18 Nov 2014

Chocolate Danger - what they don't want you to know

Dangers of Chocolate - is chocolate keeping you sick?

Chocolate is set to run out, within a few years, allegedly - some of us will not be too bothered.

Theobromine in chocolate doesn't just cause reduced immunity in some cases, see Dogs poisoned by chocolate - but bear in mind it is the LARGER breeds that are susceptible to poisoning - theobromine also blocks DAO which is not conducive to histamine release and containment of allergy symptoms.
It could also be a prime suspect in feeding protozoa that can keep you sick and be a cause of drugs not being as efficacious as they could be. 

Chocolate can also affect a foetus causing abnormality - don't panic but just keep it to a minimum - a little tiny bit is OK now and then - but daily chocolate -  cannot help with allergies, anxiety or depression - long term. Briefly it can cause mild euphoria causing many to defend it. Occasional use for this purpose - granted - but not daily. I'd advice a pause from consumption for at least three months every year if there are any long term issues related to health, especially allergy.

 Chocolate could yeild false results across the board and problems remain undetected due to DAO blocking and theoobramine alkaloid effect . Chocolate overdoes can cause nausea, convulsions, internal bleeding and often lethal over-stimulation of atrial valves Alkaloid sensitivity can cause sudden arrhythmia and trigger death.  Chocolate should only ever be eaten in small doses and due to lack of regulation - we must be vigilant about it. Carob is alternative that works in many ways and could maybe used more than it is for confectionery and other regularly consumed requirements of daily diet.
Experiment with carob.

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard Cert. Nutri

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