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15 Dec 2014

Tooth Health and Depression - solutions

Mother writes: Tooth Health and Depression - solutions help

Mother 4 Justices says: Your teeth may need help when suffering from depression plus dentists can cost a lot, and dental treatment can also seem like something 'other world' people do.

 When you're depressed and feeling defeated or devalued by poor mental health services (too common) or depressed in any way, it can be hard to even face teeth brushing.

 The thing that puts some people off is 'it takes two minutes to do it properly, why bother'? *Bleeding gums can also signal illness.

So here is what you can do until you can consider a visit to the dentist: Buy some food grade hydrogen peroxide, and a baby toothbrush - these are soft and won't irritate tender gums so much - use for only as long as you can stand and brush gently - then use your mouthwash.

 Mix your peroxide with water. Use a few teaspoons of it to half a cup of water or measure as per the bottle instructions. You can make a cup and leave it on the side as a mouthwash, just remember never to swallow it as it's pretty bad if you do, make you very sick. So ensure just to swill and spit this as often as three times a day, or less if you can't handle it.

Do what you can do, not what you can't.

 It helps to restructure your teeth too f you make another (separate cup)  mix of bicarbonate of soda and sea salt (which can now be bought cheaply) and to mix about two teaspoons of each in some warm water (until dissolves, you can melt it in hot water and let it cool) and rinse with this after the hydrogen peroxide, this will help stem gum disease (or bleeding gums) and help prevent  tooth decay.

Recent research brings us Ultra Sound to regrow teeth something many will be very happy about.

 Liz Lucye Robillard has a certificate in Nutrition and studied Behaviourism for 8 yrs.

picture from RawritsCarol of Deviantart

18 Nov 2014

Killer Antihistamines - Disabled Kids and Violence - where's the real intent coming from?

Are antihistamines causing murders (and disability) ?

Reading about the desperately sad mother who killed her poor disabled children -  made me think about the time I lost my son to social services due to my psychotic depression. When affected I don't notice the dangers of poor housework

 In hindsight I blame not just myself, but antihistamines for making a bad situation much worse. Nobody maliciously gets into a mess (Kensington police and social services should note that before terrorising lone mothers)

 Everything else is blamed in these situations, from MSBP to (not) alcoholism to slutiness (though I am slatternly, often) to anything 'blameworthy' - but anthistamines - are they ever in question? I think they should be!

 So many of us who suffer allergies, think little of popping a tablet to help with runny nose, migraines and rashes - of course the best effect can be had when they are taken as directed - but - should the side-effects claim 'anger' and sudden intolerance to noise/other loss of control? 'Acting on dangerous impulses'?

I wondered why I was feeling acutely angry and upset  a few times when my mind was saying different. I am generally a calm, kind and logical person and rarely lose my temper.I have been known to assault a mobile phone but not much else.  I Have defended myself in the past but have lost my temper and felt 'super angry' at times and managed to note and direct it  - but wondered what it was. It clearly is dopamine related and so I researched my consumables and discovered the antihistamine link.

 It might be worth investigating birth defects and associated (parent)  acting on dangerous impulses; difficulty falling or staying asleep; aggressive outburst and mood-swings - perhaps 'Bi-polar' is misdiagnosed sometimes where allergies are a major problem? Histamine-deficient mice were indicated in DNA - Tourettes study, which proved a connection.

I wonder if we shouldn't allow these tablets at all in depressed/vulnerable people or pregnant and lactating mothers and to be extra cautious when taking them for headaches and minor allergy symptoms?

Perhaps it isn't the anthistamine's initial (good)   reaction to blame but rather when it wears off that causes the real problem? Sudden changes in dopamine?  

Sudden increase in dopamine can trigger symptoms of psychosis.

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard Cert, Nutri, Behaviourist


1. Treating Tourette's: Histamine Gene May Be Behind Some Tic DisorderA genetic mutation causes low histamine levels to be produced May 17, 2011 |By Sonya Collins

2. 'Parkinson Meds and Impulsive Behavior'  Novacorr

27 May 2013


The torture is similar to 'One Flew Over The Cuckoos' Nest'- terrible violations, no dignity, no Human Rights. CLEARLY there are other campaigners here, some 'eccentric', some simply traumatised, all angry and terrified bar a few. The placement of approx half detainees, is plainly wrong. The staff are mostly lovely bar a couple who misuse psychiatric terminology - if you laugh you're labeled 'manic' if you show displeadure, you are deemed 'psychotic'. As an agoraphobia sufferer, I am terrified - not least due to 'Ranu' (ward staff) threatening me with restraint ' you will do what we wamt or we will force you/hold you down with a load of big guys, you won't like ir' She added 'we are after 100% compliance'. There is no reasoning. The people organising are (not exhaustive list)  1. Dr.Mehan (retired now),Dr.Kovacksm (Polish Canuk, nasty) Dr.Higgit, Dr.Keirnan, Dr. Hussein. Social workers include Tracy Yarde and John Holden (psycho). Most staff seem great but retraining is def needed. Liz Robillard,  St.Charles'Hospital, London, W10.  No diagnosis - detained 24 Days so far.