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13 Oct 2014

Why Conservative rapists are doomed

There are many Computer Scientists working with international police in amazing software that is beyond lie-detecting. This software currently has an 88% success rate. The analysts include the greatest people who ever lived. The software is being honed. It will be available to all. And there can be no modification or access to modify. Alert code is set into the programs at first sign of tampering. The future is looking good.

8 Oct 2014

Princess Diana News - and note the Police - Are handling my computer, apparently (some text was changed after I wrote it on Facebook to 'Police' - interesting little stalker)

Well if that's the case, I hope they are investigating the origins of 'HM Queen' and the lies of the violent, blood-sucking, war-mongering, mass-murdering, fraudulent, demonic psychopaths that have stolen the line of Christ from the people of EUROPE, I truly hope so. God bless the Pope.

And was Diana really not a tormented Goldsmith? Was The gallant Lord Goldsmith fibbing about his vacation (said he wasn't there, we know different?) in order to promote peace? The truth is clear to most, Jemima (Diana's sister) and Zac (see Richmond Council) should really come clean about this. You are not God, you must stop the deception before you are dragged out by a revolt.