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12 Dec 2014

Farage V Brand - who's the prejudiced twot then?


 Oooh Russel Beranndly you're so sweet but tis Nigel twangs me heart bits, tis justice to -  he's got a cuter smile than you!

Seriously though - Brand doesn't seem to read anything he ain't into that he can't control? He's not listen ed to a blinkin word we've said.

Listen up Russell, how many times UKIP sings loudly ' WE BAN RACISTS' - we have ex Labour MP's and voters in UKIP, lots of ex Lib Dems and some ex Tories - so - stop whining and start really talking to Nige, if you can hold a two-way proper conversation that isn't really about how you're posing, cus, if you did talk proper to our bestest dear lad, you'd actually get a pleasant surprise - in fact Russell, your own NARROW mind is blinding you to the truth -prejudice that you should be whining about in your worn out mirrors - and who cares if you're concerned about our Nigel - and so rude about him? Gittish.

Can you grasp what 'small government' means? LESS power to the suits you despise Russ - aint thought about it much, av yer?

All we know is that small government works - ask - for example - good people in Brittany where common sense has long been popular, communal policing with least interference works - but you don't DO your homework do you son? Still - sweet and proud and stupid gets the chicks - won't last when yer bald duckie - you need talent and skill for mature women - hehehehe hugs to Nigel fans:D