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7 Jan 2015

Family and Parenting Centres across the EU - may prove great - non means tested?

Tuesday 6 January 2015
Dear Gerard Batten, Mary Honeyball, Claude Moraes, Jean Lambert, Syed
Kamall, Lucy Anderson, Seb Dance and Charles Tannock,
Decisions in parenting regarding social services jobs 
Dear Sir/Madam
Please consider that taking children into care is often exchanging one
set of problems for another and that long term EU planning could
include local parenting classes open to everyone across the board, this
would serve as a community style centre that would help promote other
community services.  Community 'family and parenting centres' across
the EU. 
Who could best develop this idea please? Legislation should prove that
this can be a very profitable idea indeed. 
Yours sincerely,
E.C.Lucye Robillard

25 Dec 2014

Arbitrary constants or status quo or 'NOTHING sodding changes around here'!

Was just reading about arbitrary constants and how one must work at maintaining the status quo - says who and why? Surely the purpose of that great political ideal - 'CHANGE' - is just that. The way I see it - and I guess why so many support UKIP - is that we want smaller government, less pathologising of people and we want a more diverse market. A free one. EU has some merit but clearly it cares little for the residents and it certainly doesn't care for lives of cheap labourers. Why aren't they helping with economy more? Seems like a big bank-type dictatorship. We don't need that but some of the better ideas are being considered but the new one about e-commerce? Makes you wonder what they eat before they sleep.

Merry Christmas!

19 Nov 2014

'Keep the bastards honest' - Lord Taylor of Holbeach and expenses + sneaking law

Lord Taylor of Holbeach
House of Lords

Dear Lord Taylor of Holbeach,

I trust this finds you well.

Your work is impressive and speaks for itself, please use your eminent
sense to join UKIP?

I digress!

'Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill — Second Reading (16 July

    Lord Taylor of Holbeach: ...specified in a data retention notice;
place requirements on the Secretary of State to keep such notices under
review; set out the security requirements that apply; provide that
service providers can be reimbursed for any expenses incurred in
complying with the requirements; and revoke the 2009 regulations, as
they will be redundant. The noble and learned Lord, Lord Hope of
Craighead' notable and admirable action, thank you.

Please would you be so kind to put forth a motion for Lords to request
the mandatory declaring of property ownership by MP's and council
officials that may effect local planning laws? The reasons for this are
plenty but particularly that  I saw a politician on Twitter claiming
much property and wanting to undercut British construction workers (was
pro-EU Lib-Dem) with low cost Eastern Europeans - some such owners are
now facing huge bills for having done this already (legal costs and
accountability are also a consideration)

It may be considered good business to get cheap builders in to create
(later) better work for Brit builders by dizzy people, but the public
have had enough of underhand deals, deception and sabotage (as well as
sneaking about)  - would be nice to see some positive, overt action
that proves to be anti-corruption.

Thank you for your serious consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard, Robillard Group London - RBKC

14 Oct 2014

EU fiddled the books over law - the Dresden avengers tried to con us all, daft fochers

A PS from Lord Norman Scarth, another big hero:

Norman Scarth.
PS:  The European Convention on Human Rights PURPORTED to follow the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights, & so it did:  However, small print was added to protect judges.  There was other small print added which made it more akin to Orwell's '1984' than to the UNUDHR.  NS.

7 Oct 2014

Reasons To Love Capitalism #999 (& NEWS - Magna Carta )

Much of the Chinese wealth move over here nowadays and as I've said, there is the fact that should you ever be in a position where you are bullied, unheard or violated - you now have the opportunity to express your alarm online (if you don't live in an oppressive society) - and to share detail indeed - but with a controlled communist government that would suppress your freedom of speech, which is very anti Magna Carta (< news) and very anti British (generally) - the lefty scum control-freaks would have carte blanche to oppress (if we allow them back in) and much as I like Ed, we don't like the passive aggressive type of NPD Bully like  the EU,  us British. They all need to rethink Libertarian Socialism as UKIP are doing. We don't want to make the same mistakes the Conservatives have.

23 Sep 2014

30 Aug 2014

Drugs and Aryan/Nazi funding of the EU - Satanism again?

Arabs are mostly Nazi or supporters of Aryans (who have been scientifically proved wrong in numerous ways). In the EU many have not had the benefit of knowing as many Arabs as I did growing up in Kensington, as I have. Surrounded. Us Tories are mulitcultural bitches with at least 101 different cultures here, how very Nazi we are? I noticed their adoration for blondes in particular.young blondes, fragile brunettes and boys. Especially in the Casino's when they could escape the wives and boyfriends (Hi Walid, Hi Gassan! Hi Ahmad!), they would visit the clubs in West Cromwell Road, Knightsbridge, South Kensington, Earl's Court etc. Some of the Egyptian guys were very kind. were very scheming, rapey and obsessed with Arafat and Syria. Lebanon used to be a nice place, but got wrecked due to complex internal rows. Aryans like Satanism and support Nazi's often. They like the blonde hair and blue eyes. They also like our welfare state and are really just a bit NPD/greedy. otherwise like us.What do we do? EU is silly, led by its nose to the slaughter. Funded by wronguns. We need out, we need out right now. Malcolm Rifkind says we shouldn't be pansies about how we deal with it (paraphrased for expedience sake) So - let's pull them blinkers off kids. Also use psychology everywhere, quote the best British poets always!
Arabs are Nazi's