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10 Nov 2014

ID Cards - a request for a pilot in Kensington

On this day of remembrance - ID cards would be welcomed here, as they are in Europe and in the USA - let's DEFEND - not fight

                                             Monday 10 November 2014

Dear Fenella Aouane,

Welcome to my home, I trust this finds you well and look forward to
working with you.

Could we try an emergency  pilot scheme for ID cards in the Borough due
to the arrests of several suspected terrorists locally recently?

I believe, and have always believed, that ID cards would be of enormous
benefit in reducing crime and preventing mass murder, trafficking and
other horror and believe we must now act as if an emergency is at hand.

 I hope you agree and in order to maintain eminent sense , could we
please have an online consultation service for residents, it need cost
nothing st all but a half an hour to set up (happy to advise, gratis) -
all taxpayers invited to urgently participate in security information
and forum input for the safety and security of the neighbourhood.

From my blog of yesterday:

' On this day of remembrance - ID cards would be welcomed here, as they
are in Europe and in the USA - let's DEFEND - not fight

I think it was 2008-10 when I petitioned the government to introduce ID
cards- at the time, oddly,  Harriet Harman was the only one making any
sense in this area - the cards would out paedophiles and criminals
galore - let's help our police and other services today and introduce
ID cards for residents of less than 8 years.

That way we can ID where the worst offenders are and detect what
they've been up to. We need to do this 10 years ago - would have saved
lives and helped everyone good.

Sadly - it only serves corruption and criminals not to have them at
this time. Let's get them in overnight - and review them in four-five
years - for the sake of YOUR security - let's say YES to ID (as the
no's argument holds no water at all, not when implemented in this way)

  Number 10 are aware they are coveting criminals with their hedge
funds and illegal spending - UKIP will put this right -

meantime, I sent this to Larry at LBC just now:

'Hi Larry, great show - ID cards- the government have removed my
petition to introduce ID cards - from 2010 - my friend Marlene from
California - was the only person to sign it - now - people would sign
in droves - the thing is - people who have been resident here for over
8 years, need not carry a card - it is reason and logic - thanks, Liz

Please see me on Linkedin.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard , Robillard Group London & UKIP Kensington

Miscarriage of Justice

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

(To Met Police - 2007)
further to my call of yesterday requesting your support to help me get a GP ( I a presently suffering a dangerous illness and being refused help from the PCT & ex GP no reason given) I have just heard the same PCT has closed funding on 'KCAA" (Kensington and Chelsea Advocacy Alliance) and am hurt but not surprised at what appears to be the act of an unscrupulous group of people working within RBKC and the PCT responsible for Kensington and parts of Chelsea; Unscrupulous due to their way of bringing things about. 
Protecting the boroughs' reputation is one thing, but becoming corrupt to do it is another, and sadly, corruption is what appears to be happening in some quarters of RBKC. RBKC used to a friendly kind and noble place to live, i have been here for 40 years. Now it is terrifying, with, in my view, heartless planning departments, and secretive rotten social work departments.
I wonder sir, if the social services have, for example, told you that my ex husband, the cause of me being housebound in terror, has our mute son, supported by social services, despite them knowing
1. [] [] extremely violent nature (convictions galore) 2. A child has died in this mans' care (Cosmo Steele, aged four 'cot death') 3. He has a daughter of aged 9 yrs whom was on the 'at risk' register for abuse from him 4. The same daughter diagnosed as autistic as a baby
Please see attached a brief glimpse of records.
My son was taken by police at my request in June 2001 because I was grieving my mothers' death- funny how social workers pick on women whose mothers' 
have just died?
1. I put my son into care voluntarily FACT
2. There was no care plan in place despite my requests, despite us both 
being disabled
3. Social Services are to blame for neglect of duty of care
4.Social Services are to blame for slandering and libelling me and causing 
me extreme ill health,
I look forward to hearing from you sir,
yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Lucy aka Elizabeth Robillard

8 Nov 2014

ADULT POST - bloomin FURY !!!! Canada owning carbuncles with Qatar - disfiguring London again - do PHUCK off

Nice but pretentious and undervaluers of the fine and delicate - are some owners of much stuff from Canada and Qatar - I don't give a flying fig about their religious beliefs - but I care about my country  and its architecture - stop f*cking building square and dildo shaped bad and boring blocks of concrete and glass hell,  s'il vous plait  - and build some pleasant buildings that fit with this countries' appreciation of the fucking ARTS - thanks - they don't DO art in Qatar - no - but we do in England - Qataris have lousy taste in colours too - bright turquoise Lamborghini's and such leaves them an embarrassment and a  laughing stock - hurry up with our solar components guys - these piss takers have got to go if they continue this trashing of our good taste and our generosity  in allowing them to stay here (no offence but I abhor people who have no evidence of any good taste whatsoever)  but big hugs to this kensington traffic warden (Qatari taste in cars)

30 Oct 2014

RBKC - Notice of Legal Action - hope this is public enough for you?

Milne, Dominic



(social services dept)

Notice of Legal Action

Do Not Ignore

Legal action against the authority is underway and the solicitor will
be in contact in due course, please note that all correspondence will
be now recorded. and both copies of correspondence and audio
recordings will be used in evidence, for previous legal activity, see
Lucy V Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea 1997

I will be claiming for damages for
false allegations
human right's violations (not exhaustive)

See also 'Death of Natalie Thomas' video on Youtube and my previous

Yours sincerely

E,C.Lucy aka E.C. Lucy Robillard

28 Oct 2014

It's difficult to explain why I love *Pink Floyd* as much as I do but I try ...

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

They have given me a permanent anchor to the love I've known and the love that is/ has been authentic. 

Love includes associations and familiarity - a reason why Identity is so important to all liberty-seekers and freedom lovers. Nothing like the imperfect soul to bring joy to the lives of everyone. How I wish Syd Barret was still here. 

I used to hang out with The NICE as a nipper in Kensington. A great British band, undervalued. They were neighbours (friends) Amazing talent.  Davy was the guitarist. Wonder what happened to him and to Suzanne and Pauline O'list? (Hugs)  Love them like sisters them two.  One of them thought my ma fancied their dad, Reg (an old friend of my mum's from the days of the Windmill Theatre, great Spanish guitarist)  but she didn't. Was a lush on a Sunday but otherwise very virtuous. Keith Emerson was keyboards plus (and some)

Suzy made me eat flowers, made me feel sick but was still a laugh. I will always remember her taking me to Keith Emerson's South Kensington bedsit and watching him practice knife throwing at a dartboard. Rock 'n Roll history that. I thought Keith was incredible. Real magic. 

So many great musicians I've known. Very fortunate me. Sending love and power to you guys.

 Now looking forward to Pink Floyd's new album in November 'Endless River'. Gods.   Beatles and the Floyd, absolute wondrous gods. And you know where they get inspiration? (Aside from England and it's identity) from Berlioz - Rock n Roll ain't just Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters, nor just Otis or Diddly inspired. 

Memories are not just Stevie Ray (R.I.P) but also classical. So if you are into Rock 'n Roll as well, remember to read your Percy Shelley and your Dante too - but above all, be inspired by Berlioz and Benjamin Britten, Wordsworth and Keats. Maybe a tad of Dylan Thomas too. R. Burn's for the weekends.

There's quite a few groovers into the good stuff - and not enough British, bright and educated kids, get the proper support they need.  After school tuition stuff might help? My bro was a guitar and piano teacher and was always booked up - give it a go? We should be helping young musicians everywhere. Music is the bank of the soul, the funding of life's morality.

 We must get it right and inspire correctly as the Floyd know too well - still the best band and most sold sounds (next to Beatles) - the Stones are also good sometimes. Love their later stuff, especially 'Doom and Gloom' - impossible to keep still with that on and also strikes many chords with me.  Reject ageing guys, you all have so much to give- please support young musicians and ensure they understand your messages. Lots of love Inanna :D

26 Oct 2014

Paedophile Psychopaths EN MASSE at Kensington - arrests imminent - but - will Rifkind pull 'immunity'?

Rifkind and co are already a laughing stock and already known to have covered up thousands of cases and incidents of paedophilia. Nuremberg comes to mind. The establishment want to sweep it under the haughty nose of one its friends by using Woolf -  but the media are no longer swallowing the crap coming from them. Friends in media inform me that much is happening for the guilty politicians to worry about but their attempts at dodgy dealings to worm out of account are simply more grist - keep it up fkrs -'conspiracy to pervert justice' is another charge they'll slap you with. Psychopaths will laugh at it all but they always make the best of a bad situation so don't worry about them when they get shafted with broken crockery in a isolated jail cell - they got rid of human rights, right? Let's see what happens - meantime #film #video #blog (and is Assange for real? FFS)

24 Oct 2014

Why I'm NOT anti-vaccines, Kensington Mother Informs

I am pro vaccine safety. Having done my homework, unlike some mother-hunting haters like Brian Deer - there is no alternative but to be pro-vaccine. Any Christian Scientist or Homoeopath (worth their salt) will inform you that treating 'like with like'  is ancient practice and a law that is effective in the majority/many cases. How its applied will always be a competition and argument due to (not least!) our unique


and costs of refrigeration and transportation. How chromosomes mutate is for you to research (they 'break') but it does occur and causes disability like Angelman Syndrome.

Being a fan of great scientists like Einstein, Euler, Higgs, Richard P.Feynman and other great mathematicians (see Oliver Humpage 'Ignite Bristol' on Youtube) I'm fairly secure in believing that I understand fairly simple, linear logic.

I may sound a tad narcissist (I love Sam Vaknin) but we ARE all unique, no two twins are truly identical and neither no two sheep.

 It's  wonderful and should be celebrated these differences.

We are fortunate in Kensington, to share with over a 100 nationalities - so much culture in one place can be distracting for the noblest English soul - but nevertheless, a challenge is usually always welcome and my thing, social (and applied) psychology - is fed and enjoyed in the richness of diversity here in my home.

I have been a resident on Kensington since a tiny child. I spent many days alone in Kensington Palace, enjoying the huge glass cases of Queen Victoria's curios and toys. No tourists then. Just me, wandering about the palace and soaking up the beauty and history. The museums of South Kensington were also my favourite escape and joy, as was fishing for sticklebacks with net brought from Gloucester Road toy shop with my dear friend, Mary Honey Burleigh (R.I.P)

I love my home so much and resent the vultures who buy houses as if they are disposable egg cartons and trash them just as easily.

It's important we work together to enlighten these souls as even some of the hardiest nihilists have thought again having done their science homework, about god and the universe and where it all began.

 I took huge pleasure from entering the tunnel arbour, the entrance of the sunken Dutch garden, spending many an afternoon with my darling mum, sitting quietly admiring the flora and birds. We have some wonderful birds in this part of London though with the over zealous (ugly) building contractors are placing them all at grave risk, they are putting our identity and culture at huge risk. I digress.

Vaccines are a huge benefit to mankind and as long as safety precautions are adhered to (and compensation just and fair when damage occurs)  with rigid scrutiny, there is no need to shun them.

 I do believe that children especially, should be tested for any illness/oddity or sign of ill health prior to vaccinations, and believe that current testing may not be adequate to protect against genetic/chromosomal damage occurring (the vaccine damage payment unit only compensates on 60% disability, leaving some people without help due to no diagnosis - imagine being 59% disabled? And not having a diagnosis?) Is this why Brian Deer stalks and hunts the truthful? Is he a Laveyan? Speak up Brian. Would love to hear what you have to say about actual fact. 

21 Oct 2014

Nonsense and Rifkind

I've recently observed a ton of nonsense obviously written by non-Kensington (forin) people blinded by anger, hurt and injustice. When you have been hurt and have no recourse to justice, it does make for wars of sorts. Perhaps that's been the intention of these type of psychopaths - look at the history of the Arms trade (and its intent) and who sells the hardware to whom, and you can then see (obviously) who is ethical and who isn't - but having said THAT - NHS, welfare and Defence is way big with my family  and friends. Britain always had her strength in a strong Navy. My ABSOLUTELY incredible father wasn't just RAF and CRAF, he was also RN and CRN (twice)  - was a commander (Figure it out) Dad sold aircraft and gold but learned when he got burned.

I am not as good at arithmetic as Malcolm is but my sums say we can up defence x 4 with no problems (having listened to the experts in military spending) - keeping us happily independent and industrious for many many years. So what's the problem? Who does Malcolm want running the show? Israel. Not Scotland (they booted him out of office in Edinburgh - pardon the turn there, written in haste) But he likes it. He goes home at weekends. He likes to keep his very tight knit mittens in all types of haggis.

 The thinking conservative is always pushing for more transparency and accountability vis a vis tax. So this begs the question; why is Malcolm wasting 90,000 odd on 'office space'? (Double take that one)  When the space belongs to Tory HQ?.  Does Malc own the Conservatives? The conservatives had their 'law office' professional contracted to them. Leaving RBKC entirely corrupted in favour of the conservative party. Corruption, no less.  That FACT is on record (was removed from RBKC site)  Looks like Tories have some questions to answer to some policey and military folks. And the merit? He's a very good accountant, not quite on  a par with Mail group of newspapers, but almost. Woof.

I'm not a warmonger, quite the reverse, my belief is that a powerful military force strengthens trade and tourism as well as providing strong identity whilst promoting self discipline and respect. Something all are commanding these days - when there is actually, little evidence that the word is understood.

20 Oct 2014

Kensington Style - Low Fat Royal Pizza (gorgeous, all recipes are mine, tried and tested)

Minger Royal  Pizza 

Olive oil/nonstick cooking oil spray
1 1/4 cups Polenta
1/4 cup wholemeal flour
1/3 cup buttermilk
1 cup boiling water
1/4 teaspoon celery salt
large pinch black pepper
1/3 tspn onion powder
1/4 cup grated Parmesan ( optional for me)
1/2 tspn Italian Seasoning (with rosemary and sage added if not already in)
1/4 tspn lemon zest (or less) 

Spray a 8-10 inch pie pan with oil spray.  Preheat the oven to 375.
Place Polenta and other ingredients - but not cheese - into a small bowl.  
Add cold water and stir til mixed.

Gently pour and stir mixture into saucepan of boiling water. Reduce heat to low, simmer, keep stirring over low heat until thick, for 3 to 5 minutes.  Remove from heat and then
stir in Parmesan.

Spread mixture to form a crust in the oiled (and floured (I bother)) pan, 
using hands or a spatula.  Spread evenly across bottom and up sides.  Bake
uncovered for 20-30 minutes. 

Toppings can consist of gently grilled (brushed with olive oil) green and yellow peppers , courgette, mushrooms (maybe added to a half tin of ratatouille with garlic) Add sweetcorn and black olives too. Sprinkle a little Parmesan on top (for a saltier flavour, sprinkle with a little bacon flavour 'salad sprinkles') Top with fresh coriander leaves. 

19 Oct 2014

From the trenches of Earl's Court - again

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Rifkind's loyalty is to Israel alone (not that Israeli's are all bad, never met a bad one yet, people don't get it, Israel is quite big, lovely place, and lots of different types live there - including lots of Arabs - it's much like Kensington really, perhaps we really are a 'promised land' here too, we certainly feel 'chosen'  - wonder how much dough goes back home then Malc? and to Labour? Nice couple-

'Opponents included the former Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind who said Britain had not recognised Israel until 1950, long after the war of 1948, and that it was abnormal to recognise a state without trappings like an army.
His speech and that of Labour’s Louise Ellman – who strangely appeared to blame Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas alone for the collapse of negotiations – were strikingly more negative even than the Government’s official line, reserving “the right to recognise a Palestinian state bilaterally at a moment of our choosing and when it can best help bring about peace”. '  Read more

Assange is paranoid or bugged #NEWS

Assange in the news again. I lost my paranoia about being bugged when the nasty old man upstairs told me 'SHUT UP' when I said (from the flat below)  'David, get your head off the floor and go to bed' (could hear him run into the bathroom  when I went in)- he was deaf (without aid) and into Admiral Nelson, very shouty and occasionally human, but his TV used to be 'stadium' loud (had little sleep for 16 years, no joke at all) so I found a 'nice' hard-of-hearing company for him to get him a good deaf-aid. I didn't know they'd sell him one of these.  Pictured is the 42 quid 

Geemarc CL7100 Infrared TV Listening System- UK Version

 I wondered where he used to go on that bike/locally? Sold his flat to the secret intelligence agency or something. Fenella Boyle (meant to help Armed forces with PTSD, can't be bad but she rents it out now?) .... Fenella informed me in a letter that the floor David Jones had left had been 'a dug up mess' and drills would be needed for at least six weeks in that room. Drills that were very 'pneumatic' at times. 

The only flat sold to government in our block is that one.  She's supposed to help soldiers with PTSD. Sounds nice. Such a demon was David, at times, that he was banned from riding a bike. All the info was had by PC.Luke Jones (Kensington) - but Luke had a habit of saying 'you can't say that' to things that actually happened. Luke was sweet though. Lots are but they fail when they take law into their own hands and fail to understand that law creeps up on you if you if you don't abide by it. Personal responsibility means just that. Creepy, verity creepy. But we need it.

 So there are around 2,000 new cases of corruption those poor sobs have to consider - and the amount of hacking and creeping I have had to suffer too -as well as the deprivation of liberty ('put her away on the grounds she'll always be a nuisance' said puffy PC Paul something. Scary buggers they can be. So anyway - yes. Julian - all I can say is - make it fun. Sing, fart, and tell the truth as it will be interesting - unless you are shagging the maids again (I expect they'd always put their country first, soldiers live to serve, regardless) in which case, you just have to suffer the violation - violations of our boundaries are more than contemptuous, they are vile - so terrible are they that they can be called 'rape' and 'harassment' - we really need some good lawyers to sort out this legal definition and status business. Some guy said - on Daily Mail comments - 'of course he's bugged. all embassies are bugged, they do it us, we do it back'  bunch of grown ups? Can't see how they'd 'gather intelligence' from such an op. Malcolm Rifkind did write to me with a huge long letter from a Lord someone - lost in transit I'm afraid, but he did make an effort. 

6 Oct 2014

Posties of Kensington must know this Jamaican Ting

About the missing posts and ting (it wasn't you! Sorry!)

I'm in receipt of some erb from Jamaica. It's not got any info with it, got from Ebay. Research for me (I'm studying Herbalism officially) and it's made me realise we should reconsider decriminalising herbs. Herbalists should be allowed to prescribe/take. Mainstream medicine has been using Herbalism for centuries (was hijacked by the patriarchal Royal pharmaceuticals/banking gentry) and modifying it. *Remember, if it makes people psychotic or if it enhances the psychopath - then it's probably the wrong weed. It's important that people with mental illness listen to their professionals as well as to their common sense. 

and so it is thunk about thus

5 Oct 2014

Just before I was banged up in the nuthouse - lovely corrupt Kensington

Subject: rbkc paedophiles and abuse
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 19:17:46 +0000

Thanks for visiting,Now visit '' and look for 'rbkc' and then google 'paedophiles kensington' and 'corruption'  you will see that
I am very upset that this bloody government likes to steal and rape disabled kids especially- see Winterbounre View, Castlebeck (registered to RBKC Town Hall) and not forgettig the rest. Barlavington Manor is also one.

Please do your homework before disturbing the peace of good people.

Yours sincerely

Assange post just vanished, expect he's cavorting about with Salsa bending Ecuadorian maids or something

Went  like this 'Julian Assange Prosecutors in Sweden felt the hearing was unnecessary part of a Assange's appeal is to request a hearing. Given the that has elapsed,  the punishment and inconsistencies with the law...the hand of justice should grant Assange's appeal and allow oral hearing with transcripts to serve as written evidence.   Otherwise, ' and then vamoosh. I guess Jules could request a audio link or reason why not. I had one for a family law case during 2001, 16 days long. Huge waste of taxpayers money. Billions go to waste in the secret courts, easy money for the Laveyan/bent -lawyer. It's international law after all. And you can never trust a lawyer unless he's a President of the USA and, no matter how close they are - business is business. We had luck doing it arselfz in 1997 - see Lucy V Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea - not the case but the points of law that made it a Landmark ruling, legal history (not that you'd want to know about local Royal heroics or anything. (from winning - we now have CBT as part of mainstream psychiatry, didn't do too bad) So Jules, you could do worse than taking that advice old bean. Telephone link. If you're found guilty, sentencing to be done when you decide to leave the embassy.  

Easy Salsa - Kensington style, cool

1.5 to 2 lbs Sicilian Datterini Tomatoes/(special)Tomatillos (12 or 13 average size ones, your guess is best)
1 medium British Red Onion (approximately 1 cup)
2 cloves of locally sourced Garlic
1 to 4 Organic Romano Red Peppers
1. Tspn freshly grated Orange zest
1/4 cup fresh British Coriander leaves (Waitrose doing a nice growing pot for 1.25)
1/4 Tspn Barts Ground Allspice
1/4 Tspn Ground Ginger
1/4 Tspn Coleman's Powdered Mustard
1 Tspn chopped British Organic Parsley
1 Tspn Chopped common British Garden Mint
2 Tspns of Carbonell Sherry vinegar (a nice Balsamic will do)
1/4 Tspn Freshly Milled Black Pepper
1/2 Tspn Ground Celery seed
Dash of Cornish sea salt

This is one of the easiest recipes for salsa. Peel and rinse the Italian Tomatillos thoroughly. Drop them into a cast iron saucepan of boiling water for 5-8 minutes. Cool. Chop and mix with other ingredients. (Tomatillos will go into the water a vivid green hue and will emerge a shade of olive when extracted, the consistency thickens in the fridge) Yum.

15 Sep 2014

Note to Corrupt Kensington Police - not just Ali Dizae (narcissists aren't always ASPD)

I was harassed by an insidious dog of a bullying gossip (was concerned for a small child there) and got a criminal record for complaining about that particular stalker (the old bag is still at it) why was that? Because the rest of the world can see how corrupt and wrong that is even if you are all completely blind to criminal wrong doing. Evil is coming from your department, not from me. You are covering up child murder, rape, abuse and trafficking. What kind of creatures are you? What type of paedophile pulls your rotten little strings? Thank god there are better police in the world doing the job of ten to cover your corrupt obese extremities

10 Sep 2014

Kensington not adhering to its duties - this FOIA request remains unanswered - since 2009 - a reminder for the sake of probity for RBKC

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

Sept 10th 2014

Dear Mr.Yu [ed.foia officer]

Sorry to disturb you but the following FOIA req from 
2009 has still not been answered, is there a good reason for this? 

I think it looks poor for RBKC not to have it answered.

Thanks (from )

From: Liz R (Account suspended)

9 December 2009

Dear Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea,

1.How many charities/NGO'S (within RBKC) Does RBKC/the government

2.How many are not subsidised by RB KC/The government and what are
the names of those charities (non-subsidised)

3.How many charities/NGO's have had to close
since January 7th 1997 and December 8th 2009 and what are the names
of those charities (one we believe was Kensington and Chelsea
Advocacy Alliance or KCAA, (Please clarify))

4. How many non-subsidised charities also have
RBKC employees assisting them in some way? (Full of Life and RBKC
employee counsellor Roz/Ros comes to mind)

5. How much was spent in total on charitable subsidies by RBKC
between January 1 1997 and December 9th 2009 and what are the names
of the charities?

6. Please provide a breakdown of each charities' financial benefit
from RBKC subsidies PA since January 1st 2001 to December 9th 2009

Yours sincerely

Liz R

9 Sep 2014

How to spot a paedophile

According to the FBI - a 'down turned mouth' is one of the signatures of a paedophile - I had a look at someone who lies a lot - the SUPER INJUNCTION gag-seeker Erika Endlein - today ( ex RBKC now manager of children's disability team in Hammersmith ) has a very dodgy gob - (waves) and
also was considering John Ward's post about nailing Jack The Ripper - asked him if had even conisdered Arthur Munby (a relative of James, our own legal whizz and Special Needs - child 'cherry-picker' of presiding over  SENDIST tribunals ) Now don't get me wrong - he pursued those rotten councils for communications devices for disabled kids - didn't he? Sudden gasps? We shall see sir, cuz they all look a teensy bit fucking guilty right now.  Abusing the disabled with apparent impunity, is now stopped.