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5 Nov 2014

ADULT ADULT ADULT Jesus was an NPD Buddhist Jew on Magic Mushrooms and a Hippy

However, was he a psychopath? Mafia type Christians have been stalking me for years - wanting to control me and save me and shit. I'm a fucking catholic cunt - grow up. Catholic means 'all encompassing' - this means that my belief that we reside inside a giant dog - is possibly true. So god bless the pope and let the policey people arrest the stalkers, before they go to hell for judging, stalking, intimidating and hacking and all that other shit. (The ego on em is very devilish, they will make great play things for Satan when they go to hell, as they will) cunts.

PS. bounce-clap goalie - sent a list of stalkers to cops, waiting for them to actually bother to do something about all the near-death experiences they are having (cuz, the absolute hanging thing, too good for em darling, love 2 u)

25 Oct 2014

OH gawd - 'friends of justice' are writing about Ayn Rand again - she was a nice but batty old thing

Atlas F*cked

Ayn would now be on HRT and into cougar sex with young Italians (hi beautifulz!) - she wouldn't have been courting married men quite so ardently if she'd been around nowadays - and had she had 'net, we wouldn't have  'Atlas Shrugged' at all, but 'Atlas F*cked' -  cuz if you look closely,  her genuine 'driver '- was horniness - she wanted good sex with a nice man - and the love of a married bloke clearly fueled it- we'd have instead  - if she'd bothered writing it - 'Atlas F*cked' - as darling Hannan wrote on his blog 'too much shrugging' - she'd be less 'Satan' and more  Libertarian and nice if she'd had 'net. Buddhist-Catholic even.

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

7 Oct 2014

Haiti - Knights of Malta - why the slow recovery? Robillard questions you

Robillard is a very beautiful place in Haiti, enjoyed by many an illuminated figure, a mysterious place often shrouded in fear and suspicion -recently  harmed by a quake - still suffering many poverty-related problems -  the Catholic church should really be allowing the light to flood in and relieve the suffering of our good Haitian and Robillard descendants, our family and friends, without delay. Please.

6 Oct 2014

Conservatives rearing heads - 'Bas relief' has many meanings

(insider that one) have a look (origins of Bas relief, earliest racists) origins of the Bible get funner all the time, Catholic conservatives know

'Babylonian bas-reliefs and Assyrian wall drawings point to very early swimming skills among humans. The most ancient and famous of drawings depicting men swimming are to be found in the Kebir desert. They are estimated to be about 6,000 years old. The Nagoda bas-relief also has paintings of swimmers that date back some 5,000 years.
Many of the ancient drawings and paintings come from what is now Italy. The oldest date back 2,600 years, belonging to the Etruscans at Tarquinia. An ancient tomb in Greece depicts swimming and diving scenes and dates back 2,500 years'  but can you depend on the Latin sources? Some think not. I dunno, I reckon my pal Francis would know (Bless him) - A fitting song

17 Sep 2014

How Royal is the Queen? Our fantastic pedigree bloodline is far purer according to our documents! Odd or what

Mother 4 Justice - also - tried to write to cousin Connie Mills reply and Facebook are gagging me!  'The (500 page) report is purely my father's Plantagenet line.

Royal Celts of England 

The Lucy clan were friends with the Robillard going back to 1066, William brought two knights bearing their names, with him for the huge battle 

De Lucye OR Lucy were based all over the Britain and Ireland but established a home at Charlecote circa 1100 (erroneous dates online must be ignored)  Elizabeth Lucye was the childof a noble family and a good catholic lady. Many awful lies are still circulated about the family line and this lady.

This is Lucye

There were witnesses to her actual marriage to Edward 1V. Many have died and suffered exposing the truth, now widely known and understood.

The children of the line, carry the DNA. DNA has the truth, even on death. I have no plan to die or to be cremated in any form !

 My mother's Lucy line is a bit of a mystery. The Lucy family are also traced back to Dunmow, Essex circa/approx 1030? Prior to that there are links to Robillard De Torce and the town of Lucy in France also (teeny village with white sandy beaches by the river, bit like Frensham Ponds - where I filmed with Jane Asher as a small child) - Facebook! >
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Hermes Justice Connie S Mills the report is purely my father's line.My mother's is a bit of a mystery. The Lucy family are traced back to Dunow Essex - later Lady Lucye DID marry Edward 1V - Thomas More knew all about it - they have trashed her name for centuries but she was a very good and noble woman and mother to two of his children (at least) - Edwards mother was DISTRAUGHT that wanted to DIVORCE her (not wed, they were married in a Catholic church!) - his line from her, are the true Royals of England - if you want to be purist!

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Our emblems are interesting to say the least.  

The Lucy family crest  is 'three fish' (See origin of Holy Trinity and meaning of Triquetra (/trˈkwɛtrə/; Latin tri-"three" and quetrus "cornered")  and the Latin 'fish' name derives it's meaning from interesting things ! The Latin 'Vesica piscis' is also intriguing to note. 

Robillard's are varied and pictured. We have many Royal Kings as grandfathers, Pipin (Italian) also. We de original mob. Sicilian.