29 Dec 2014

Licking fears and phobias

All my life I've been phobic. Became sensitised to all emotion by the age of 11. All got too much for a little kid so withdrew from the world for most of my life. Years later I know phobias and persistent fears are a conditioned response. Learning again, how to react to things in a normal and non terrified way is the only way forward. Using common sense and reason should get you through. I wanted to discuss this with a dear friend but he got too scared to even talk about this. Hope he's OK. Just remember that to be sensitised to all emotion and to focus it on one action or object (like a spider or sickness)  or all emotion (most of it) and throw it all in the one mix, translating it to fear - makes for a spaghetti of confusing feelings and there are knots of complexities that need unravelling.  To do this you need good friends, a good therapist (preferably) who will understand where I'm coming from and someone who can stay focused and calm about being real and staying realistic about fears and phobias. I met a few professionals who were also phobics and I reckon they were frauds. Recovered phobics with insight, now that is what one needs to help with the guidance and understanding. This change doesn't happen overnight but happen it can and it does. Maturity? Maybe. Insight? A little. Development and the will to keep going? That comes with a deep love - I think the love of life itself because sometimes, even when depressed, life itself is still beautiful and as long as we can be grateful for the smallest things, life is beautiful. So hang in there fellow fearies and trust in gratitude and love. Life is love, treasure it. Maybe one day I'll just not be afraid of fear any longer. Meantime, I love my life anyway, no matter how small or meaningless it seems to some. Or how scary.

Russell Brand's dad on a train - random thing of the week

25 Dec 2014

Arbitrary constants or status quo or 'NOTHING sodding changes around here'!

Was just reading about arbitrary constants and how one must work at maintaining the status quo - says who and why? Surely the purpose of that great political ideal - 'CHANGE' - is just that. The way I see it - and I guess why so many support UKIP - is that we want smaller government, less pathologising of people and we want a more diverse market. A free one. EU has some merit but clearly it cares little for the residents and it certainly doesn't care for lives of cheap labourers. Why aren't they helping with economy more? Seems like a big bank-type dictatorship. We don't need that but some of the better ideas are being considered but the new one about e-commerce? Makes you wonder what they eat before they sleep.

Merry Christmas!

24 Dec 2014

IBS and what to do - it's *your* problem - not the doctor's!

I've known quite a few people who've suffered bad IBS but they haven't registered that food > mouth > gut > bad ?

  It isn't THAT hard to get it that folk with IBS need a special diet. They are bothered a lot but (often) not enough to change their eating habits. A gluten free diet may help but if you do have IBS - go white-sugar and bleached bread flour free for at least a month and keep a food diary. 

Too many of us live in a world where the magic pill is the answer (and too much much of a good thing always works against you) and we depend too heavily on medicine to control things rather than seeking (and eliminating) the cause of the problems. Sometimes it's as simple as stopping the tap water or stopping white sugar. not easy always but life can be hard.

  Giving in to cravings is for little kids, so act a little more your age and take responsibility for what you're eating and how it affects you, before you get too ill to manage. 

Take charge of your gut.  Ask to see a Nutritionist too.  Elizabeth Lucye Robillard Cert.Nutri

Read about how white sugar and white flour also affects arthritis here

 *TIP - it helps to make a list of foods you can eat as opposed to those you can't

Bob Marley - Satisfy My Soul - a non seasonal ting just fer the heck of it

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20 Dec 2014

Missing son - RBKC, Jamie Jones - Autism - London - where are you sweetheart?

My poor son Jamie is out there with his 'carer' daddy who always used to say 'I own him' and 'of course we own him' and 'I own you' - no. I didn't even want to marry the guy, not at all. It was anything to stop him hurting me was all. He proves what a neanderthal psychopath ape he is by withholding my son as he always said he would - no reason given other than 'I own im' just a big ape, short legs, ugly face and a nightmare to know, this is who my son has to be forced to live with? I'm sure my son has better things to say about his dad but I'd wager - not many. Poor son is forced to be with such a violent and uncaring male when he is a soft and gentle soul in need of love and his own space. I expect he is used to being spat at and screamed at and forced to do all manner of things he doesn't want to do. For this you can thanks Anne Lehane of the legal department of RBKC who saw to it that I would always suffer, despite my proving she put false evidence in front of judges. What a horrible thing they did to us and how vile and horrible of them to cover it all up - absolute abuse and the truth swept away by horrible people who took the money and ran and left innocent good people to suffer a lifetime of hell thanks to their lies and greed. RBKC is a beautiful place but it has a sinister side and hopefully now - with news of new investigations - the truth will come out and the good police will feel less 'hands tied' and more able to investigate unhindered. I know how deep the lies go but the good cops are doing their best to be fair and investigate historical abuses now - lets hope they feel no fear as they go for it. All of it. Can't wait but the cogs turn so slowly, one has to be patient. I just hope my poor darling Jamie is OK and not too ill. Sending love to you my darling son, hope things are not too awful but I know things cannot be too great considering your dad thinks he can see Satan telling him what to do (twat was on drugs) Can't be good. Still, try to do your best sweetheart, mummy has been unable to help and I am so sorry, nothing I can do when evil like that has control of things. Good just hasn't been strong enough. God keep you safe and well darling, mummy loves you.

19 Dec 2014

Is there not a person left understanding 'colloquailism' any more, is it meaningless to know your local lingo??

My sister remarked on someone who said she was exaggerating when claiming some people were ganging up. 'A gang of people went down' - a gang can mean 'any amount of people on the offensive' - can't it?

Chinky is a  word some use to to describe Chinese here in the UK, in some places. 'Chinky' is a description, it has no hate filled connotations or inferences whatsoever, and its use - is not much different to Jamaican patois. Will we be nicking Jamaicans for saying 'blood clot' in the wrong way? There needs to be better education among the purveyors of hate who claim to be doing the reverse. When we have such horrible things happening in the world, like people dying of fear, hunger and thirst, you'd think people would be able to define racism and understand the real thing from harmless and meaningless colloqiualisms. Lets not get Balmyard about it.

18 Dec 2014

waves hello to a few old schoolfriends from the 70's

...those not seen on Facebook: Peter Nesbitt, Edward Palfrey, Balfour Sharp, Stewart Middleton, Patrick Macsweeny, Steven Dalton - wonder what you're all up to, have a party four! lol x Hope you're all OK get in touch, worried

17 Dec 2014

Emma Dent Coad writes about the decline of Kensington and Chelsea - how it seems the cadaver is left and is crumbling

Emma Dent Coad wrote: 'For many years Chelsea has represented what is excellent, appealing and good in the English psyche – tolerant, diverse, quirky, eccentric, arty, where the famous can walk the streets in peace. There have always been some residents with lots, and others with less or little. There have always been people with ‘class’ but no money, people with both, and people with neither. There have been migrants and refugees whose background and education might bear no relation to how they end up earning a crust for their families. Above all, dear Chelsea, you have been an open friendly place ..' read more

Clare’s Law: what is the ‘Right-to-Ask’ and what does it mean for you? By guest blogger Lucy Phipps - Marilyn Stowe Blog

Clare’s Law: what is the ‘Right-to-Ask’ and what does it mean for you? By guest blogger Lucy Phipps - Marilyn Stowe Blog

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New Psychology UK Copyright 2014 Elizabeth Lucye Robillard: Cameras, Lawyers, Porn Addictions - why you should...

New Psychology UK Copyright 2014 Elizabeth Lucye Robillard: Cameras, Lawyers, Porn Addictions - why you should...: Undoubtedly, these days, cameras are everywhere . And prostitutes are adult children of an abused child - meaning that they are victims of...

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15 Dec 2014

Tooth Health and Depression - solutions

Mother writes: Tooth Health and Depression - solutions help

Mother 4 Justices says: Your teeth may need help when suffering from depression plus dentists can cost a lot, and dental treatment can also seem like something 'other world' people do.

 When you're depressed and feeling defeated or devalued by poor mental health services (too common) or depressed in any way, it can be hard to even face teeth brushing.

 The thing that puts some people off is 'it takes two minutes to do it properly, why bother'? *Bleeding gums can also signal illness.

So here is what you can do until you can consider a visit to the dentist: Buy some food grade hydrogen peroxide, and a baby toothbrush - these are soft and won't irritate tender gums so much - use for only as long as you can stand and brush gently - then use your mouthwash.

 Mix your peroxide with water. Use a few teaspoons of it to half a cup of water or measure as per the bottle instructions. You can make a cup and leave it on the side as a mouthwash, just remember never to swallow it as it's pretty bad if you do, make you very sick. So ensure just to swill and spit this as often as three times a day, or less if you can't handle it.

Do what you can do, not what you can't.

 It helps to restructure your teeth too f you make another (separate cup)  mix of bicarbonate of soda and sea salt (which can now be bought cheaply) and to mix about two teaspoons of each in some warm water (until dissolves, you can melt it in hot water and let it cool) and rinse with this after the hydrogen peroxide, this will help stem gum disease (or bleeding gums) and help prevent  tooth decay.

Recent research brings us Ultra Sound to regrow teeth something many will be very happy about.

 Liz Lucye Robillard has a certificate in Nutrition and studied Behaviourism for 8 yrs.

picture from RawritsCarol of Deviantart

14 Dec 2014

Future of the internet - Justice - it's only logical mother

Mother 4 Justice writes:

Just wrote to a chap about the future of the internet, got a message off the Motley Fool, clearly justice is on the horizon - privacy is all the rage - just hold tight and glue your hair follicles back in - one will survive

 to: mliebhold@iftf.org


- future has to be encryption and privacy for everyone. The air has to
be personalised for privacy and security - is the future.  Man in the
middle and 'Fiddler' type software have proven we all need end-end
solutions and fast.  Back to a private 'phone line, but with pictures
and fun. Diversity and identity will be big and Star Trek should be
big again.

All the best, Liz Robillard

Atos, deaths and welfare cuts | Adam Forrest (this must be our Adam, hello darling) xxxxx

Atos, deaths and welfare cuts | Big Issue

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12 Dec 2014

Farage V Brand - who's the prejudiced twot then?


 Oooh Russel Beranndly you're so sweet but tis Nigel twangs me heart bits, tis justice to -  he's got a cuter smile than you!

Seriously though - Brand doesn't seem to read anything he ain't into that he can't control? He's not listen ed to a blinkin word we've said.

Listen up Russell, how many times UKIP sings loudly ' WE BAN RACISTS' - we have ex Labour MP's and voters in UKIP, lots of ex Lib Dems and some ex Tories - so - stop whining and start really talking to Nige, if you can hold a two-way proper conversation that isn't really about how you're posing, cus, if you did talk proper to our bestest dear lad, you'd actually get a pleasant surprise - in fact Russell, your own NARROW mind is blinding you to the truth -prejudice that you should be whining about in your worn out mirrors - and who cares if you're concerned about our Nigel - and so rude about him? Gittish.

Can you grasp what 'small government' means? LESS power to the suits you despise Russ - aint thought about it much, av yer?

All we know is that small government works - ask - for example - good people in Brittany where common sense has long been popular, communal policing with least interference works - but you don't DO your homework do you son? Still - sweet and proud and stupid gets the chicks - won't last when yer bald duckie - you need talent and skill for mature women - hehehehe hugs to Nigel fans:D

Spinal tap - Big bottom

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