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26 Oct 2014

RBKC Social Worker Gnome - Bob McGavin - what a web you weaved, sue me (ADULT LANGUAGE)

Bob had one of those CONfabulated accents that sound a bit like James O'Brain off LBC  radio - a northerner always aspiring to be a Londoner and never quite making it. Sometimes I wish James would go back to his foreign hills of the black country and be a lefty there - he is taking up room in Chiswick (where I went to school) and will never lose that accent, he will always use it CONvincingly and it makes me feel a bit queasy and weepy at times. Why can't they hire a proper London lefty like Mark the Artist Taxi Driver?

Not that I'm intolerant or anything but I'd prefer listening to someone like Jules Holland or Chris Evans (whatever happened to Chris?) or Danny Baker. Someone who is actually a Londoner would be good and more representative of our capital. O'Brien would be good for Midlands BBC.  Sometimes he's OK. When not using obvious smarm and NLP seduction tips to get callers to ring in. I digress.

Bob MCGavin is a tall gnome, a beardy cunt.

Years ago (circa 2003-4) I was attempting to participate in an old 'scientology' forum known as 'MSBP,COM' (screen shots being investigated) allegedly for mothers accused of harming children 'for attention' Clearly it was a place not just for mothers but for female psychopaths. Quite a few people suffered stalking and hacking after having joined the board. It created  a lot of upset and paranoia.

Having some sympathy for the issues both Penny Mellor and David Southall were bringing, I was rather intrigued by it all. There was no talk of NPD then (see Sam Vaknin)

There was however. a person using the handle 'searcher' - an IT professional who had been 'falsely accused' of paedophilia. Being into justice and hating paedophiles too, I wanted to know how this person thought. I am a behaviourist after all.

Long story short, searcher told me he was wanting children and always had wanted to be a dad. He was having a tough time with IVF stuff (Julia Hartley Brewer from LBC is experienced there) and had 'such a small dick, the wife turned lesbian'  He was very intelligent and funny and used to spend a lot of time with me. I was rather ill at the time and the story of that is really for another day - this is to establish why Bob told me that 'searcher' was 'class A convicted paedophile' when I requested info on the man. Well. I should have known better than to trust a bent social worker (sue me Bob) I know - but when searcher said I was 'bad little baby' during sex, it was a hysteria moment I swallowed. When, however, he held a photograph I didn't like, high above my head, as if I were three. it sent me nuts - confirmed - for me - this was a big bully - may well get pleasure from undermining little ones. Chased him out. Got a bag of flour, a tin of beans and duffed up his car. I'm still not certain but the offence he was 'convicted' of, was for looking at kids in a school, from his car, once. That does not make any sense though.

Over to you RBKC Police, CSA Earl's Court.  Meanwhilse, what is Mark up to?

19 Oct 2014

From the trenches of Earl's Court - again

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Rifkind's loyalty is to Israel alone (not that Israeli's are all bad, never met a bad one yet, people don't get it, Israel is quite big, lovely place, and lots of different types live there - including lots of Arabs - it's much like Kensington really, perhaps we really are a 'promised land' here too, we certainly feel 'chosen'  - wonder how much dough goes back home then Malc? and to Labour? Nice couple-

'Opponents included the former Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind who said Britain had not recognised Israel until 1950, long after the war of 1948, and that it was abnormal to recognise a state without trappings like an army.
His speech and that of Labour’s Louise Ellman – who strangely appeared to blame Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas alone for the collapse of negotiations – were strikingly more negative even than the Government’s official line, reserving “the right to recognise a Palestinian state bilaterally at a moment of our choosing and when it can best help bring about peace”. '  Read more

14 Oct 2014

Another 'thank fuck I'm not alone' book

Read this - Some Other Rainbow - during the younger, very severe stalker & Stockholm Syndrome years, and it was slight salvation, as was the club Ayres Rock in Earl's Court Road. I was able to escape and have a drink and a bop now and then at weekends, fucking bliss. I love to dance. I fucking love dancing. Back is bad now but I used to adore the bop over anything else. Free style but good (modern jazz and ballet classes were hated but learned me a bitta class moves) Liked a bloke there called Jonas, the Jesus-a-like manager dude. Gave him a copy of it in the hope he'd ask me why I couldn't articulate reasons.  Again - all these ego's assume you want to fuck them, never that you have something of slightly more significant importance to convey. He said 'I want to make love to you Liz'. My deflated grey-purple aura said 'I thought you had a brain, but it is only ever your dick talking' Still, he was adored and never let me buy a drink, fucking saint. I used to play this a lot (as well as perseverating on Iggy ('Passenger') )
Loved to shouty sing to this when a bit pissed