest Scottish Politicians & New British Isles Flag

Mother 4 Justice not, surprisingly, Salmond alone. The Scots are Tony Blair, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Malcolm Rifkind. Massive congrats in subtle persuasion and sabotage. England, naturally, was a power alone way before the union. SHE SHALL LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES AND NEVER FALL AGAIN. Scotland MUST BE MINDFUL TOO, THAT FLANNEL is now worthless with regard to sovereignty and that actions speak louder than words, every time - God bless you Scotland and the same for us, who fell for it all, hook line and sinker. Not all of us, just the more negligent of investor. Scottish identity holds the secrets to Celts and the secrets to the beginning of democracy in our lands. Long live Scotland, long live England, Wales and Ireland too. Separately.

16 Sep 2014

Labour out of touch over Scottish Finance - as well

Mother 4 Justice


Referendums on national liberation are always  decided on an emotional basis not on dry economic.

So l wish the Scottish the best this coming Thursday.

Murad Qureshi AM ' 

' significant wealth transfer in Scotland' Piketty

Rifkind is saying we'd be more vulnerable to terrorism if we vote YES - wrong again sir, SNP plan to spend MORE not less on Scottish defence

With defence spending  increased - the SNP state Scotland have its own defence forces and would inherit and maintain our military bases and regiments.  We would continue to work in partnership with other nations. <snip>  Our defence profile [] be similar to neighbouring nations such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Norway.  Scotland’s contribution to UK defence spending is around £3.3billion. Experts from the Royal United Services Institute have confirmed that this would be more than enough to support a defence force that could be “extraordinarily good” by 2030. The UK Government only spend around £2 billion of the defence budget in Scotland. The SNP advocate a defence budget of £2.5 billion – less than we currently contribute, and more than is currently spent. We would get rid of Trident nuclear weapons from Scotland, saving money that could be better spent elsewhere.  *if you think we'll back down or lose, ever, no matter what, you have another think coming