29 Sep 2014

Police Training - should you believe it all?

When you know as many ex coppers and ex soldiers, as I do - you learn that Police training needs to be done but not believed. You have to tow the line and be respectful, you need to learn all the rules and put no foot wrong. You have to learn to act and be a very good method actor worthy of 10 Oscars and still appreciate fakes like Tom Cruise and George Clooney getting zillions and squillions of quids and fame for nothing - and then them marrying strong women with big eyebrows, all over the news, in speedboats (spare a thought for the WRITERS of those movies!) and act stupid and daft when you are not, you have to play all sorts of roles and you need to stay fit and alert. Don't trust fat people. This is the number one rule. I don't care how many stripes and medals he's got or how many babies he's hugged and saved - if he's fat he's an unhealthy liar. Get im.

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