17 Sep 2014

A different Mother - is PAS justifiable? If the ex is a psychopath (like my son's father REALLY is) then yes, it is - RBKC legals are very dark people

Zoompad is being a teensy bit constructive these days and is writing about PAS (parental alienation syndrome, where one parent destroys the other by withholding contact of the child for no good reason, as has happened to me and Jamie, or whom bad-mouths for personal gain/sake of winning, as typical psychopaths do) The poison that IS PAS not only harms kids, it harms the perpetrator. Keeping grudges and stalking with hate crimes, catches up. Jamie's dad has been to prison for offences related to us, but the mystery is - how can corrupt RBKC legals still justify keeping my son and I apart/ my son was never 'at risk' from me, but from him. Yet they deliberately placed delicate children with him Much as I can't abide murder-by-proxy, insanely insecure and ignorant artist killers like Bob Geldof (what a good daddy, can't believe he isn't NPD  - dead wife AND child?) who has some sense sometimes, knows about PAS. It's not just 'demonic' it's insane and sick. It reflects the deep, grave wounds those individuals nurture with each day of hate they experience. They only find joy in pain and deception - there is no joy in truth or honesty nor justice only in obfuscation, how to win games and beating/harming people. RBKC is a very dark place indeed
geldof looking shit like is

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