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10 Nov 2014

The greatest story EVER told - why I despise NLP - and what Richard Bandler has done to liberty and the west

The western services have broadly and largely used NLP training in the last twenty years or more. What has it done to us? It's brought us hate, it's brought us greed, it's brought us misery - it's brought injustice, it's brought evil, it's brought ugly hearts, it's brought bad government and mass abuse - it's brought evil.

It's brought 'ego over merit' as a goal to success and jackboot over humanity. it's horrible.

Read about Bandier here, you may form an opinion that admires but distances from a man who was abused and terrified as a child and felt the need to control the entire world - and almost managed it.

2 Sep 2014

Why the mafia piss me off

It's not their taste, they have great taste in clothes and music, the art is insanely fab, it fuels their lusty bits to engorge their brains with dopamine fight for what's 'right' - but are they? They love to know about everything in order to own it - but - they don't understand their own ethos, their reasons- their belief systems. Not completely. It's no longer necessary to go about haunting, killing and stalking to keep your family respected. Actions speak for themselves. A good critical eye on the childhood of Richard Bandler might help them understand? From a behavioural perspective, as a vulnerable kid, Bandler had a horrible shock. He had to do things a normal child wouldn't and he survived against ridiculous odds. This type of scenario does tend to create 'superhuman' efforts - it's the injustice and the longing for parental connections - but don't get 'near' that pain, it is 'owned' and you can't touch this! Bandler knew he was 'right' and he's spread his 'correctness' all over the western world with NLP. In powerful steps. But he's been emotionally isolated and abandoned. That's the very sad bit. Psychopaths can feel deep emotion for themselves and for people they perceive to be similar to them. They are human too. But they kill sometimes because bad people wreck things for good people, so maybe we should admire if not appreciate - too much - that type? My fav psycho is me china Andy (personal trainer) and others like him who have to understand the mindset in order to put it right. Some psychopaths are blind to the needs of others, and it's that that motivates a lot of good people to take action.
I was wondering if Saviano is a narcissist too? His says Ezequiel Lavezzi and Edinson Cavani are his inspirations on Facebook. Saw him post this post about Batman and thought - WTF?

''C'è una storia, in un paese lontano, che voglio raccontarvi. Questo paese si chiama Gotham. Da anni a Gotham, esiste un losco figuro vestito da pipistrello chiamato Man Bat, che si spaccia per eroe. Bene, anzi male, perchè la verità è che questo signore è a capo di una multinazionale delle armi gestita dalla camorra, che uccide più di 100000 bambini ogni anno. Avete capito bene, centomila bambini.

Questo signore ha un nome e un cognome...

Transaltion went  > ''There is a story, in a distant country, I want to tell you. This country is called Gotham. For years in Gotham, there is a shady figure dressed as a bat called Man Bat, who poses as a hero. Well, rather badly, because the truth is that this gentleman is the head of a multinational weapons operated by the camorra, which kills more than 100000 children every year. You got it, one hundred thousand children.

This gentleman has a name and a surname and ..'' then it stops
Takes a special type of nut to hurt kids that much.   Wonder what happens to these mafia kids? Aside from priests? My brothers had their lives destroyed by priests so I find ti hard to be Catholic. Mums are sometimes only narcissistic cuz that's what the culture decides them to be - it is called 'shaping'.

Anyway - not to be too grim - have a my favourite wake up song

(Italian Ska is underrated )