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7 Nov 2014

Italian love - Thomas A and Shaolin Philosophy = simplez - *Shaolin Catholic* speakz

I was in bed thinking of Italy and weeping at its incredibly undervalued beauty - all those wonderful, artful, beautiful, kind and loving Italians - the art, the landscapes, the architecture, the hills, the engineering the history -* the  cooking* (ohhhh yessss) - but do they understand Thomas Aquinas? The nice, beautiful saint, born in the inimitable, untouchable, stunning - Naples (like so many of my favourite people) Do they comprehend what (lost translations considered (?))Thomas deduced from Aristotle's view of 'communis'?
Have they read (and more importantly, understood) R.C. Sproul Jr. on this topic?

Was our saint - abused as a child? So many good people are motivated by not only virtuosity - but by justice, social justice. Laveyan's are driven by guilt and injustice. Saint's are driven by good either due to good (not 'special') blood - or any combination of above, but not by guilt. Guilt is for those who do shame and shame is for the wicked and wicked belongs in humour and nowhere else. All good folks know this. All of us are sinners and must do penance for it and god is our judge, so bless us miserable sob's dear Lord and above all, love Italy and the Pope. He's a good man is Francis, do not doubt this Pope too much, but remember, as a man, he is fallible- and consider this: Remember that Shaolin philosophy isn't written about as cat's and dogs, owls and rabbits, mice and ants, don't write books. Just remember, you are important due to your associations, but you are only special to your close ones.

Peace and Love. Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

17 Oct 2014

Geert Wilders - surely he wasn't a Nazi? Cuz - Nazi's REALLY ought to consult with people who read that do history and archeology - it isn't THAT hard

Geert seemed so nice a blonde? Peadophile words include'rendesvous' 'penetration' 'no mans land' #Police

)lots of enemies within duckie, I want my jaffa cakes now, 'value' is OK (hugs)

Have a song fuckers - Mother is friends with father. #Endgame Love from God.

Bless the Pope. Amen. Namaste.

8 Oct 2014

Princess Diana News - and note the Police - Are handling my computer, apparently (some text was changed after I wrote it on Facebook to 'Police' - interesting little stalker)

Well if that's the case, I hope they are investigating the origins of 'HM Queen' and the lies of the violent, blood-sucking, war-mongering, mass-murdering, fraudulent, demonic psychopaths that have stolen the line of Christ from the people of EUROPE, I truly hope so. God bless the Pope.

And was Diana really not a tormented Goldsmith? Was The gallant Lord Goldsmith fibbing about his vacation (said he wasn't there, we know different?) in order to promote peace? The truth is clear to most, Jemima (Diana's sister) and Zac (see Richmond Council) should really come clean about this. You are not God, you must stop the deception before you are dragged out by a revolt.

Bible Origin and a Message

1. Jesus was the SON of God. Just like you are a child of his/hers. He wasn't saying 'I am special and deserve the one big daddy all to myself'. You too are the sons and daughters of God.

2. Jesus was a messenger of God and wanted you to hear the messages and truths of God. Sadly, in translation, lots of the original Ancient Sanskrit/Hebrew/Greek (and other, discard ancient Latin when seeking origins as it's a translation written by lots of different people, remember that)

3. Remember that is is never the fault of churches when they are deliberately infiltrated by damaged Lavayans who are paedophiles out to target children and funds. Help the church improve its intelligence. I'm backing Pope Francis.

Also consider that

a.The events in the Bible happened long before they were writ and that much of the original texts have been lost but quite a lot remain (see archaeology) 

b.The words of God are about seeking truth, light and being good to your family and your neighbours.

c. Everyone is unique, even identical twins

Atheists are often Laveyan (arm yourself with how Laveyans work, and why they do it) and know (and respect) that some evil often has a purpose (to correct and to inform) and never confuse 'light' with 'Satan' - and 'Lucifer' actually means 'light' not darkness (never allow a Satanist to twist things either, argue with them, point by point and calmly note their arguments) Note that 'Lucifer' does not translate to 'Satan' either, not at all, not in origin. Note Lucifarian practice. Never confuse this, too many have and caused much harm, that is the work of Laveyans) 

How to deal with atheists - using Science! (Always! Hindu scientists are lovely) *Remember that patience is your best friend, be well and remember my friend Michael's' thoughts (and mine too) 'God is a morphing and changing thing that is the collective love from people, love moves around. transforms, adapts, love is its own entity' typa thing.

1 Oct 2014

Good Day Vatican and other friends - Hi Pope Francis!

Wonderful work by His Eminence - again - THIS IS WHAT WE WANT IN A POPE! This is what Jesus would do! Congratulations and big hugs and much love to the Vatican - Pope Francis shines NEW Light on the elderly! Our greatest untapped resource! click for the NEWS (YOU WILL BE OLD, WE HOPE!)

29 Sep 2014

Good Morning Pope and The Vatican friends - Holy see's and ting

WELL, Armageddeny times came and went. We now have SOLAR energy. It's doing blinkin well too. - they not only just came up with portable solar panels, they've also come up with portable power stations - come on! This is good. No more depending on anyone, just the guys who like to travel abooot. It is all good. It is all positive. Hiya da Pope |(Hi Francis) he likes listening to me as he's into the god particle too.

27 Sep 2014

The Poke has done the right thing - Pope, sorry

Hi Pope, thanks for nicking your pedo-pal and sorting it out, we send love Francis and hope you will dig out all the pervs for the sake of the only church that considers all the weird stuff and possibilities. Science knows very little and is waking up to the fact that we're all probably inside a corpuscle of  giant god-rabbit or something. Read more