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7 Jan 2015

Psychiatry archaic and ignorant? I think so

mother writes:

Psychiatry appears to be out of date and pretty stupid in locking women up for not doing the housework and for not noting science.

I found an article about how men don't do housework, would the local services have locked any of them up? What's going on? Seems there are nutty and tidy-freaks locking up women for failed housework duty? This is not to say 'clutter disorder' or hoarder/squalor disorder doesn't have merit in identification, nobody wants to live in a tip, unless there is something seriously wrong, but the remedy? To lock people up for months at a time? Or three weeks (and four months last year) in my case? It seems insane stuff is coming from the mental health services.  They exaggerate is for sure. Last time my floor had a coffee stain on it, it was reported by local mental health service pro as 'tonnes of rubbish, food on the floor, rats and cockroaches' no. It was a coffee stain on the floor, get over it another way? Meanwhile there is kind reaction at the forum for squalor disorder. One wrote 'sorry for your loss' which is what I wanted to hear.

Was it worth it? Locking me up for a messy home? Granted, it looked bad in here last year after the flooding from above (that was never addressed properly) and that was when I lost everything I ever owned. I mean jewellery and photographs - my entire life, gone. The worst thing is, there seems to be absolutely no recourse to justice and in fact they repeated the offence by locking me up for three weeks again recently. Well to say I am paranoid about cleaning now, is a bit of an understatement.

And why does psychiatry not address the issue of low and high blood sugar and its effects on mental health? It's simple hard science that stimulants also stimulate, so at least get people off high gi diets and onto low gi as well as getting folks offa caffeine? Archaic.