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13 Nov 2014

Emotional Abuse is worse than beatings, worse than rape, worse than broken bones - why?

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Emotional abuse creates a negative and sick character, it creates addictions, mental illness, suicide, weakness and disability, often for life.

  When you undermine, devalue and terrify the weak and vulnerable, you create problems for the world as well as making a heavy burden on the good taxpayers who need to fund mental health services.

 It's in the interest of all, to ensure that all children are listened to, respected and encouraged to follow paths that they find reinforcing and useful, as long as there's no harm in it.

 There's a great new 'global' generation coming, of children of the digital age, who won't understand the abuses of the past as we do, they will understand NPD and abuse and want to help.

Meantime - it's vital for all sufferers of NPD abusers to support each other and find each other - NPD's and psychopaths have hurt billions of people.

It's  time to help the rest of the world recover from them. Just do not get the diagnosis wrong. Good luck to all good people who have suffered NPD abuse and who are actively assisting the weak with their exceptional insight, like Sam Vaknin does. 

8 Nov 2014

More care-home abuse - been so busy missed this in the Daily mail - thanks for naming the scum, we are big on remembering in my family

I used to think only wise and lovely people lived in Devon and Cornwall, apparently it too, is packed with thugs : Julie Barlow, 50, of Lime Grove, Bideford, who is accused of four offences of false imprisonment
:: Simon Beechey, 38, of Kipling Court, Kipling Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, who is accused of four offences of false imprisonment
:: Dawn Bond, 46, of Moorview, Bradworthy, Holsworthy, who is accused of four offences of false imprisonment
:: Camilla Cameron, 23, of Paradise Park, Whitstone, Holsworthy, who is accused of ill-treating a patient and two offences of false imprisonment
:: Lucy Cawsey, 26, of Paradise Row, Lundy Island, Bideford, who is accused of ill-treating a patient and three offences of false imprisonment
:: Sarah Eke, 40, of Holmdene, Underlane, Holsworthy, who is accused of five offences of false imprisonment
:: Lee Farrant, 28, of Hanson Park, Northam, Bideford, who is accused of ill-treating a patient and seven offences of false imprisonment
:: Aaron Jones, 32, of Paradise Row, Lundy Island, Bideford, who is accused of five offences of false imprisonment
:: Christine Kent, 55, of Station Road, Okehampton, who is accused of seven offences of false imprisonment
:: James Lawson, 39, of Kimberley Park, Northam, Bideford, who is accused of ill-treating a patient and eight offences of false imprisonment
:: Chloe Massey-Caines, 25, of Combeside, Backwell, Bristol, who is accused of three offences of false imprisonment
:: Alison Palmer, 41, of Coombe End, Holsworthy, who is accused of two offences of false imprisonment
:: Mark Pilbrow, 35, of Ladywell, Pilton, Barnstaple, who is accused of six offences of false imprisonment
:: Lisa Pluckrose, 45, of Fulford Close, Bideford, who is accused of four offences of false imprisonment
:: Natasha Stapleton, 40, of Parkes Road, Torrington,

19 Oct 2014

Church sex abuse

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

7 Oct 2014

LBC Discussing Care Home Abuse - I have the Solution but they won't let me on! #Reasons to despise James O'brien #2

Turned on LBC to hear the knight from the midlands discussing care-home abuse and setting self up as the martyr as per. The thing is, he never does it right or convincingly as he won't reason with good/passionate/interesting callers WITHOUT TRYING TO WIN THE POINT AT ANY COST - or let them finish, and the staff that take calls (nice sweet young white chicks) clearly don't care if they could help disabled kids nor the very vulnerable elderly nor do they care to stop them from being abused (always disregarding that they too will be fragile one day) let alone sexually abused kids in care, what kind of people are they?  So James, this is for you - one more person gets abused today because of the bad training of LBC staff not to accept such calls nor to relay messages, nor to read texts or tweets or LBC Facebook pages, nor pass on messages from callers who do not wish to go on air - all of which indicates from behaviour that your show is staffed by NPD's (see Sam Vaknin) . My phone is also to blame, a fkn Huawei (mobile phone) is stuck, for some very mysterious reason, on 'straight to voicemail' (reason number #999 not to buy from China or Sainsbury's this week) and there is no fix, so you can blame it all on the Chinese James. I expect you will, in due course. Still, nice that Farage has a spot now, only fair (same thing with Cristo and Petrie Hosken) 

29 Sep 2014

Why Marie Staunton, Harriet Harman, Jonathon King, P.I.E and other bleeding hearts are completely erroneous when it comes to Paedophiles

Seeing Jonathon King makes me feel sick. Enough to warrant a panic attack. These nauseating types have no idea what we're banging on about. They do not get it, they can't get it, they are wired differently. 

There are only two types of people. People who love and people who control. You are one or the other. Controllers never learn to bond and never learn the value of love. They can be very lovable people, gorgeous, kind and funny, sometimes witty and intelligent, the best - but they can't love. They cannot. It's sadly impossible for them. They cannot be lovers, they don't know how, they are sometimes maudlin, are NPD, they think sex - it's somehow beneath them. Really.

An NPD doesn't get it. We are talking about  r.e.s.p.e.c.t. Us ranty anti's - we are hysterical and mad god-bothering/loons to them. Only I'm not. I'm into science. I'm seriously into science. I am working on truly brilliant stuff here. Life changing amazing good stuff. And I don't - not for one second - agree that any child should be invaded by any adult, ever, any where, at any time, no matter what, ever. Since the dawn of time, this is the rule. Now. I know that some Freemasons believe that baby children should be abused 'once' to 'prevent them turning gay'. Nope. African tribes don't do it either (this is what Jamie's dad told me when he tried to persuade me to suck my baby's penis to 'stop him being gay' - he was deadly serious, he wasn't joking.  I wanted to smack him quite hard) It could explain the awful thing I saw once, a little girl apparently badly abused. By a really, really 'nice' man. Awful. These guys appear very calm, good, kind, very nice, vary caring, funny, back-slappy, vary 'blokey' very smart, Rolf Harrisy, clever, respectable, eminently sensible and very 'shrug the shoulders' very tearful (look at Holly and Jessica's killer, like that) and also - they excuse others on 'human' grounds. The fact that we've all done a bit of bad stuff. Not like this. Not like these guys do. Leave your judgments to the judge and stick to the letter of the law, if you want to be happy and do the right thing, children everywhere would appreciate it hero.

Well - if the Conservatives were honest (lol) they would all admit to their Adult Friend Finder and Craigslist activities, 98% of them are probably 'guilty' of this (bit of consenting adult fun/naked people are nothing new) and this is because they miss sex, as they have a habit of marrying their mother/image of.  They also get very bored. This leaves the Madonna Whore complex thing. They want the housework done and the gravy proper (big boobs clinch it, guys are jealous of the pals missus mammalian glands, it makes sense?). They use sex as a prop/diversion, a way to avoid the real issues, as an escape. They don't care who you are. Not much. Just the obvious bits. This leaves them horny and the wives betrayed, lied to and confused. The wives are either abused as kids or otherwise sex-haters (I only hated sex with Jamie's dad as he was a nutcase, controlling, stalker and violent, not a turn on, he once came to my new home and screamed through the door 'I can do it now [] taught me! Let me in! He was serious) for whatever reason. Usually lack of confidence. Those gals missed them Cosmopolitan issues and are usually NPD, this means they are far too special to understand human needs or emotion well. Some are too special to use the internet. Not kidding. The precious daughters of the infrequent and 'gentle' abusers will sport gorgeous guilt-Jewellery and ephemera from guilty-daddy and will defend the rights of gay kids as far as sexuality goes, but what about their other choices? A child can be gay without indulging in sex. The act of sex doesn't define 'gay'. Every kid has sexy feelings, this doesn't mean they should jump an old man or old bird. This is it. The kid has rights. The child will grow and THEN decide what he/she really wants. Sexual violation leaves trust trashed, and is mostly, extremely confusing if not traumatising. It messes up the natural respect you would otherwise nurture. It goes against all we are told about truth and trust. it distorts all reality to be betrayed by a parent/parental figure. That's why we have well-thought laws. Because - it isn't about YOU, Harriet Harman. It isn't about YOU Jonathan King. It isn't about YOU Rolf Harris. It's about little people who haven't yet gotten to the age where they can understand the entire issue well enough to indulge themselves in it. They don't understand it yet. It takes a while to know the implications. They may want to be religious. They may want to be hermits. They may want to be alone. They may want to be something that is not of your learning. They may be 'other'. They don't know the implications. They only know that their body is the only thing that is truly theirs, next to other 'identity'. I am qualified enough to write this stuff. Nobody owes you anything. Nobody on earth, unless it is someone who took your body when you didn't have your wits about you. In which case They owe you and always will. A theft like that, cannot be replaced, cannot be valued as your body is your own private domain - nobody is allowed to touch it without your express, informed, consent. Amen god/whoever.

Lord Rix - MENCAP

Dear Lord Rix

Sadly people are believing you are part of the 'Savile' abuse crimes as you don't campaign enough/properly/loudly to provide communications devices and software for disabled kids, who are often suffering added mental illness due to the trauma of rape, violation and other abuses, as you are aware.

 You've been involved with your enormous influence, for far too long not to have very clear, simple and easy explanation as to why all children are not automatically equipped with facilitators to help them via Education Departments - to help them communicate with said hardware and software, the ranges available suits all. Even gorillas have been proven to be able to communicate and make choices, the development of such communication is though, human, we can improve all the time with the correct input.

I do not believe there are any acceptable excuses. More often than not, disabled kids can communicate, they are just not able to so with the wrong devices or assistants/teachers.

They are suffering 1.Deprivation of liberty 2. No family life/deprived of family who love them/stuck with people who abuse them (hidden abuse)

 I for one, am exhausted with trying to make the world understand that disabled doesn't equal ignorant or stupid (and often means HIGH EQ) or not able to comprehend.

 I'd appreciate a very loud and public mass campaign to get the message out LOUD AND CLEAR and wish you well.


Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

27 Sep 2014

Effective bitches - yep

We have some very 'up market' homosexual activity - they are bright, they are fun they are also deadly. They are your friends. They are your lovers. They are your brothers. they are your sisters. they are everywhere. Trust NOBODY. Children are missing, dying, brutalised and disappeared. These crying and hysterical old fruits should have thought about those poor little mites before they did the terrible deeds. Nasty old cops are on the tails of these dead and nasty old fruits. Told you so. I did tell you. (They are also issuing death threats and stalking via gay friends, lol, fuck off old dear, my friends are MUCH MUCH MUCH nastier than you! ) Death metal anyone? Behind you, not far off now. Just behind you. Tap tap, who's that? Just a shadow? Na. It's a friend! : D x

19 Sep 2014

Abuse and Harassment Report from 2005


Please give us more details about this.

Lycos UK

From: []
Sent: 16 December 2005 23:49
To: L-SVC-LON Customer Care
Subject: Abuse and Harassment Report

Abuse and Harassement Report

Username: ellie.lucy
Product: Love@Lycos (free)
Date: 12-16-2005
Description: a user keeps leaving malicious messages and using different names - please stop him - i have kept some messages in my guestbook and in messages - please help or I will have to call police as I am scared-thanks

Care home abuse 'probably happened' - RBKC - is Moira Gibb also into the horned one? Look at the sour-faced old cow! Say it as you see it kids!

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Thursday, 16 December, 1999, 12:18 GMT Care home abuse 'probably happened'

barlavington manorBarlavington Manor was closed in 1984

Claims that children were physically and sexually abused at a care home in West Sussex are "in all probablity substantially true", according to social services investigators.

The allegations centre on the privately-run Barlavington Manor care home, in Petworth, which took in children from the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea between 1966 and 1984.

reportThe report says the allegations are probably true

A report commissioned by Kensington and Chelsea Council says the home's proprietors, John and Anna Ellis - who are now both dead - and at least one member of staff, were not suitable people to look after children.

The 145-page document - which was made public at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall on Thursday - reports the findings of an inquiry into the home.

The investigation was sparked when 12 former residents claimed they had been assaulted and forced to endure mental abuse, hardship and neglect which went undetected by social workers.

Children used for unpaid labour

The 12 said Mr and Mrs Ellis verbally humiliated the children in their care, provided an unacceptably low standard of food and clothing, and used children as virtual slave labourers.

They are alleged to have used the money paid to them by social services to maintain their own lavish lifestyle.

At least one member of the home's staff is accused of sexual abuse.

Other complaints included inappropriate action taken over children's sexual development, with girls as young as nine being put on the pill or being given contraceptive injections.

Girls needs for sanitary towels or tampons were either ignored, or dealt with publicly in a way that was cruel and embarrassing, it found.

The report concluded that all 12 former residents considered their lives were at best blighted and at worst ruined by their experiences at Barlavington Manor.

moira gibb, director of social servicesMoira Gibb: "Local authorities didn't have the power or the duty to inspect children's homes"

Former resident John, 33, who lived at Barlavington Manor for just under 10 years, told the BBC: "I just haven't functioned as an adult at all. I haven't kept a job for more than six months, and I have been in and out of hospital and on medication."

Now a group of former residents are considering legal action against the council.

More than 30 chidlren were sent to the home by Kensington and Chelsea borough council. Barlavington ceased to be a care home in 1984.

In response to the allegations, Conservative leader William Hague has called for the running of children's homes to be taken away from local authorities and handed over to churches, charities and businesses.

He said a "fundamental rethink" of the care system was needed following critical inquiries into council-run homes in Hackney, Staffordshire and North Wales.

Current director of social services at Kensington and Chelsea council, Moira Gibb, told the BBC that when the abuse took place, private children's homes were not subject to inspections.

Homes were not inspected then

She said: "The report highlights that the failures were on the part of the proprietors of Barlavington Manor.

"Local authorities didn't have the power or the duty to inspect children's homes, that's come in much later."

Mr Ellis died of a brain tumour and his wife died in a road accident.


Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 12:06:31 +0000
Subject: Re: This is your country!
 []alive Barbara - want to live a bit for a I have to go if poss- look at this from

However, in July 2005, Chief Executive Moira Gibb (former executive director of housing and social services in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where she famously called for "an obsession with the front line" both in her own department and nationally. "We need to demonstrate this obsession, not just in what we say but in everything we do." ) tried to stop Council officers going public with allegations and concerns.

At the time, then new Liberal Democrat chief Councillor Keith Moffitt added: “It goes to show how meaningless the awards that have been heaped on Camden are".

In March 2007, Moira Gibb (who is still in post) again tried to silence public criticism, this time from Councillor Keith Sedgwick who was calling for the sackings of housing department staff over the fatal Southampton Road estate wall collapse in January 2007, which it is alleged occurred despite previously reported poor construction and maintenance.

Again, in 2007, Head of Finance, John Baptiste was imprisoned for the long term undiscovered theft from vulnerable Camden residents over lengthy periods. Local press has frequently reported such incidents. Also in 2007, theft from the deceased by Camden Council property clearance teams have been reported. For instance, evidence that antiques cleared from a dying 92-year-old’s flat were later sold has been uncovered. No known action has been taken against any of the participants, and nor has the Council indicated any changes in staff, internal structure or practice to prevent such abuses.
It's where Moira Gibb started it all - in 1997 - talking about taking a 'front line attack' - the LABOUR government have her nowas head of the task-force to change things (FFS)  - 

They stopped me seeing my lad because I cut a fringe for my son (bangs) so he could SEE again - the abuse is incredible - I promise you, they are SATANISTS - they really are, Robert admits it - sometimes - these satanic worshiippers abuse and rape babies and the vulnerable - I'm sorry but it is's a bit like Rosemary's Baby (film)

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Date: 17-Dec-2005 20:27
Subject: Re Jamie Jones COMPLAINT (social workers stop contact over a fringe)
(Ms.Smith, pls be so kind as to add this to my complaint re neglect of duty of care) 

I have received both your letters and noted the content.

 It was the social services' Little House report and my own concern that prompted me to give Jamie a fringe as he was unable to see properly and was in obvious discomfort to the point the Little House staff had to put James' hair in a cap so he could see and be comfortable.

I take the view that it is an outrage and abusive in the extreme to have stopped Jamies' contact
with his mother (whose only crime is to complain of poor services from social services NOT including the Little Housethat have always been kind to Jamie) when Robert Jones openly states he is taking crack cocaine and other drugs, never
been rehabiltated (as ordered by the courts) or completed asessments instigated by yourselves (vis a vis his violence) and the fact his daughter, Maxine, has also been diagnosed autistic and  on the 'at risk' register for emotional abuse from Mr.Jones. Never either has there been regard for past commital hearings where he was found guilty of breaching injunctions and given custodial sentences for violence to women and men, drink and drug abuse and shows no signs at all of rehabilitation.
The list goes on. 

I would like to request when Jamie was actually seen by a social worker prior to my cutting his fringe and also why the Jigsaw school have been informed not to contact me without them reporting back to you and on what legal basis do you use for this?

Yours sincerely.
E.C.Lucy Jamie Jones mum

Am I a narcisssist for not wanting my son heavily abused and hurt? What was this sir Malcolm, Scotch flippin' mist? Where's my lad? WHERE is my son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Rifkind MP

E.C.Lucy - Robillard

Tuesday 11 October 2005

Dear Malcolm Rifkind,

first I'd like to offer my sincere commiserations at stepping down from
the leadership challenge, I am deeply sorry for the feelings it must
have invoked in you.

Please, when you have the time, would you read through my previous
correspondence and be kind enough to reply and to help us?

I would have liked to have met you (*Earls Court Square) but
I am housebound.

I would appreciate your time deeply, the main points being, my son is
living with a crack-cocaine abuser, a known child abuser and a benefit
fraudster as well as a woman-beater, all this is documented, so why my
son isn't living with me is a mystery to anyone with common sense, RBKC
social services are culpable for any harm coming to my son.

Thank you again.

Yours sincerely,