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28 Oct 2014

It is NEVER religion that causes war - only 'demi gods' and psychopaths

Religion isn't lacking in justice. Religion lacks psychology by making funding the primary driver, over it's own humanity and dogma - also lacks ability to spot NPD (deliberate? I wouldn't be surprised)

The 'Church of England' we used to defend with our life - is just a made-up church by a deranged, NASTY and randy old man who had no RELATION TO JESUS  - not the  bloodline of Christ at all- but I digress (though Tudors were clearly psychopath)

Religion has lacked the ability to prevent psychopaths from  harming kids and other sweet and beautiful creatures, all over the world. Religion has not failed though, religion failed to implement fair justice. It needs to be accountable and make amends. No matter what type of place you worship, they need clear up the mess they made with their exploitation, violation and abuse and provide us all with access to good lawyers, sharpish. (not easy with ham-fisted blind-sided conservatives running things, another reason UKIP has to work so hard to save so many) 


 'no more legal aid for the poor' has to be the most idiotic thing any government has ever done since Walpole.  Mickey-taking lawyers need to own up and take it on the chin.


The actual  holy texts are probably all well intentioned, from very passionate and caring people. History is also vital to culture and  identity. But exploitation and violation belong to the evil side, from people whom have been unable to tolerate their own personal injury history, some have had such outrageous things happen that nobody on earth could possibly believe them. I would.

 I'm one of a vast number of folks interested in Kim Jong Un for example. He seems very psychopathic to us, but is he really?  I'd love to hear about his childhood and how he perceived things then. A candid read from him, would be extremely enlightening. I suppose it would be a bit 'rehearsed' though. Be candid man, you only live on this planet, once  (maybe)? Imagine him on Parkinson? We need more good talk shows back. I miss quality talk shows like that (though Steve Allen is getting better all the time, well done him, bring him back to early evenings, we need more of him at a decent hour pls gods of LBC)

   It would be amazing to hear about his worries and concerns and maybe if he wrote a book, we could know how to gain some trust from him and his people? I'd love that, I hope he will consider it.  I'm happy to assist him id he'd like help with blogging (feel free to contact me, form on the right) His mum apparently called him ' morning star king' here's a bit more from m the BBC

This all reminds me of how bad psychiatry is. Always presuming to know stuff when it doesn't. Brings me to the other favourite thing - 'assumptions'. Eh Keith? x

26 Oct 2014

Chandeliers for sale and why I admire, respect and love my disability - do you, or do you WANT to change?

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Successful and happy people live their lives in gratitude and servitude and learn to celebrate all life's little foibles and quirks. Libertarian Socialism as wot UKIP stands for (and Identity, big issue with me) so is certainly then, the perfect choice for the more discerning disabled, centrist.

One of the negative things to seriously consider though, aside from pain and terror (such as that inflicted by IDS) with disability, is suffering the maddening daily abuse of being undervalued and patronised.

 I know that Stephen Hawking would have something to say about this as would my own lovely son, Jamie - were he allowed to communicate about his bullied torture and other unbearable mistreatment and terror inflicted by RBKC legal department (please provide the info requested RBKC)  The corruption in RBKC runs deep, it's not just legal, there is trafficking and hate crime, misfeasance, conspiracy and more. All landing squarely at the feet of Conservative HQ, don't blame the oligarchs Norman, they have great taste in chandeliers, ask my friend Jess's husband - Tim Graves. He works for many an oligarch and is a delightful designer. Everyone in London loves chandeliers. Here's mine. Gonna alter it a bit and add some more crystals though. Also just bought a beautiful peach one on sale at Amazon (bottom). Only a few left. get yours now - nice Christmas pressie.


just bought (for 15 quid!)

21 Oct 2014

Nonsense and Rifkind

I've recently observed a ton of nonsense obviously written by non-Kensington (forin) people blinded by anger, hurt and injustice. When you have been hurt and have no recourse to justice, it does make for wars of sorts. Perhaps that's been the intention of these type of psychopaths - look at the history of the Arms trade (and its intent) and who sells the hardware to whom, and you can then see (obviously) who is ethical and who isn't - but having said THAT - NHS, welfare and Defence is way big with my family  and friends. Britain always had her strength in a strong Navy. My ABSOLUTELY incredible father wasn't just RAF and CRAF, he was also RN and CRN (twice)  - was a commander (Figure it out) Dad sold aircraft and gold but learned when he got burned.

I am not as good at arithmetic as Malcolm is but my sums say we can up defence x 4 with no problems (having listened to the experts in military spending) - keeping us happily independent and industrious for many many years. So what's the problem? Who does Malcolm want running the show? Israel. Not Scotland (they booted him out of office in Edinburgh - pardon the turn there, written in haste) But he likes it. He goes home at weekends. He likes to keep his very tight knit mittens in all types of haggis.

 The thinking conservative is always pushing for more transparency and accountability vis a vis tax. So this begs the question; why is Malcolm wasting 90,000 odd on 'office space'? (Double take that one)  When the space belongs to Tory HQ?.  Does Malc own the Conservatives? The conservatives had their 'law office' professional contracted to them. Leaving RBKC entirely corrupted in favour of the conservative party. Corruption, no less.  That FACT is on record (was removed from RBKC site)  Looks like Tories have some questions to answer to some policey and military folks. And the merit? He's a very good accountant, not quite on  a par with Mail group of newspapers, but almost. Woof.

I'm not a warmonger, quite the reverse, my belief is that a powerful military force strengthens trade and tourism as well as providing strong identity whilst promoting self discipline and respect. Something all are commanding these days - when there is actually, little evidence that the word is understood.

7 Oct 2014

Reasons To Love Capitalism #999 (& NEWS - Magna Carta )

Much of the Chinese wealth move over here nowadays and as I've said, there is the fact that should you ever be in a position where you are bullied, unheard or violated - you now have the opportunity to express your alarm online (if you don't live in an oppressive society) - and to share detail indeed - but with a controlled communist government that would suppress your freedom of speech, which is very anti Magna Carta (< news) and very anti British (generally) - the lefty scum control-freaks would have carte blanche to oppress (if we allow them back in) and much as I like Ed, we don't like the passive aggressive type of NPD Bully like  the EU,  us British. They all need to rethink Libertarian Socialism as UKIP are doing. We don't want to make the same mistakes the Conservatives have.

Corruption, RBKC, Conservatives - William Hague

As a post script to my last post, William Hague called for the running of children's homes to be taken away from local authorities and handed over to churches, charities and businesses. Yet the Conservatives in RBKC own/owned them all anyway, and RBKC is where Conservative HQ is. Hypocrisy? Corruption? You decide.  Meanwhile, how to address the victims? 

6 Oct 2014

Conservatives rearing heads - 'Bas relief' has many meanings

(insider that one) have a look (origins of Bas relief, earliest racists) origins of the Bible get funner all the time, Catholic conservatives know

'Babylonian bas-reliefs and Assyrian wall drawings point to very early swimming skills among humans. The most ancient and famous of drawings depicting men swimming are to be found in the Kebir desert. They are estimated to be about 6,000 years old. The Nagoda bas-relief also has paintings of swimmers that date back some 5,000 years.
Many of the ancient drawings and paintings come from what is now Italy. The oldest date back 2,600 years, belonging to the Etruscans at Tarquinia. An ancient tomb in Greece depicts swimming and diving scenes and dates back 2,500 years'  but can you depend on the Latin sources? Some think not. I dunno, I reckon my pal Francis would know (Bless him) - A fitting song

29 Sep 2014

Why Marie Staunton, Harriet Harman, Jonathon King, P.I.E and other bleeding hearts are completely erroneous when it comes to Paedophiles

Seeing Jonathon King makes me feel sick. Enough to warrant a panic attack. These nauseating types have no idea what we're banging on about. They do not get it, they can't get it, they are wired differently. 

There are only two types of people. People who love and people who control. You are one or the other. Controllers never learn to bond and never learn the value of love. They can be very lovable people, gorgeous, kind and funny, sometimes witty and intelligent, the best - but they can't love. They cannot. It's sadly impossible for them. They cannot be lovers, they don't know how, they are sometimes maudlin, are NPD, they think sex - it's somehow beneath them. Really.

An NPD doesn't get it. We are talking about  r.e.s.p.e.c.t. Us ranty anti's - we are hysterical and mad god-bothering/loons to them. Only I'm not. I'm into science. I'm seriously into science. I am working on truly brilliant stuff here. Life changing amazing good stuff. And I don't - not for one second - agree that any child should be invaded by any adult, ever, any where, at any time, no matter what, ever. Since the dawn of time, this is the rule. Now. I know that some Freemasons believe that baby children should be abused 'once' to 'prevent them turning gay'. Nope. African tribes don't do it either (this is what Jamie's dad told me when he tried to persuade me to suck my baby's penis to 'stop him being gay' - he was deadly serious, he wasn't joking.  I wanted to smack him quite hard) It could explain the awful thing I saw once, a little girl apparently badly abused. By a really, really 'nice' man. Awful. These guys appear very calm, good, kind, very nice, vary caring, funny, back-slappy, vary 'blokey' very smart, Rolf Harrisy, clever, respectable, eminently sensible and very 'shrug the shoulders' very tearful (look at Holly and Jessica's killer, like that) and also - they excuse others on 'human' grounds. The fact that we've all done a bit of bad stuff. Not like this. Not like these guys do. Leave your judgments to the judge and stick to the letter of the law, if you want to be happy and do the right thing, children everywhere would appreciate it hero.

Well - if the Conservatives were honest (lol) they would all admit to their Adult Friend Finder and Craigslist activities, 98% of them are probably 'guilty' of this (bit of consenting adult fun/naked people are nothing new) and this is because they miss sex, as they have a habit of marrying their mother/image of.  They also get very bored. This leaves the Madonna Whore complex thing. They want the housework done and the gravy proper (big boobs clinch it, guys are jealous of the pals missus mammalian glands, it makes sense?). They use sex as a prop/diversion, a way to avoid the real issues, as an escape. They don't care who you are. Not much. Just the obvious bits. This leaves them horny and the wives betrayed, lied to and confused. The wives are either abused as kids or otherwise sex-haters (I only hated sex with Jamie's dad as he was a nutcase, controlling, stalker and violent, not a turn on, he once came to my new home and screamed through the door 'I can do it now [] taught me! Let me in! He was serious) for whatever reason. Usually lack of confidence. Those gals missed them Cosmopolitan issues and are usually NPD, this means they are far too special to understand human needs or emotion well. Some are too special to use the internet. Not kidding. The precious daughters of the infrequent and 'gentle' abusers will sport gorgeous guilt-Jewellery and ephemera from guilty-daddy and will defend the rights of gay kids as far as sexuality goes, but what about their other choices? A child can be gay without indulging in sex. The act of sex doesn't define 'gay'. Every kid has sexy feelings, this doesn't mean they should jump an old man or old bird. This is it. The kid has rights. The child will grow and THEN decide what he/she really wants. Sexual violation leaves trust trashed, and is mostly, extremely confusing if not traumatising. It messes up the natural respect you would otherwise nurture. It goes against all we are told about truth and trust. it distorts all reality to be betrayed by a parent/parental figure. That's why we have well-thought laws. Because - it isn't about YOU, Harriet Harman. It isn't about YOU Jonathan King. It isn't about YOU Rolf Harris. It's about little people who haven't yet gotten to the age where they can understand the entire issue well enough to indulge themselves in it. They don't understand it yet. It takes a while to know the implications. They may want to be religious. They may want to be hermits. They may want to be alone. They may want to be something that is not of your learning. They may be 'other'. They don't know the implications. They only know that their body is the only thing that is truly theirs, next to other 'identity'. I am qualified enough to write this stuff. Nobody owes you anything. Nobody on earth, unless it is someone who took your body when you didn't have your wits about you. In which case They owe you and always will. A theft like that, cannot be replaced, cannot be valued as your body is your own private domain - nobody is allowed to touch it without your express, informed, consent. Amen god/whoever.

28 Sep 2014

Kama Sutra is good - and there's lots of willy-waving conservatives, it should be a question of who does NOT have an 'adult friend finder' account? How many Tory MP's have flashed you in the last ten years?

There's lots of willy-waving Conservatives, it should be a question of who does NOT have an 'adult friend finder' account? How many Tory MP's have flashed you in the last ten years? We are watching this. Waves at little white mice everywhere, you are prolific offenders -  Craigslist too. We have fun watching your shenanigans Tories, the shame is yours, not on the liberty lovers. Be free! We are lovers and caring people, not cautious, shame riddled, porn-loving creepy types, we love love, not hate, not creepy, hidden ,spooky nasty stuff, but fun and kindness, adult style, yes. Love and sex should be synonymous with fun too. Not corruption and perversion though. Viva Kama Sutra.